How To Print Etsy Downloads at Costco

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Etsy has become a go-to platform for unique, creative, and personalized items. Among these are digital downloads, which provide the flexibility to print your chosen designs at your convenience. One popular place to print these downloads is Costco, known for its affordability and quality. This article will guide you on how to print Etsy downloads at Costco, highlighting the necessary preparations, common issues, and tips for success.


To print Etsy downloads at Costco, first ensure you’ve downloaded your Etsy file and it’s in a high-resolution format. Visit the Costco Photo Center website, sign in with your Costco membership, and upload your Etsy files. Choose your desired print size and finish, add to your cart, and complete the checkout process. You can then pick up your prints in-store or have them delivered. Remember to check the color settings and resolution for optimal results.

Downloading Your Etsy Digital Files

After purchasing a digital download on Etsy, you will receive an email with the files or find them under ‘Purchases’ in your Etsy profile. Save these files to your computer for easy access.

Preparing Your Files

Before printing Etsy downloads at Costco, ensure that the digital file you download from Etsy has a high resolution (preferably 300 DPI) and is in a suitable format, such as JPEG or PDF. This will help maintain the quality of the print when it is enlarged.

Additionally, colors may appear different on your screen compared to the final print. To avoid this issue, disable any color management settings on your printer and ensure that the digital file is in the appropriate color mode (RGB for home printers, CMYK for professional printers).

If your desired print size is not available at Costco, you can place your photo on a canvas or document that matches one of the sizes offered by Costco.

Uploading Your Files to Costco

Once your files are ready, visit the Costco Photo Center website, sign in with your Costco membership account, click on “Upload Photos” and select the digital files you saved from Etsy. Upload the files to your Costco Photo Center account.

Select the desired print size and any additional options, such as paper type or finish, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Provide the necessary payment and shipping information, and complete the checkout process.

Pick Up or Receive Your Prints

If you chose in-store pickup, visit your local Costco store to collect your prints. If you opted for shipping, wait for the prints to be delivered to your home.

Common Issues and Solutions

Sometimes, Costco’s photo center may display a resolution warning even if the file is of high quality. This could be a glitch, and you may need to contact Costco’s customer support for assistance. If you encounter any issues or resolution warnings, contact Costco’s customer support for assistance.

Tips for Success

Use the Costco app (iOS or Android) to upload your digital files for printing. You can order traditional prints, canvas prints, photo books, and more directly from your phone.

Choose the Lustre photo finish instead of Glossy when ordering prints at Costco. The Lustre finish is a matte finish that adds to the professionalism of the print and is less prone to fingerprints.

If you’re unsure about the optimal resolution for your prints, you can try exporting your images at 300dpi (dots per inch) for a high-quality print. Make sure your images are in JPEG format, as Costco does not accept RAW images or files larger than 50MB.

If you need additional assistance or have specific requirements for your prints, consider contacting your local Costco Photo Center or their customer support for guidance.

In conclusion, printing Etsy downloads at Costco is a simple and affordable option for getting high-quality prints of your favorite designs. With proper preparation and attention to details, you can enjoy beautiful prints that meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print Etsy downloads at Costco without having a membership?

No, you need to have a valid Costco membership to use the Costco Photo Center services.

How long does it take for Costco to print my Etsy downloads?

This depends on the type of print and the store’s capacity, but generally, Costco prints are ready for pick-up within a few hours to a few days.

Can I edit my Etsy download before printing at Costco?

Yes, you can edit your Etsy download on your computer before uploading it to the Costco Photo Center. However, ensure that any edits maintain the quality of the image.

What if the Etsy download I purchased is not in the correct format for printing at Costco?

You can convert the file to a suitable format (JPEG or PDF) using an image editing program or an online converter.

I didn’t receive the email from Etsy with my digital download. What should I do?

If you did not receive an email, check your spam or junk folder. You can also access your digital files directly from your Etsy account under ‘Purchases’. If you still can’t find the files, contact the Etsy seller for assistance.

Can I print my Etsy downloads in a Costco store?

No, Costco does not offer in-store printing services for digital files. You have to upload your files to the Costco Photo Center online and then choose either in-store pickup or home delivery.

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