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Where Can You Use American Airlines Meal Voucher?


Getting stuck at the airport during a flight delay can be unexpected and frustrating. As a passenger on an upcoming American Airlines flight, you might be able to get a meal voucher. The question remains: where can you use the meal voucher?


The American Airlines meal voucher can generally be used at any restaurant or convenience store within the airport that serves ready-to-eat food. Unfortunately, the meal voucher cannot be used to purchase alcohol and does not work outside the airport.

We’ll also discuss how to get a meal voucher, how much they are worth, and the rules to know about the uses of a meal voucher.

Where Can I Use My American Airlines Meal Voucher?

Convenience Store

Nearly all airports have multiple restaurants for hungry passengers to grab a bite within the terminal, and meal vouchers are meant to be used there. All you have to do is give the voucher to the cashier.

Airports also tend to have convenience stores, much like the ones you see in your neighborhood every day, minus the gas pumps. These stores have a good selection of snacks, sandwiches, and drinks. The advantage of an airport convenience store is that you generally won’t have too much of a line if you want time to do something else.

You don’t need to rush using the meal voucher. Not hungry right now but planning to travel later or have a connecting flight? You can use the American Airlines meal voucher at another airport. The vouchers are often good for one full year.

While meal vouchers are convenient to use and give you plenty of options, there are a couple of rules to follow. Have a craving for something outside of the airport? Sorry, but your American Airlines meal voucher is only good inside an airport.

While alcohol and bars are present at airports, you cannot use the voucher to purchase beer, wine, or spirits. On the plus side, you can just pay for your favorite local craft beer and still save money on buying a burger or pizza.

Getting a Meal Voucher from American Airlines

Flight Delayed

When are you eligible for a meal voucher from American Airlines?

If your flight is delayed by three or more hours and the problem is not related to weather or natural events, the most common reasons are staffing or mechanical issues that lead to a significant delay.

In some cases, you might have to ask at the American Airlines gate. Another option is to contact customer service, however, accessing your gate is much faster.

You might have the option to receive your meal voucher as a physical coupon or a QR code sent to your American Airlines app or your email.

We suggest a digital voucher if American Airlines offers one. The primary reason is that you can’t lose a digital voucher, and the airline won’t replace a lost paper voucher.

A meal voucher is usually worth $12. This should be enough to get you at least a small meal and a drink at a typical airport restaurant.

If you go over that amount, you’ll have to pay for the rest. The amount may seem relatively small for airport food, but it can definitely make a better meal more affordable while traveling.


American Airlines meal vouchers are handy for passengers waiting for a flight delayed by three or more hours. Passengers can use the meal voucher at a restaurant or store that sells ready-made food within the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Get Different Kinds of Vouchers for Additional Delays?

You could be eligible, depending on the situation. It is possible to receive vouchers for travel to a hotel in the event of a longer delay, in addition to a hotel stay. You should get authorization from American Airlines before assuming they will pay for a hotel stay caused by a delay.

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