Why Are Walmart Cashiers So Slow?

Walmart Cashier Stations

Walmart is an American-based retail company that operates as a chain of hypermarkets, but people coming to Walmart for shopping often complain that Walmart’s cashiers are slow.

However, they don’t do this purposely — they have to see a lot of responsibilities. Let me explain!


Here are some reasons folks grumble that Walmart cashiers are so slow.

  • Walmart has an extensive product selection, making it difficult to track all the products they are stocking.
  • Cashiers do a lot in a limited amount of time. They scan your items, bag your stuff, and place them in a trolly. They also examine the coupon and take payment.
  • Walmart cashiers are responsible for following strict guidelines to prevent shoplifting.

I will discuss in detail why Walmart cashiers are so slow, Walmart cashiers’ training, and the self-checkout system vs. cashier services.

Reasons Walmart Has Slow Cashiers

Long Checkout Line At Walmart

If you go to Walmart, you’ll notice that the lines for the cashier are always long. People seem to blame the cashier.

Let’s try to find out why the Walmart cashier is so slow.

Reason #1: they have to scan everything customers buy at the checkout counter.

This process can be time-consuming when many items are in a customer’s shopping cart, making it difficult for customers to move quickly through the checkout process.

Reason #2: Walmart’s business model differs from other hyper stores such as Target or Costco because of the wide variety of products and services available at their stores.

It means that the number of transactions per hour is much higher than in other hyper stores.

Reason #3: Cashiers need to be more thorough with transactions and check every detail with customers to ensure they’re not overcharged or undercharged.

Reason #4: Cashiers are also responsible for examining heavy or large items that can take a long time to watch.

Walmart cashiers are usually slow because they need to scan and bag every item that customers bring. They are also required to answer customer questions about the product.

Let’s briefly discuss how Walmart trains the cashier. It is helpful to understand that Walmart works on the complaints for the slow cashier process.

How Does Walmart Train Cashiers?

Walmart Cashier Line

Walmart cashier training is conducted by Walmart’s training team, responsible for teaching new employees the company’s policies and procedures.

Walmart focuses on the training of their cashiers to save the customers from facing any difficulty in checkout.

They keep an eye on their cashiers’ efficiency and readiness for any situation during their shift.

Walmart cashiers take their time because they are taught to scan each item for price and quality. Cashiers are also trained to observe large or bulky items that take a long time to examine.

Walmart’s training program teaches its employees how to identify items that may be unsafe, counterfeit, or stolen.

They also teach employees how to spot fake receipts and other scams that people try at Walmart stores.

Walmart trains its cashiers to be slow and friendly, allowing for a more personal experience with the customer and creating a more relaxed environment.

Self-Checkout Option

Walmart cashiers are slow because they must scan each item and type in the price. It takes 2 to 3 minutes for a person to complete this process.

However, Walmart can solve this problem by simultaneously accepting self-checkout and cashier systems.

Is Walmart Switching the Cashier System to Self-Checkout?

Walmart Self-Checkout

Yes, Walmart is a hyper store with many cashiers, and the cashiers are often very slow. The company has been trying to improve its service by adding self-checkout machines.

The company has been experimenting with cashier automation and has been reported to have increased its bandwidth by 20%. It has also led to increased customer satisfaction.

Walmart has a self-checkout system in many stores, but it’s impossible to follow a 100% no cashier system as it frustrates many customers.

Older people and foreigners who need help understanding the system come to shop in Walmart, and doing self-checkout might be a challenging experience for them.

So, even though self-checkout is vital in this modern world, Walmart still prefers to keep the option to pay at the cashier’s counter.

Be Careful as a Walmart Cashier

If you are considering joining Walmart as a cashier, then you have to be a multi-tasker and can handle pressure.

To be a cashier, you need to add the skill to work fast and show extra efficiency for that job.


Walmart is the largest retailer and one of the world’s biggest companies.

The customers come to Walmart and enjoy the shopping, but when they come for checkout, they face an annoyingly slow cashier system process.

Walmart cashiers are slow because they have to deal with more than the customer. The employees are also responsible for a relaxing and healthy environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Cashier Stay for an 8-Hour Shift?

Talking to customers can help (discussing the weather, complimenting their purchases, talking about events in your area). They also talk to other cashiers during off hours.

Why Are There No Cashiers at Walmart?

Switching to cashier-less checkouts is probably a good financial move for Walmart.

Still, the primary reason for the change, according to Walmart, is to shorten checkout times, give customers more options, and give them more control over their shopping experience.

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