What Is the Hiring Process at Lowe’s?

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Are you wondering what the hiring process is like at Lowe’s?

Perhaps, you’ve already applied, but now you’re worried it’s taking too long to get feedback.

If this is you, keep calm! And read on for the answers to your worries.

From the application process to clearing several interviews, hearing from Lowe’s takes about fifteen days and one or two more months to validate other miscellaneous like background checks, drug tests, etc.

Let’s look at the different steps involved in the selection process, shall we?


Lowe’s hiring process involves various steps:

  • Employment Application
  • Background checks
  • HR interview
  • Technical Interview

From choosing entry-level positions that cater to your skillset to staying honest about yourself, here are some pointers to bagging the job confidently.

You might know that the time frame for getting hired at Lowe’s is two weeks to two months, but do you know how to secure your application? Read on to learn more.

Steps Involved in Lowe’s Hiring Process

Did you know that Home Improvement Giant, Lowe’s, employed 340,000 employees in 2020 and 2021, respectively?

Are you also aware that Lowe’s paid $80 million to the frontline workers as additional discretionary bonuses during the COVID crisis?

With such figures in the play, who would not wish to be a part of Lowe’s?

Lowe’s follows specific steps before hiring employees. Why don’t we take a look at some of the steps involved?

1. Employment Application

Applicant Filling A Form
Applicant Filling a Form

Lowe’s Companies Inc, headquartered in North Carolina, has a rigorous interview process starting with the employment application. Care to apply?

  1. Visit their Career Webpage to create a profile.
  2. Choose the location and job category.
  3. Enter your name, contact details, experience, background, and availability.
  4. Submit your application once all details are filled.
  5. Take online tests based on personality, situational judgment, and cognitive skills.
  6. Clear them successfully to reach the first face-to-face interview stage.

Keep monitoring your application on Lowe’s profile dashboard. Sometimes, It may take up to two months to hear from them.

2. Background Checks

Criminal Records
Background Check on Criminal Records

One of the most vital rounds to shortlist a candidate’s profile is a background check.

Lowe’s hiring process is committed to inclusion and diversity. As a result, they conduct an extensive background check on every applicant who makes it past the first stage.

However, the company never does background checks without preliminary notice. The candidate’s consent is always sought prior to these checks.

Note: If you do not give your approval, your application will be rejected right away.

The screening process includes the evaluation of your:

  • Character
  • Credit history
  • Criminal record
  • Reputation
  • Mode of living
  • Credit-worthiness
  • Employment record
  • Education history
  • Social Security verification

While checking the candidate’s background, there are several other factors that Lowe’s considers.

For instance, Lowe’s doesn’t necessarily regard a criminal record as the deciding factor for job rejection.

They consider the type of conviction, the job role you are applying for, and the time gap from when you were incarcerated.

In all fairness, Lowe’s understands that over 70 million Americans hold criminal records, and rejecting all cannot be a solution.

3. Human Resources Interview

Job Interview

The HR team or hiring manager is responsible for the first set of interviews with the candidate. These interviews cover various topics and discussions mainly centering on:

  1. Who you are – Introduce yourself.
  2. Your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Your job expectations.
  4. How you handle a specific situation with examples and positive outcomes.
  5. What made you opt for Lowe’s? What makes you the right fit?
  6. How did you come across Lowe’s?

Lowe’s HR team has several parameters used to evaluate their candidates.

The scoring system helps managers to determine the right prospect for the role. Once you qualify for this round, the technical interview is next.

4. Technical Interview

Business Handshake
Handshake Between Two People

Technical interviews are mainly conducted for software developers, tech leads, or other managerial positions.

In this round, you get domain-specific MCQ coding questions. These questions will also include technical concepts and aptitude-based questions.

Some of the essential topics covered in the technical round are:

  • SQL Programming
  • Algorithms
  • Spring boot
  • System design
  • Data structures like the Binary Tree, Stack, String, Array, etc.
  • Project Architecture
  • Java concepts

You may also be asked to do a sample coding on the spot and may choose whichever coding language you prefer.

The interviewer may ask you to design a web application or a login page to judge your technical skill.

Valuable Tips To Get Hired at Lowe’s

  • Based on your soft and hard skills, choose the best-suited position for you.
  • Before submitting your application, use services like Instant Checkmate to perform a background check on yourself. It could cost about 100 USD.
  • You can apply to more than one position or location to increase your hiring chances.
  • Update your resume before submitting your application.
  • Improve your resume to include extracurricular activities like sports, community work, and volunteering experiences.
  • Be honest about your past.
  • Dress conservatively in semi-formal clothes for your interview.

Try to keep up with these points to get hired in the least possible time in Lowe’s.


No matter how much time Lowe’s takes to hire, you can get on the bandwagon now that you have some idea about the hiring process.

Ensure all your documents are up to date. Be prepared for your interviews. Be honest.

Cash in on the above tips to begin your professional chapter at Lowe’s successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy To Get Hired at Lowe’s?

Face-to-face personal interviews and the candidate assessment process make the hiring process a bit tedious at Lowe’s.

Over 400,000 applications yearly, and hardly 20,000 candidates make it to the final rounds.

What Is Lowe’s Interview Duration in Each Round?

Each interview round lasts a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of one hour.

Be confident and highly knowledgeable to face the interviewer in each round.

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