When Do You Get Your First Paycheck at Amazon?

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Each of us has a different reason for working.

Some want to deepen their education and achieve their professional goals through experience. Some just want a consistent income to help them pay the bills and enjoy leisure time beyond work. Others have families to consider and children to take care of.

Each reason is valid. While there is no perfect job, the mere fact that you are enduring is something to be proud of you. You are taking it day by day and powering through.

If you’re eyeing Amazon as a potential company to work for, you might be curious about when you get paid. So when do you really get your first Amazon paycheck?


Amazon typically pays employees bi-weekly. However, some employees claim that your payday depends on your role and work.

New employees get their pay on the same payday as old employees. But if you joined the company in the middle of two paydays, you will have to wait for three weeks to receive your accumulated salary.

In this article, we talk about Amazon’s payday and when new employees get paid. Moreover, we discuss what benefits employees may get from Amazon. Read on!

Amazon Payday

Amazon pays new employees on the same payday as old employees.

Bi-Weekly Payday

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Employees typically receive their pay every bi-weekly or every two weeks. The company considers the livelihood of its employees, and payroll officials know that employees have bills to pay and necessities to cater to.

A delayed paycheck affects their employees’ lives and, in turn, their jobs. If companies do not pay their employees properly and on time, they may lose people, and the workforce is the company’s backbone.

Some employees may be paid weekly; the pay date depends on one’s role or position in the company.

When New Starters Get Paid

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New employees get paid the same time or for the same duration as old employees. Thus, if employees get paid bi-weekly, new employees will also be paid every two weeks.

If you do not receive your first paycheck at the same time as others, do not panic! Amazon will not hold your salary from you.

Chances are, you entered the company between Amazon paydays. If this is the case, you will receive your payment after three weeks and get your accumulated salary on the same payday as the other employees.

Being an Amazon Employee

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At Amazon, the starting pay is $19. Amazon considers the health and lifestyle of its employees. They provide benefits to ensure their employees thrive beyond work and experience holistic wellness.

Some of Amazon’s benefits include eligible family members or dependents. Other benefits include paid leaves, paid tuition fees, health care coverage, and insurance.

The company ensures that employees can spend time off work without worries through enough paid holiday leaves and up to 20 weeks of paid parental leaves. The company also considers medical and dental health coverage.

Amazon provides growth opportunities through training and mentoring for its employees.


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New employees get paid the same time as regular employees. If you experienced a delay, the time you entered the company might be a factor in the delayed paycheck.

You will have to wait for three weeks to get your accumulated paycheck at the same payday as old employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon Pay for the First Training Week?

Yes, Amazon pays for your first training week.

Why Is My First Paycheck Late?

Your starting date may fall between two paydays. Thus, you will receive your paycheck on the next payday.

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