What Time Does Amazon Paycheck Hit?

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What time does Amazon’s paycheck hit on payday? We’ve all been there, counting the minutes until we see that long-awaited deposit in our bank accounts.


Depending on your job role, payment could arrive daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

  • Friday is payday for most Amazon employees, but not everybody.
  • Payment procedures can vary depending on the employee’s role.
  • You could get paid on different days depending on your bank branch or location.
  • The paycheck hits in the early hours of the day.

Read on to find out about the schedule of paychecks for Amazon’s employees.

Payday at Amazon

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Have you ever wondered how Amazon pays its employees? Unfortunately, it’s been a common question for quite a while.

But here’s the 411 on when and how often you can expect to get paid if you’re working for one of America’s most famous companies.

For most employees, Friday is a payday, but it may vary depending on your role and region. Some employees receive it on Wednesday or Thursday.


Amazon’s paycheck hits in the early hours of Wednesday through Friday.

Amazon provides a unique payment schedule for four enrollment periods during the year. Here is the complete breakdown of its payment plans:

Anytime Pay

Amazon’s Anytime Pay system is an incredible way to access your earned money faster than ever before. With this structure, Amazon allows its users to withdraw 70% of their earnings whenever and however often they anticipate.

This means that employees at Amazon no longer have to wait for days to receive their full-earned pay, allowing them the flexibility and convenience of accessing their income when it works best for them.


Amazon workers enjoy the convenience of receiving their wages each week, making it easier to budget, plan, and segment spending schedules. No more waiting for months; you can get your money on a fixed day of the week.


Amazon’s employees can also receive a paycheck every other week. This excellent option allows them to easily budget their finances and plan for expenses far in advance.


Finally, the traditional monthly payment schedule is also applicable at Amazon.

Salaries at Amazon

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Now that you know that when Amazon’s employees get paid, let’s look at how much they can expect.

The average salary of an Amazon employee can depend significantly on both the level and type of job.

The employees in entry-level positions, such as inbound Stower, can earn around $35,985 per year. This number jumps considerably at higher levels as you progress.

On the contrary, if you work in a better post, such as chief operating officer, you may receive an average salary of approximately $576,917 per year, nearly 15 times more than an inbound Stower.

The difference is even starker on an hourly basis: lower-level positions get roughly $17 an hour on average, and chief operating officers make an impressive $275 per hour. 

With these variations in pay scales across positions, Amazon pays its employees fairly for their respective roles.

Ending Note

It’s normal for an employee to be curious about when his paycheck will hit the bank. Amazon has multiple employee payment programs, ranging from weekly to monthly.

You could also apply for Anytime Payment to get 70% of your paycheck at any time.

Fridays are usually paydays at Amazon, but it may vary for different regions. As far as the time is concerned, you will most likely receive your paycheck in the early hours of the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Amazon Sellers Get Paid Early?

Yes, Amazon sellers can get paid early, depending on the payment method selected. For example, Amazon Pay can sometimes offer same-day payments, while bank transfers may take up to two business days.

What Are Some of Amazon’s Employee Benefits?

Amazon offers employees a comprehensive range of benefits. These include competitive salaries, access to 401(k) plans, medical and dental coverage, free access to caregiver networks for childcare or eldercare purposes, discounts on daycare centers, and tuition reimbursement programs.

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