Why Did Walmart Charge Me Twice?

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If you’ve recently purchased everyday items or products from Walmart through an online transaction and have been charged twice, you might wonder why this has happened.


If Walmart has charged you twice for your purchase order, this could happen due to the following:

  • A technical glitch in the payment processor system.
  • Miscommunication between Walmart and your bank caused a delay in posting the transactions.
  • Incorrect payment details.
  • Misinterpretation of instructions.

While shopping at a physical Walmart location, failed card transactions might lead to double charges that usually disappear within a few hours or days.

For your information, we’ll explore why Walmart charged you twice and what options you got to resolve the issue.

Why Did Walmart Charge Me Twice?

Walmart Pay

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that offers its customers a wide range of products at affordable prices. The retail store allows you to pay for the items through various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, Walmart Pay, cash, and checks.


Walmart Pay is a mobile wallet that comes in handy while shopping at Walmart outlets, setting it apart from other digital wallets such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

While Walmart strives to provide its customers with a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience, sometimes things can go wrong, and you might be charged twice for your purchases.

This can happen for reasons such as a technical glitch in the payment processor system, miscommunication between Walmart and your bank, causing a delay in posting the transaction, incorrect payment details, or misinterpretation of instructions.

Also, if you place multiple orders, Walmart might temporarily hold the funds to guarantee their availability upon shipment.

Once payment is confirmed, the hold is released, but some banks might experience a delay between the two transactions, resulting in double charges. Sometimes, the difference in the amount charged might be a small token fee for blocking the initial transaction.

The same issue can also occur when shopping at a physical Walmart store. The retailer might attempt to process the transaction again if a card transaction fails to complete correctly, resulting in two charges appearing on your account.

However, one payment will usually disappear within a few hours or days.

What To Do if I Get Charged Twice at Walmart?

Walmart Payment

If you have been charged twice by Walmart, check your bank account or credit card statement to confirm your suspicions.

Sometimes, charges might appear on your statement as pending, but they are not processed twice.

After verifying that you were charged twice, contact Walmart’s customer service via phone or email as soon as possible to report the issue and request a refund.

Ensure you have your receipt and payment information handy to provide proof of your purchase and transactions.

If Walmart does not refund your second transaction, you can dispute the issue with your bank or credit card company. You must provide evidence of the double charge and justify your attempts to resolve the issue with the retailer.


In this article, we’ve discussed why Walmart charged you twice for your purchases and what steps you can take to resolve the problem quickly.

We hope this article has answered your query and that you now know Walmart payment processors are not glitch-free and can result in charging you twice for your single order transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart Charge Your Card Before Pickup?

When you place an order for in-store pickup at Walmart, a “pending charge” is initiated, but the actual charge to your card is not made until you retrieve your order.

You will receive a notification when your order is “Ready For Pickup” and get five days to pick it up from the store.

If you fail to retrieve the order within the given time frame, it will be automatically canceled, and you will not be charged.

How Long Does It Take for a Walmart Transaction To Go Through?

Walmart transactions usually go through instantly, and the funds are immediately withdrawn from your account or charged to your credit card.

However, depending on your payment method, it might take two days before the transaction appears on your bank or credit card statement.

Why Is Walmart Charging Me a Pickup Fee?

Walmart offers a convenient and free pickup service if you spend $35 or more per transaction. However, if your order total falls below $35, the retail store will charge a $6 pickup fee.

How Does Walmart Pay Work?

Walmart Pay is an excellent mobile wallet alternative to shop for everyday items at the store without carrying cash.

To use Walmart Pay, install and launch the Walmart Pay app on your Android or iOS device. Tap the “Walmart Pay” option, choose your preferred payment method, and set up a PIN that you’ll use during checkouts.

Now, at Walmart self-checkouts, scan your items and use any Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) balances. Next, open the Walmart Pay app, tap “Walmart Pay,” and position your phone’s camera lens over the QR code on the self-checkout machine to submit the payment.

How Do I Know if My Walmart Order Went Through?

When you place an online order at Walmart, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to see the status of your purchase.

Moreover, you can also use the Walmart app or website to check if your order went through.

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