Which Is Cheaper: Publix or Kroger?

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Supermarkets are the most popular place for people to buy products. They offer a wide range of products with an average price much lower than the prices in other stores. They have been around for over 100 years, but they have changed drastically over time.

Supermarkets have become the go-to place to buy products if people want to save money but still get quality.


Kroger and Publix are two of the most popular stores in the United States. This article aims to provide information on which store is cheaper for you.

  • Kroger is known for low grocery and large product selections, including general merchandise.
  • If you prefer shopping in one place at low costs, plus pickup/delivery perks, Kroger is for you.
  • Publix offers a broader selection of food items, including organic products and alcohol, which Kroger doesn’t provide.
  • Publix is considered a food market, and many of its discounts, like the BOGO discount, let you reduce food costs. With Publix, you can access more food selections, especially healthy and organic products.

In this article, we will compare Kroger and Publix to see which is more affordable for the average American family. We will look at some prices for food items, household products, and other necessities. Then we will compare them in terms of costs to see which store has a better value.

Publix Offers BOGO deals

BOGO is a great way to get extra savings on purchases because you can buy two items at once for only one price.

What does BOGO mean? Well, it’s short for “Buy One, Get One.”

In other words: if you buy one item at the full price, you can get a second same item for free. Or, you can purchase one BOGO item and be charged only half its original price. It doesn’t matter how often you buy them; you still get the same deal.

So when I say Publix has “BOGO” deals all over their store, I’m saying there are lots of things that come with more than one penny off each item when you buy them together. You can enjoy great deals for items bought together instead of paying the full price when buying them separately.

However, these sales have often been limited by store policies stipulating how much money people can save from purchasing multiple products together within specific periods before expiring them. So check out which might work best for you based on what type(s) of food items need replenishing throughout different seasons/months.

Kroger Offers Double Coupon Savings

One standout service you can enjoy from Kroger is its double coupon offer. This is something that Publix doesn’t offer to customers.

Double Coupons let people enjoy additional savings on their purchases.

For more details about Kroger’s double coupons, visit the link below: Kroger Double Coupon Policy

You can find Kroger coupons online through the company’s website. However, if you want something that isn’t available there, it might be worth looking into whether your favorite grocer offers any local discounts before heading out to Kroger first thing tomorrow morning!

Overview: Publix vs. Kroger

1. Publix: More Affordable Grocery Products

Horizontal Indoor View Of Publix Deli Food Department.

The critical difference between Publix and Kroger is in their product selection. While both chains have a wide range of products, Publix has several more affordable options than its competitor.

In fact, according to Consumer Reports’ annual survey of the best grocery stores in America (which includes both chains), “Publix consistently ranked high among shoppers who said they were willing to pay more for better-quality produce.”

The higher quality can be attributed to the company’s strict standards regarding its suppliers. They only source organic or locally sourced produce from companies that meet their stringent criteria. And even then, only if it’s proven safe for humans allergic or intolerant toward certain ingredients such as gluten (or wheat).

Discount Deals

  1. Publix offers two kinds of discounts: BOGO and 50% Off
  2. They don’t limit the number of items you can purchase when taking advantage of their deals.

Instead, they ensure you buy one qualifying item at a regular price to get the discount.

Customers can buy one item and get another for free at Publix. The promotion is available on groceries, drinks, and household items. The promotion is also offered every Friday except holidays like Christmas Day.

Deals Instead of Coupons

Publix has an app you can download on your phone to help you find local deals and discounts while shopping at their stores. The app often gives you exclusive promotions, such as free products with specific phrases or discounted prices on select items sold in quantities of 10 or more.

Meals Are Less Expensive

If you are looking at pre-made meals and deli items, Publix is a better choice than Kroger.

For Example

A rotisserie chicken from Publix costs $1.99 per pound, while the same from Kroger costs you $2.79 per pound. Similarly, an 8-ounce package of ham salad in plastic wraps costs $3.49 at Publix while sold for $3.29 at Kroger stores. But only on sale every other week or so!

2. Kroger: Wide Selection of House-Brand Products

The Facade Of Kroger Food And Pharmacy Store Located At Richmond Hill, Georgia

If you are looking for house brands, Kroger has a wider selection. It is the largest grocery store chain in America and has the best-known brand names (like Heinz Ketchup).

Kroger’s selection of house brands is often better than Publix’s because it has more to offer at lower prices.

For Example

You might find cheaper beef or ham at Kroger’s than at Publix’s. But if you shop online through Amazon or elsewhere, it could be just as easy to get those items delivered straight to your doorstep without having to leave home!

Kroger has better prices on house-brand products like toilet paper and paper towels than Publix because they sell these items more frequently (and sometimes even exclusively).

Weekly Ad Coupons Keep Prices Low

Kroger has a weekly ad with coupons, which helps keep prices low. You can also find great deals on sale and clearance items and discounts on select products at each store location.

The grocer also offers occasional double coupon days and other specials throughout the year that help you save money on groceries and different household needs.

The “Cheaper” Grocery Store

Kroger is the better bet as a ”cheaper” grocery store because:

  • For the most part, Kroger has better sales promotions mainly because they have more frequent sales than Publix. However, some items at Publix are cheaper than their counterparts at Kroger.
  • They have a more comprehensive selection of house brand products (For example: if you need ground beef but don’t want to pay extra for branded name brands).
  • Their prices on certain items can be much lower than those at Publix (though not always).


The best way to summarize this is to say it’s a close call.

Both stores are great, and their prices vary based on what you buy. Objectively, Kroger is the better deal when saving money on groceries.

Kroger is cheaper because they often offer sales with amazing deals for customers. At the same time, its selection of brand products is much better than Publix’s. Its grocery prices are also lower overall than Publix’s because they don’t compete with other brands as much (like Walmart or Target).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Store Offers Better Discounts?

They both offer a wide range of products, but when it comes to discounts, Publix has the upper hand.

Which Store Has All the Products That I Need Daily?

It depends on what you are looking for in a grocery store. If you want the best quality produce, then Publix is the better option. Kroger is the better option for you if you are looking for a range of products, including merchandise. Kroger is also more affordable than Publix because it uses a “no-frills” approach to grocery shopping by selling only essential items.

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