When Does Amazon Fresh Restock?

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Amazon Fresh is a great choice when you want groceries delivered right to your doorstep, but if the item you want is out of stock, you might be curious when it will be available.


Amazon Fresh restocks their in-demand products every few hours, and the other products are restocked within 30 days.

If your required item is unavailable after 30 days, it may not likely be restocked again.

To help you figure it out, we have written a short guide on when Amazon Fresh restocks so you can buy affordable grocery items from the comfort of your home.

When Does Amazon Fresh Restocks?

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For decades, Amazon has brought you electronics, clothing, books, household items, etc., at reasonable prices.

To take it further to the next step, they also launched a separate store for grocery and regular household items called Amazon Fresh.

Since 2007, they have expanded to major cities throughout the United States and have even started their services in different countries worldwide.

The convenience of having these fresh grocery items right at your doorstep has helped a lot of people.

All you need to do is log in to the Amazon Fresh website with your existing Amazon account and password, or create a new account, add your required items to your cart, and get them delivered to your address, possibly even on the same day.

You need an Amazon Prime account to use their Fresh service if you are not paying with a P-EBT or SNAP EBT card. Fortunately, an existing Prime member can also share their membership with you to use Amazon Fresh.

However, many customers have noticed more products going out of stock on the website whenever they try to order.

In most cases, Amazon Fresh sends you a replacement product after informing you that the one you wanted isn’t available.

If you are one of those customers waiting for your desired product to restock, you must wonder how long it will take.

Generally, Amazon Fresh restocks in-demand products every few hours, but if the product you need isn’t available, it should be restocked within 30 days at most.


Amazon Fresh also has physical outlets in different cities where you can check whether an item is in stock if you need it urgently.

How To Know When Amazon Fresh Has Restocked?

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If you have been waiting for your desired product to restock on Amazon Fresh but never seem to catch the right timing, try setting a reminder to get notified whenever available.

Log in to the Amazon Fresh website using your credentials and find the product you wish to order.

For the out-of-stock products, you will find an “Alert Me” button next to the product details that you can click to set up an automatic email alert.

If you don’t see the alert button, either the service is unavailable for that particular product or will not restock again.


In this guide, we have discussed when Amazon Fresh restocks and how to set up an alert to get notified when it does.

Hopefully, your question has been answered in this article, and now you won’t have to wait hours to see if Amazon Fresh has your required product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far in Advance Should I Order Amazon Fresh?

As Amazon Fresh items get out of stock often even after ordering, it’s best to order two days in advance if you need a product at a particular time. Depending on your location, you might even get the same-day delivery option.

Does Amazon Fresh Have a Limit?

Amazon Fresh has a limit of 75 unique items per order, after which they will divide your order into multiple orders.

Why Is Amazon Fresh Not Free?

Amazon charges a small fee for their Fresh service to keep prices low in physical and online stores. The cost also provides you with a high-quality and fast delivery service.

Should I Tip Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh automatically applies a tip of $5 to any order you make. However, you can change that amount per choice, even to $0.

Is Amazon Fresh Food Safe?

The food items sold on Amazon Fresh are of the same quality as other retail stores. They are also well-packed, with chilled and frozen goods arriving in recyclable, insulated packaging.

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