When Is the Best Time To Buy Volaris Tickets?

Volaris Tickets

Why would anyone choose other airlines when Volaris offers one of the best prices? While Volaris Airline’s prices are already ten times less than the premium airlines with a similar standard of service, you can still get discounts on the tickets.

Let’s see when it’s best to get the most bang for your buck.


Monday to Wednesday are the magic days, as you can get the maximum discount for booking tickets.

However, the early morning and midnight flights on these three days are the cheapest. Also, don’t book tickets for the weekend or Thursday unless you want to splurge.

We have the details on when to get the best prices for Volaris tickets. Read on.

Best Time To Get the Cheapest Volaris Tickets

Volaris Ticket

Monday through Wednesday are the best days to book the cheapest flights with Volaris. You will get a good deal if the departure day is Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Ticket prices might vary, but a reservation can save you a lot of bucks. This is because you can get amazing discounts on Volaris tickets by booking in advance (we say two months ahead).

During these three days, you can get over 6% discount if you reserve the tickets for Tuesday at midnight because that’s when the flights are cheapest.

On the other hand, Monday and Wednesday will help you save about 1.5%. It’s better not to book tickets on Thursdays or weekends because the weekend flights usually have a high fare.

In addition to this, you should keep looking for discount days because you might be able to save over 50%. The discounts are usually available Thursday morning, but they also provide discount updates on their social media handles, so keep a close watch.

The ticket prices are also amazing during Black Friday sales, so make sure you choose the right sale to purchase from.

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Additional Suggestions To Save on Tickets

Volaris Tickets

Booking your flights with Volaris at the right time can help you save hundreds of dollars. However, some other tips can help, such as the following:

1. Use Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode

Using incognito mode while booking flights helps you filter out the search without additional costs. This is because some websites increase fares when they detect repetitive searches, so the customers pay more than the actual fare.

So, it would be best if you used incognito mode, as it doesn’t store your previous searches, and you won’t see price hikes even after multiple searches.

2. Book for Weekdays


If your schedule allows, select a departure on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. This is because these days have the cheapest flights because not many people are flying, and the airline tries to fill as many seats as possible by offering cheaper tickets.

3. Leverage the Low-Fare Calendar

Low-Fare Calendar

Volaris has launched its low-fare calendar, where they add low-cost tickets for different days of the month. If you travel frequently, you can use the calendar to find the cheapest months to book a flight.

4. Make Advanced Booking


Pre-booking is one of the best ways to save money. If you have planned a vacation and your off days are approved, book your tickets two months in advance to get a cheaper offer.


Volaris Airlines is a great option for people on a budget, as it offers the cheapest airline tickets without compromising on the quality of travel.

Monday to Wednesday are the best days to get a good deal but don’t forget to use the low-fare calendar to get more discounts.

Stay updated with the company’s newsletter to stay aware of discounts and promotional deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Day of the Week Has the Best Volaris Ticket Discounts?

Usually, all weekdays have great discounts, but Tuesday midnight and Thursday early morning will have the best prices.

Why Is Volaris Airline So Affordable?

Volaris Airline offers affordable air travel because passengers only pay the base fare. However, you have to pay add-on fees if you need more amenities during the flight, such as extra baggage allowance or premium beverages.

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