Where Does Aldi Chicken Come From?

Aldi Chicken

ALDI chicken is mouthwatering and way cheaper than other retailers, leaving you wondering how the company manages such a steal price and where they get their chicken.


ALDI chicken comes from many suppliers across the US, amongst which Tyson Foods is the number one supplier.

Tyson Foods provide the birds and the feed to local farmers, who then raise them according to animal welfare policy, and the company packages them under the ALDI brand afterward.

Below, we have discussed where ALDI chicken comes from so that you have full awareness and trust in the source before enjoying it.

What Is the Source of Aldi Chicken?

ALDI is a popular discount supermarket chain that originated in Germany in 1946. The company has since expanded to operate thousands of stores in multiple countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and many others.

Chicken is one of the staple products that ALDI sells, and it takes pride in ethical sourcing.


ALDI runs its private label of chicken, Kirkwood, that sells fresh and frozen products.

Let’s look at the sources from where ALDI chicken comes and is sold to millions of consumers.

1. Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods

ALDI sells chicken products, including breasts, drumsticks, thighs, tenders, wings, boneless, and fully-cooked options.

The company doesn’t raise animals or have any facilities to raise them. Therefore, they source the chicken from suppliers all over the US who raise the birds ethically because ALDI is strictly against animal abuse.

ALDI hasn’t disclosed its chicken sources anywhere officially. However, in May 2019, the company developed a press release regarding a chicken product that mentioned its relations with Tyson Foods.

Therefore, it’s perceived that Tyson Foods is the chicken supplier of ALDI.

Furthermore, ALDI sells it under its private label, Kirkwood. This chicken is of a very high standard because Tyson Foods source it from 3700 independent farmers in the US.

Tyson Foods provide the birds, their feed, and technical advice to the farmers so that they can raise the chicken for them in the best manner possible and according to animal welfare policy.

2. Other Suppliers

Chicken Supplier

Besides Tyson Foods, ALDI sources its chicken from dozens of other suppliers in the US. However, the Never Any! range of ALDI chicken is mainly sourced from regional farms to keep the prices very reasonable.


The Good Housekeeping Seal awarded to the ALDI Never Any! line recognizes the brand’s dedication to selling top-notch poultry products from reliable and ethical farming methods.

The local suppliers are required to meet ALDI’s standards for responsible and sustainable sourcing, which includes being certified by organizations for animal welfare.


The Never Any! range of chicken products is free from antibiotics, added hormones, and animal by-products and are certified by USDA.

Packaging of Aldi Chicken

Packaging Of Aldi Chicken

ALDI uses a variety of packaging for its chicken products. A few are typically packaged in plastic wrap or plastic trays with wrap over the top and are often sold in pre-portioned sizes, such as chicken breasts or thighs.

In addition, ALDI may offer some of its chicken products in vacuum-sealed packages, which can help maintain the product’s freshness for extended periods.

The company recently initiated eco-friendly packaging materials for some chicken products to adhere to the brand’s sustainability commitments.


In this article, we explored where ALDI chicken comes from to understand better the brand’s commitment to ethical and sustainable chicken-raising practices.

Learning about the origins of ALDI chicken can provide insight into their efforts to prioritize quality and animal welfare so that consumers can make informed decisions about their purchases and support brands that align with their values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aldi Offer Any Plant-Based Alternatives to Chicken Products?

Yes, ALDI offers a range of plant-based alternatives to chicken products.

The brand offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan products, including meatless chicken strips, meatless chicken patties, and meatless chicken nuggets, which exactly mimic the taste and texture of real chicken.

Is Aldi Chicken Halal?

ALDI branded products are not Halal Certified.

Does Aldi Sell Horse Meat?

No, ALDI does not sell horse meat in its stores because it is committed to providing high-quality food products to its customers.

What Is the Shelf Life of Aldi Chicken Products?

The shelf life of ALDI chicken products varies depending on the type, the packaging, and the storage conditions.

Therefore, it’s essential to follow the storage instructions on the packaging and to check the expiration or “use-by” date before consumption.

Can I Find Recipe Ideas for Cooking Aldi Chicken on Their Website?

You can find recipe ideas on the ALDI website, as they regularly post them under the “Recipes” section.

The recipes can help you make the most of your ALDI chicken purchase and create delicious meals for your family or friends.

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