How Much Cheaper Is Aldi Than Publix?

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You might have visited ALDI and Publix to buy groceries for your home and noticed that the prices at the former are much lower.

Please don’t get confused, as there is a valid explanation about how ALDI can contain its product prices for consumers.


ALDI is up to 50% cheaper than Publix for comparable products because the store uses a unique business model and cost-saving strategies, allowing them to offer high-quality products at significantly lower prices than many of its competitors.

To help you select the best store to shop from, we’ll explore below how much cheaper ALDI is than Publix and how it manages to maintain such affordable prices compared to its rival.

How Much Cheaper Is Aldi Than Publix?

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Regarding grocery shopping, ALDI, and Publix are the biggest players in the consumer industry.

While they may offer similar products, the two stores differ highly in pricing. ALDI is up to 50% cheaper than Publix for buying similar products.

Let’s compare some common household grocery items from both stores to gauge ALDI’s reasonable prices against Publix.

1. Milk

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If you’re buying a gallon of whole milk, ALDI’s Friendly Farms brand is priced at $2.69, while Publix’s GreenWise Market organic brand costs $6.99.

The price difference is massive and significantly impacts your budget when calculating the total milk cost at the end of the month.

2. Eggs

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Eggs are a staple in many households, and you can find them on the shelves of most grocery stores. A dozen eggs at ALDI’s Simply

Nature brand costs $1.19, while Publix’s GreenWise Market organic brand is $4.99.

3. Ground Beef

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Ground beef is a common ingredient in many recipes, and ALDI and Publix are the best places for selling it fresh.

A pound of ALDI’s 80% lean beef is $3.79, while Publix’s GreenWise Market organic beef is $7.99 for the same weight.

4. Bread

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ALDI’s L’Oven Fresh bread is priced at $0.85, while Publix’s bakery fresh bread costs around $3.49 for a similar loaf.

5. Chips

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Snacks like chips are popular items on grocery lists, and comparing prices between ALDI and Publix can help you make informed buying decisions.

ALDI’s Clancy’s brand chips are $1.19 per bag, while Publix’s private label brand chips are available for $2.99.

5 Reasons Why Aldi Is Cheaper Than Publix

ALDI is cheaper than Publix, as discussed above. So, let’s look at the store’s policy and tactics to keep the prices budget-friendly:

1. Private Label

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ALDI is cheaper than Publix due to the store’s extensive use of private-label brands. The store sources products directly from manufacturers, which allows them to cut out the intermediaries and save on costs.

ALDI’s products under its label eliminate the need to pay for advertising and marketing for big-name brands.


ALDI’s private-label products include groceries, snacks, cleaning, and personal care items.

2. Limited Selection

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Managing inventory and ensuring that shelves are always stocked can be a hassle when a store keeps many products. This can lead to higher maintenance costs, passed on to customers through higher prices.

So, ALDI focuses on keeping limited products on its shelves and offering low prices on them.


A few specific brands or products may not be available at ALDI, which is the main drawback of the store’s limited selection.

3. Smaller Stores

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Traditional grocery stores like Publix tend to have large, sprawling stores with multiple departments and extensive product lines, which require high overhead costs, such as rent, utilities, etc.

In contrast, ALDI stores are designed to be smaller and more streamlined, focusing on essential products and minimizing the need for excess space and resources.

This allows ALDI to save money on overhead costs, transitioning to lower product prices for customers.


ALDI’s store premises are simple, with minimalistic displays and no frills or fancy décor.

4. Energy-Efficient Stores

Fresh Food Department Of Aldi Supermarkets

ALDI has significantly reduced costs and improved efficiency through environment-friendly store remodeling.

The company has incorporated various sustainable features into its stores, such as using recycled materials, energy-saving refrigeration, and LED lighting.

Additionally, ALDI’s modern store design allows natural light to come in, creating a more eco-friendly shopping experience without using too much electricity during the day.

This, in return, results in less energy consumption and bills, and these savings are transferred to customers by offering them cheaper products.


By allowing natural light to come into the ALDI stores, the company attempts to reduce its environmental footprint.

5. Cost-Saving Measures

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ALDI implements policies that might be inconvenient for some customers but ultimately help keep prices low.

For example, the store charges customers a small fee for bags, encouraging shoppers to bring their reusable ones instead. This saves the cost of providing free bags and promotes sustainability.

Another cost-saving measure ALDI employs is requiring you to pay a deposit for your shopping carts.

This incentivizes customers to return the cart to its designated area rather than leaving it in the parking lot or elsewhere, which can damage cars and create hazards.

So, ALDI saves money on labor costs by reducing the number of employees hired to collect and return carts to their places.

Additionally, the store limits the operational hours to reduce costs. Most of the ALDI stores operate for 11 hours or less.


ALDI doesn’t run too many television ads, which helps the store to save a lot of money on advertisements.


This article discusses how much cheaper ALDI is than Publix and why the store offers high-quality products at significantly lower prices than its competitor.

You now know that the lower prices at ALDI do not mean they compromise on quality, and you can easily stock up on all your household essentials without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aldi Offer Any Loyalty Programs or Rewards to Its Customers?

Yes, ALDI offers a loyalty program called ALDI Rewards. Customers can sign up for the program and receive exclusive discounts and offers.

Are Aldi and Publix Open on Holidays?

Both ALDI and Publix have varying hours of operation during holidays. Therefore, checking their websites or calling customer service hotlines to confirm the holiday schedules is best.

Can I Shop Online at Aldi and Publix?

Yes, both ALDI and Publix offer online shopping options. ALDI offers grocery delivery through its partnership with Instacart, while Publix has its online ordering system for delivery and pickup.

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