When Is the Best Time To Buy a Chainsaw?

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Chainsaw?

Chainsaw is the most indispensable of all outdoor tools, and securing a stellar one needs a bit of consideration.

While you may have considered the model, size, and price range, you’re stuck with the question: when is the best time to buy a chainsaw?


Before determining a suitable time to purchase a saw, you must be clear on how often you need to use it. If you are an occasional user, the right season and necessity also matter to get your hands on the perfect saw.

On the other hand, if you are a professional or one with a big garden, you will need this tool all year round.

We’re here to assist you with the following:

  • Best time to avail a good deal or discount.
  • Good season to own a chainsaw.
  • Tips that work year-round.

This blog dissects all the discount seasons, whether to buy a saw, and some tricks to help you save some bucks any time of the year.

Best Time To Avail Discounts/Deals on Chainsaw

If saving bucks is on your agenda while obtaining a saw, some awesome times of the year will serve you with golden opportunities.

1. Seasonal Sale

Seasonal Sale

Fall is the prime season for outdoor tools. Wood-cutting is an autumn staple, so companies manufacture new models before this. In addition, bulk buying by the masses gives dealers a reason to offer sales.

Major brands like Stihl and Huskies go on sale this season; thus, you should lay your hand on your saw in the fall.

2. End-of-Season


Another great time for customers is the annual clearance sale, when retailers want to make room for new merchandise and place existing tools are considerable discounts. You must get the most out of this good fortune.

3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday And Cyber Monday

The last week of November comes with an exciting Black Friday when prices are much lower than usual, and purchasers find a brilliant value for money saws without breaking the bank.

If you missed the lucky chance, the season’s superb choice is Cyber Monday, valid in-store, offers door-busting deals, and runs through the whole week.

4. Local Deals

Local Deals

Your local stores also offer limited times deals with chainsaw, oils, and gas. So keep an eye out for these times to grab a deal.

5. Manufacturer’s Promotions

Manufacturer's Promotions

Often, manufacturers bring out exciting promotions to promote specific chainsaws models. One excellent example is Stihler’s Dealer Day, where the store’s owner receives a substantial off on the various chainsaws.

In that case, you can negotiate with the deals if they have room to wiggle and lower the price.

Best Season To Buy Chainsaw

For some people, the more pressing question is what’s the best time to buy a chainsaw that can cater to their needs perfectly. But, of course, that would depend on a few factors, including where you live and what you plan to use the chainsaw for.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Latest Models

Latest Models

If the newest is synonymous with the best for you, you would like to buy your saw at the start of the fall season when you have plenty of options to compare and select the latest models with all the new features.

2. Weather


If you live in an area with a long winter season or where hurricanes are likely, you should purchase a chainsaw in the summer or early fall to prepare you for winter storms or power outages.

Also, you want your wood to be seasoned for winter; therefore, the appropriate time would be to buy in the summer and prepare wood for the chilly days.

Tips That Work Year Round

The discount days might work as a win-win for people who buy it once, but the folks in the field who need to purchase repeatedly can benefit from specific statutes throughout the year.

1. Good Relationship With Dealers

Good Relationship With Dealers

In the 21st century, networking is everything. Everyone is willing to grow a body where they feel something is in for them. So the first time you buy your chainsaw from a dealer, give them the hope you will return to them for the next saw and accessories like oil and gas.

With this, they’ll see a recurring, loyal customer in you and return a favor by offering a lower price or huge bundle offer. Moreover, they’ll remember you and might offer their expert advice on the projects you’re working on.

2. Pay Through a Credit Card

Pay Through A Credit Card

Credit card holders can earn cash-back rewards that can easily beat the store discount, which always works. So pay through your credit card and treat yourself with the reward when buying your next chainsaw.

Final Takeaway

In summary, the best time to buy a chainsaw may be during the peak season when stores offer discounts or highly anticipated offer days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday when prices are more competitive.

However, purchasing a chainsaw when needed is essential, rather than waiting for the perfect season or deal.

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