Which Is Cheaper Kroger or H-E-B?


Kroger and H-E-B are fan-favorite retail stores for different reasons, but if you are looking for affordability, you might want to know which one is cheaper.


Kroger offers lower prices than H-E-B on almost every product category except cleaners and also has a more extensive product variety with more stores in various locations. The product quality, however, is better at H-E-B.

To help make you understand better, we have written an extensive guide on which is cheaper, Kroger or H-E-B, and their other differentiating qualities.

Which Is Cheaper, Kroger or H-E-B?


Kroger and H-E-B are two of the biggest names in the retail world, with hundreds of subsidiaries across the United States. Both companies generate over a whopping $30 billion in profits each year.

Found in 1883, Kroger is the only major supermarket in the US to operate a three-tier distribution system, giving them leverage over other retail industry giants like Walmart, Target, and Aldi.


Kroger also has a chain of drugstores, jewelry stores, departmental stores, and marketplace stores, providing high-quality goods and services to their customers.

On the other hand, H-E-B operates on a much lower scale, with around 420 stores in Texas and Mexico. However, it is still one of the largest private companies in America, with more than 145,000 employees.

Kroger and H-E-B are ideal competitors because they differ in many ways. So, finding which one suits your needs the best can be a bit challenging.

If you are looking for affordability, Kroger is cheaper than H-E-B in almost every category of goods, including fresh produce, canned goods, beverages, etc.

The only category where H-E-B has lower costs is its cleaning supplies. So, if you want the most affordable products, Kroger is where you should shop.

Other Differences Between Kroger and H-E-B

To help you decide which store to visit for your grocery choices, let’s discuss some of the varying features of both Kroger and H-E-B retail stores.

1. Product Quality

Product Quality

There is one thing you can’t compromise on regarding grocery shopping, i.e., quality. Despite their price differences, Kroger and H-E-B offer high-quality products and have dedicated teams that ensure customer satisfaction.

However, according to an FDA report, H-E-B has had 22 product recalls in the last few years. This is 27 times lesser than the 49 recalls of Kroger, which raises the question of the safety of their goods.

The uncompromised quality is one of the reasons why H-E-B is the most trusted retail brand in the US and the go-to choice for people who are not willing to risk their health by buying sub-par products.


H-E-B stands for Howard E. Butt, the name of its founder’s son.

2. Product Variety

Product Variety Kroger

While some people stick to the same products they’ve been buying over the years, many love to experiment by changing brands.

That’s why, if you are adventurous and love exploring different choices before you make your decision, you should shop at Kroger.

Aside from its supermarkets, Kroger also has separate stores for jewelry and medicine.


At H-E-B, the total number of products you can shop from is 18,000, much less than the 70,000 different products offered at Kroger.

3. Locations


Price, quality, and variety of products don’t matter if you travel for hours to get to a store. However, the retail store’s location is an essential factor influencing your buying decision.

You are more likely to find Kroger near your house, as it has more than 2800 stores in 35 states of the US. In comparison, H-E-B only has about 420 stores operating exclusively in Texas and Mexico.


In this guide, we have discussed which is cheaper, Kroger or H-E-B, and some other factors that distinguish them.

We hope you have found your answer in this article and can now easily decide which retail to visit according to your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is H-E-B Best Known For?

H-E-B is best known for its excellent beer range. They are the biggest wine retailer in all of Texas, with a wide selection of traditional and craft beers.

You can also enjoy samples of any beer before you buy it.

Is Kroger Only in Texas?

Kroger is present in 35 US states, including Texas. They have around 210 stores in the lone state alone.

Is Kroger Domestic or International?

Kroger has around 2800 stores spread throughout the US. However, they have yet to expand overseas.

Is It More Expensive To Shop H-E-B Online?

Yes. The prices on the H-E-B website are 3% more for each product than in the physical stores.

Will H-E-B Deliver Out of State?

Along with Texas, H-E-B delivers to 46 other states in the US and all the military bases. Their shipping fee varies per order but is usually between $5 to $10.

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