Why Does Walmart Put a Hold on My Debit Card?

Walmart Debit Card

If you’ve shopped online from Walmart using your debit card, and your money is put on hold, you might be confused and wonder why this happens.


Walmart puts an authorization hold on your debit card because the store wants to ensure enough funds are available in your account until shipping.

The authorization hold also verifies that you’re the actual owner of the bank account and the associated debit card.

Walmart can initiate the release of the hold amount as a refund if you cancel the online order or that specific item is out of stock.

This ensures you have a positive shopping experience and are not hit by draft fees or other charges.

To satisfy your curiosity, we’ll discuss why Walmart put a hold on your debit card to understand the policies and procedures of the store.

4 Reasons Why Walmart Puts a Hold on Debit Cards

Walmart has a robust and user-friendly e-commerce platform that you can use to shop for everyday necessities online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

However, the store has to take some measures to make the online shopping process safer and more secure for them and their customers. That’s why Walmart puts a hold on the money spent on the items in your account when you use your debit card for payment.

Let’s delve deeper into why Walmart put a hold on your debit card and what circumstances can lead the money back in your account.

1. Walmart Ensures You’ve Enough Funds in Your Bank Account

Bank Acccount

When you purchase something from Walmart online using your debit card, the store requests the bank to put a hold on your funds, which you can see under your account’s “Current Balance” section.

This temporary hold is known as an “Authorization hold” and is entirely normal. This ensures you have enough money in your bank account to cover the item(s) cost.

Once Walmart ships the item and charges your account, the hold is released. You will now see the deducted amount under your account’s “Actual Balance” section.


Walmart only deducts the items’ cost once they’re shipped.

2. Easy Refunds

Money Refund

If you cancel your order or Walmart cannot fulfill it, they can quickly release the authorization hold instead of refunding it.

This saves time and resources for both Walmart and the customer. In addition, rather than initiating a lengthy refund process, the customer’s funds are released back into their account.


Usually, it takes up to seven business days for your bank to release the hold and for the money to be available again in your account.

3. Prevents Fraud

Card Fraud

Authorization holds are important for Walmart to prevent fraud. For example, when you purchase online with a debit card, the hold helps to verify that you are the rightful owner of the bank account.

If your card has been stolen and misused, and you notice unauthorized transactions on your account, you can immediately report it to your bank.

Your bank will investigate the matter with Walmart, and if the transactions are found to be fraudulent, the store will remove the hold and reimburse you for any unauthorized charges.


By 2025, the United States is projected to reach $12.5 billion in card fraud losses.

4. Customers Feel Good


By putting an authorization hold on your funds, Walmart provides a safer and more convenient shopping experience. In addition, you will have faith that your debit card won’t be charged until your item is shipped from the store.

They also ensure the transaction goes smoothly, and you don’t have to deal with overdraft fees or other charges.


When customers feel confident in their shopping experience, they are more likely to return to that retailer.


In this article, we explored why Walmart put a hold on your debit card, provided you with valuable insights into the store’s policies, and discussed payment release in case of a fraudulent transaction or if your account does not have sufficient funds for the purchase.

We hope this information helps you to understand that your funds are always safe and secure when purchasing online from Walmart to enhance your overall shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Authorization Hold Be Placed for a Different Amount Than the Purchase Price?

Sometimes, the banks put an authorization hold for a different amount than the purchase price.

For example, some hotels may place an authorization hold for an amount that includes the room’s cost and an additional amount to cover incidentals like room service or minibar charges. However, the hold is mostly for the same amount as the purchase price.

Can I Still Use My Debit Card for Other Transactions While There Is an Authorization Hold on My Account?

Yes, you can still use your debit card for other transactions while there is an authorization hold on your account.

The hold only applies to the transaction in question and does not affect your ability to use your debit card for other purchases or withdrawals.

How Does an Authorization Hold Differ From a Regular Transaction?

An authorization holds temporarily frees your funds to ensure the account has sufficient balance to cover the transaction.

This is not a completed transaction, and the actual amount will not be charged until the hold is released and your item is shipped.

On the other hand, a regular transaction is a completed payment where the actual amount is charged immediately.

Will an Authorization Hold Affect My Credit Score?

No, an authorization hold will not directly affect your credit score as it is not reported to credit bureaus as debt.

How Can I Speed Up the Release of an Authorization Hold?

Unfortunately, you can’t speed up releasing an authorized hold. The banks and the merchants have set policies and procedures which cannot be overridden or expedited.

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