What Is Clipping on Amazon?

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In the digital age, traditional practices have taken on a new twist, and Amazon’s “clipping” feature is no exception. What once involved using scissors to cut out paper coupons from newspapers or flyers has now been transformed into a simple, user-friendly click of a button. But what exactly is clipping on Amazon, and how does it work?


Clipping on Amazon refers to the digital process of selecting and applying coupons to save on your purchases. This feature allows users to “clip” a coupon by clicking a button, which then saves it to their Amazon account. When a purchase is made that’s eligible for a clipped coupon, Amazon automatically applies the discount. It’s a modern twist on traditional coupon clipping, aimed at incentivizing purchases and reducing cart abandonment.

What is Clipping on Amazon?

Clipping on Amazon refers to the process of selecting digital coupons to save on your purchases. Amazon has taken the traditional concept of physically clipping coupons and given it a digital twist. Instead of using scissors, you can “clip” a coupon with a click of a button, and it’ll be saved to your Amazon account. When you make a purchase that’s eligible for one of your clipped coupons, Amazon will automatically apply the discounts.

To clip a coupon, you simply need to click on the “Clip Coupon” button that appears under the product listing. Once you’ve clipped a coupon, it’s automatically added to your cart, and the discount is applied once you check out. It’s important to note that a coupon needs to be clipped and added to your account before you make a purchase. Amazon will not apply a coupon retroactively.

Amazon has a dedicated Coupons page where you can find all the available clippable savings in one spot. This page is designed to encourage shoppers to stay on Amazon rather than venturing to other sites to score savings. Shopping on this dedicated coupon page will apply the discounts automatically, saving you the extra step of clipping the coupon yourself.

The reason Amazon requires you to “clip” their digital coupons is to avoid abandoned purchases. By making shoppers actively click to clip a coupon, Amazon is attempting to persuade buyers to complete their purchases.

Benefits of Using Amazon’s Clipping Feature

One of the main benefits of Amazon’s clipping feature is that it provides an extra incentive for customers to make a purchase right away. This active role in landing a reward makes the shopping experience more visceral for customers, leading to a more satisfying shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of future purchases.

Another benefit of Amazon’s clipping feature is that it helps the company avoid the “cart abandonment” problem, where shoppers add items to their virtual shopping cart but don’t end up buying them. By making customers click a box, Amazon hopes to persuade shoppers to follow through and click the “buy” button.

How Sellers Can Take Advantage of Amazon’s Clipping Feature

Amazon’s clipping feature, also known as Amazon Coupons, is a promotional tool that sellers can use to offer discounts on their products. This feature can be advantageous for sellers in several ways:

  1. Increase Product Visibility: Amazon Coupons are discoverable, meaning they show up in search results pages, making it more likely for shoppers to view your product page. This increased visibility can lead to more sales.
  2. Boost Sales: Offering discounts through Amazon Coupons can incentivize customers to purchase your products, thereby increasing your sales.
  3. Create Loyal Customers: Amazon Coupons can help create loyal customers who will continue to buy from your store in the future.
  4. Generate New Leads: Amazon Coupons can also help generate new leads for future sales.

Limitations and Restrictions of the Clipping Feature on Amazon

The clipping feature on Amazon does have certain limitations and restrictions. One of the main limitations is that there is a clipping limit for each book. This limit is not the same for all books and not all books have a clipping limit. However, it’s typically around 10% of a book. Once you reach this limit, you won’t be able to clip any more content from that book.


In conclusion, Amazon’s clipping feature is a digital version of traditional coupon clipping, allowing customers to save money on their purchases by selecting and applying discounts to their accounts. By strategically using this feature, sellers can enhance their Amazon sales and customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple coupons on a single item on Amazon?

No, Amazon does not allow the use of multiple coupons on a single item. Only one coupon can be applied per item.

Do Amazon Coupons expire?

Yes, Amazon Coupons do expire. The expiration date is mentioned on each coupon.

Can I use Amazon Coupons with other promotions or discounts?

Yes, Amazon Coupons can be used in conjunction with certain promotional offers, but they cannot be combined with other coupons.

How can I find out if a coupon has been successfully applied to my order?

When a coupon is successfully applied to an order, the discount is reflected in the final price before you submit the order. You can see the coupon’s details and the discount on the final order review page.

Can I apply a clipped coupon to a past purchase?

No, Amazon does not allow the application of coupons retroactively. The coupon must be clipped and applied before making the purchase.

How to unclip a coupon on Amazon?

To unclip a coupon on Amazon, you simply need to go to the product page and click on the “Clipped Coupon” button again. This will unclip the coupon.

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