How Do I Compliment a Lowe’s Employee?


If you’ve experienced exceptional service from a Lowe’s employee, you must be eager to learn how to show your appreciation and recognize their outstanding work.


To give a compliment to a Lowe’s employee:

  • Fill out the customer feedback survey form and provide authentic information about the experience.
  • Speak to the store manager and pass on your valuable feedback.
  • Create a unique social media post for the particular employee and tag Lowe’s official store.
  • Send an e-mail to Lowe’s customer care, appreciating the employee’s efforts.
  • Share your experience with friends and family to spread the positive word.

In this article, we’ve compiled a guide on how you can compliment a Lowe’s employee, which can boost their morale and show them the positive outcome of top-rated customer service.

7 Ways To Compliment a Lowe’s Employee


Lowe’s is a well-known home improvement retail store founded in 1946.

With over 2,000 stores in North America, it has become a go-to destination for consumers looking for high-quality home improvement products.

The store offers various products, including appliances, tools, hardware, building materials, home decor, etc.

Lowe’s customer service is known for being responsive and helpful, focusing on finding solutions to customers’ problems quickly and efficiently.


Lowe’s offers a variety of customer support channels, including phone, and email, to help customers get the assistance they need in a timely and efficient manner.

They also have a reputation for going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, making it a top choice for many homeowners and contractors.

Therefore, if you’ve experienced excellent customer service from any Lowe’s employee, you might think about showing appreciation towards them.

Let’s explore effective ways to compliment a Lowe’s employee and make their day:

1. Customer Feedback Surveys


You can leave a compliment for a Lowe’s employee through a customer feedback survey, available at the store and online.

The survey typically asks for details about your shopping experience, including the level of customer service you received.

To express gratitude for a Lowe’s employee using a feedback form, fill out the form and mention the employee’s name. Be specific about the outstanding service you received and what made it stand out.

For example, you might say, “I want to compliment John for his exceptional service in helping me find the perfect paint for my project. He ensured I had all the required information and even offered helpful tips.”

Make sure to be detailed in your feedback, as this will help the employee and their manager understand precisely what made the service great.

Your feedback will be considered when evaluating the employee’s performance and may lead to their promotion.


A survey by SurveyMonkey found that 63% of recognized employees are unlikely to search for a different job in the next six months.

2. Speak To the Store Manager


If you’re particularly impressed with a Lowe’s employee and want to ensure their exceptional service is recognized, speaking to the store manager is an effective way to pass on your compliment.

You can do this at the customer service desk or request a sales associate to get the store manager for you.

If the manager wants to follow up with you about your compliment or if they need more information, provide your contact information so they can contact you.

3. Create a Social Media Post


You can go one step ahead and make a customized social media post for the employee you want to compliment on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Make sure to mention the employee by name in your post. This will ensure that the compliment reaches the right person and that the one seeing the post knows about them. Also, if you have a photo of the employee, consider including it in your post.

This will make the post more personal and help others put a face to the name.

Moreover, don’t forget to tag the official Lowe’s social media handle and add multiple hashtags to spread the positive word.


According to a survey conducted by Sprout Social, 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others through social media if they have a positive experience.

Here’s a social media post example that compliments a Lowe’s employee:

“Shoutout to John at @Lowes for his exceptional customer service. He went to all heights to help me find everything I needed for my DIY project and was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you, John, for making my shopping experience at Lowe’s so enjoyable! #Lowes #LowesEmployee #CustomerService”

4. Send an E-Mail


If you prefer to compliment a Lowe’s employee through email, you can reach out using the store’s official e-mail address.

Begin your email by addressing it to the customer service department.

If possible, provide details about the date, time, and location of your visit to Lowe’s. This will help the customer service department recognize their employee’s efforts better.

5. Write a Thank You Note


Expressing gratitude through a personalized “Thank You” note is a sincere and meaningful gesture to acknowledge a Lowe’s employee who provided amazing service to you.

You can deliver the note by hand to the employee or leave it at the store’s customer service desk, which will lift the employee’s spirits.


Taking the time to create a heartfelt message and express your appreciation can significantly impact the employee’s overall job satisfaction and motivation.

6. Tell Your Friends


Telling your friends and family about the exceptional service you received from a Lowe’s employee is another way to show appreciation.


Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and by sharing your positive experience, you can help spread the word about the great service you received.

You can share your experience through conversations with friends and family. Be sure to mention the employee by name and give specific details about the fantastic service they provided.

This can help others shopping at the same Lowe’s store know who to look for when they need help or have questions.

7. Call the Customer Care

Customer Care

You can call Lowe’s customer service number, 1-800-445-6937, from 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. (ET), seven days a week, and share your experience with the representative who helped you at the store.

During the call, ask to speak with a manager or supervisor to pass on your compliment directly to the employee’s superiors.

Remember to be polite and patient during the call, as the representative may need to gather information and verify details.


Don’t hesitate to ask for the representative’s name and reference number if you need to follow up on your compliment later.


In this article, we’ve learned how you can compliment a Lowe’s employee by recognizing and appreciating their hard work and exceptional service.

We hope this information helps you make the Lowe’s employee day and shows you how your kindness and positive feedback can go a long way for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Compliment to a Lowe’s Employee Be Recorded in Their Employment Record?

Yes, a compliment could be recorded in their employment record.

However, this would depend on the specific policies and procedures of the Lowe’s store in question.

Generally, compliments and positive feedback are passed to the employee’s manager and could be considered during performance evaluations.

Is It Fine To Give a Gift to a Lowe’s Employee To Say Thanks?

While it’s always nice to show appreciation, Lowe’s has policies limiting gift-giving to employees to ensure they don’t feel pressured to provide preferential treatment to customers.

So, it’s best to stick to other forms of recognition when showing appreciation.

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