Publix vs Harris Teeter: Which One Is Cheaper?

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With recent inflation, affordability is the biggest concern for everyone. People nowadays look for places where they can shop and save up some money.

As for groceries, they are a vital part of our everyday life; we shop for them every month. One may try to figure out which grocery store has better prices. Is it Publix or Harris Teeter?


If you are trying to cut down your expenses during this price hike like everyone else, you should consider buying groceries at a low price because it takes up a major portion of your expenses.

Choosing a grocery store with better prices depends on the buyer’s preference. As for Publix and Harris Teeter, the Teeter wins by a narrow margin.

Both these stores have some great promotions for customers to benefit from better prices.

Read on to find a detailed comparison between Publix and Harris Teeter in terms of pricing along with their promotional deals.

Publix Versus Harris Teeter

When it comes to making a decision about which grocery store is best for you, how do you select one? To make a decision, a few factors like price, quality, variety, and customer service come into play.

Publix and Harris Teeter are famous names in the grocery market that have a spick and-span environment with extraordinary customer service.

Today we are going to highlight the biggest factor in deciding between these two stores — prices.

Which One Is Cheaper?

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If we compare these stores, it’s going to be a tough tie-off as they come close to each other in terms of quality, quantity, and customer service. But to make a decision about prices, it depends on what you are shopping for.

Publix has better prices on baking goods and personal care items, whereas Harris Teeter gets away with offering low prices on many other items such as beverages, dairy, frozen foods, etc.

Although it might be difficult to conclude which one is cheaper as it comes down to customers’ preferences, overall, Harris Teeter wins by a narrow margin by providing better prices on most products.

Sales and Promotions

In your quest to get a good bargain on groceries, you must look out for sales and promotions, which can reduce the cost by a great margin. As for Publix and Harris Teeter, both offer sales at different times around the year.

Let’s take a look at what each store has to offer.


Publix Food &Amp; Pharmacy Retail Market

Publix has some great marketing strategies to attract customers with its amazing deals. The most popular deal you can find on Publix is BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free).

If you buy one product with a BOGO deal, you get the other one for free; technically, you get both items at half price.

You could also sign up for its loyalty program, “Club Publix.” It will analyze your shopping history and send you special offers, which you may find useful. Publix releases sale ads every week.

If you can keep an eye on those ads, you could get some great prices on sale products.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter Supermarket

For starters, you could look for clearance racks at Harris Teeter, where you can find products with amazing discounts. Harris Teeter has a special membership program for its loyal customers called e-VIC.

You can sign up for free, and they will send you weekly promotions along with some personalized discounts designed for you.

Harris Teeter played smart and came up with the great idea of “Buy 2 Get 3 Free” sales. You could buy two items, and the store will give you three others for free.

This store is mindful of students and offers discounts on their student cards. You can get 5% off the bill after showing your card at the store nearest to your campus.

Final Thoughts

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To conclude the price face-off between Publix and Harris Teeter, it’s for you to decide which store suits you the most, but overall, Harris Teeter can offer slightly better prices than Publix.

If you work smart, you can use promotions and deals from both these stores and get away with huge discounts on your bill.

Both Harris Teeter and Publix have a loyalty program that creates specialized offers for registered customers; signing up with these programs can also save you a great deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way To Shop for Groceries on a Budget?

The best way to shop for groceries on a budget is to stay up to date with its promotional deals and sales. It can cut down the cost by a great margin. You could also find out which store offers the best price on its products.

When Is the Best Time To Shop at Publix?

Publix is popular for its weekly ads that are released every Wednesday or Thursday(in some places). These ads have some fantastic deals and discounts on its product, which you might find useful.

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