Why Do McDonald’s Fries Taste Bad Cold?

Mcdonald's Fries

McDonald’s offers quick meals that are the perfect treat to keep you full on a hectic schedule. The McDonald’s combination of fries, burgers, and drinks is a go-to that will never get old.

Savory and salty meals with a refreshing cool soda are the perfect takeout for a busy and tiring day!

Fast food is great. But, sometimes, not eating them immediately results in greasy and soggy food, especially french fries.

So why do McDonald’s fries taste bad cold?


Once you order your fries, it only takes a couple of minutes before they turn soggy and inedible. The reason why french fries taste bad when they start cooling is the dehydration of starch in the potatoes.

Once water leaves the puffy and crunchy goodness, they turn soggy and unpalatable.

This article discusses ways to reheat your soggy french fries to make them taste better and why McDonald’s fries taste bad and soggy when they turn cold. Read on!

How To Make Soggy Fries Taste Better

French fries are delicious when they’re not soggy. Unfortunately, this unpalatable transformation of french fries has much to do with potato starch.

If your fries have reached their soggy state, there are ways to eat them without bearing the greasy and unpleasant taste.

Here are reheating methods that may not bring back their original results but save your fries from being ultimately soggy.

1. Reheat in an Oven

Reheating Fries In An Oven

To reheat your fries using an oven, sprinkle water over them and cover them with foil before popping them in to bring back moisture into the fries.

For extra crispiness, remove the aluminum foil and reheat your McDonald’s french fries in the oven.

2. Reheat in a Microwave

Reheating Fries In A Microwave

Use a damp paper towel over your fries and begin reheating in the microwave. To enhance the crispiness, reheat your fries in an air fryer for half a minute.

3. Fry Using a Pan or Skillet

Reheating Fries Using A Skillet

Another option to make your french fries taste better after getting soggy is to re-fry them on a pan. Add some oil, place the french fries into the pan, and heat them until you reach a desirable result.

All About Starch Dehydration

Starch becomes delicious when it has much liquid, which happens when french fries are deep-fried.

Liquid goes into the potato fries and makes them chubby and crispy. This chemical reaction is what makes the classic McDonald’s french fries irresistible.

But as it cools down, the liquid is released from the starch, and your french fries turn dehydrated.

It slims down as water is now trapped into the crust, letting you taste the sogginess from the outside and leaving you disappointed as you bite into an empty and tasteless core.


Starch in potatoes plays a huge role in maintaining the texture and quality of french fries. Starch is delicious when liquid enters it as the french fries are deep-fried.

However, as it cools down over time, starch gets dehydrated, and the liquid gets trapped in the crust, resulting in soggy fries.

To make your McDonald’s french fries taste a little bit better, you can try reheating them in an oven with sprinkled water and topped with foil, in the microwave with damp paper towels on them, or frying them in a pan or skillet.

Achieve crispy fries using air frying or reheating in an oven with no foil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do McDonald’s Meals Taste Bad Cold?

When cooled, the oil in your meals starts to thicken. Thus, you get the unpleasant taste of grease in cold fast food meals.

How Do You Make Cold Fries Taste Better?

Reheating them in the oven can help cold fries taste better.

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