What Is the Most Expensive Subway Sandwich?

Subway Sandwich

Subway might be your budget-friendly option to grab sandwiches. They offer a variety of items at different prices on their menu.

Have you ever wondered what sandwich at Subway is the most expensive?


The prices of Subway sandwiches vary according to their size and ingredients. You can also make your sandwich by selecting the ingredients of your choice. Some of the sandwiches on the menu are top-tier in terms of price.

  • Ultimate Steak
  • Turkey & Bacon Guacamole

This detailed guide will help readers identify the most expensive sandwich options at Subway and the factors that affect the prices of these sandwiches.

Most Expensive Options at Subway

Subway Menu

Subway is known for its affordable and healthy sandwiches. However, with several options, from six-inch to footlong, their prices also vary, which begs the question, what is the most expensive sandwich at Subway?

Before we get into the details of the most expensive options, we must understand what eating at a Subway looks like.

Subway allows its customers to customize their sandwiches according to their preferences. In addition to that, it also has a readily available menu to choose from.

Subway Menu

Subway has a variety of six-inch and footlong options available on the menu. Six-inch is a footlong sandwich cut in half. As for the most expensive options on the menu, there are two contenders, and both are footlong.


Not all Subway branches have the same prices. In addition, they may vary for different regions.

The Fast Food Menu Prices website can help you find the exact prices of the Subway menu in your area. In addition, you can select your state, and the most recent prices will be available.

Option #1: Ultimate Steak

Ultimate Tower Burger Grilled Chicken

The first contender for the most expensive sandwich on the menu is the Ultimate Steak, with a price tag of $11.49 (may vary).

This sandwich packs tender shaved steak, topped with red onions, green peppers, Parmesan, and melted Mozzarella cheese; all served on Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread.

You can change the ingredients according to your preference by paying a few extra cents.

Option #2: Turkey & Bacon Guacamole

Burger Turkey On Wooden Board

The second most expensive option on Subway’s menu is Turkey & Bacon Guacamole, which has the same price as the Ultimate Steak sandwich.

This sandwich contains sliced turkey breast, crispy bacon, provolone cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, guacamole, and creamy ranch dressing, all wrapped in a new tomato-basil wrap.

Customized Sandwich

Apart from the choices on the menu, you are free to make your sandwich at Subway. Starting with the choice of bread, you can select each ingredient of your sandwich.

The prices of these ingredients may vary, so you can add the maximum amount of expensive ingredients and extra toppings to make the most expensive sandwich.

The Difference in Subway’s Sandwich Prices

Subway's Sandwich Prices

The prices of everything around us are linked to our economy, and a fluctuation in the market affects everyone, including food chains.

The recent inflation has taken its toll on every business out there. For example, as the cost of production increased, so did the prices of Subway’s menu items.

The cost of components required to make a sandwich, such as meat, bread, cheese, vegetables, and sauces, increased, which pushed Subway to increase the prices on their menu to cover the production margin.

Regional Price Difference

It’s common to find different prices for the same thing in different regions. The same is the case for Subway’s sandwiches. You will find a slight difference in prices within the country, but a huge price gap can be observed if you move across the world.

You can get a footlong at the price of a six-inch sub in the Middle East.

Most Expensive Subway Sandwich in History

Sandwich Pulled Pork

A 19-year-old Australian, Jessica Lee, was traveling back to Australia from Greece, where she had a layover in Singapore. Feeling hungry on this long route, she ordered a footlong and boarded her flight.

A Subway sandwich worth $1800, It’s a funny story.

Little did she know that Australia has strict biosecurity laws prohibiting passengers from bringing undeclared meat or vegetable items. As a result, she did not check the appropriate boxes on the declaration form and violated the rules.

After eating half of her sandwich, she stashed her leftovers in the bag with chocolates and forgot about it. The agents found the undeclared sandwich in her bag at Perth airport, costing her a hefty fine.

She ended up having the most expensive Subway sandwich in history.


Subway is popular for serving sandwiches of every kind at affordable prices. Some of their sandwiches, such as the Ultimate Steak and Turkey & Bacon Guacamole, are top-tier and cost more than all other options on the menu.

Apart from the menu, you also have the option to make your sandwich, the price of which may vary according to the number and types of ingredients you add to it.

It’s also important to remember that the region of a Subway branch also affects its prices; not all branches will have the same price tags on their menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Subway’s Sandwiches Worth the Price?

The worth of a Subway sandwich is the consumer’s preference for what you are looking for. Overall, the price and quality of a Subway sandwich are fair.

They serve you a fresh sandwich with fresh ingredients from the salad bar rather than a days-old sandwich from the fridge. 

Also, the flexibility of making your sandwich makes up for the price.

How Can I Get a Discount on My Subway Sandwich?

Subway offers discounted deals on its menu from time to time; You can keep an eye on the promotions on its website or ask the server if they have any promotions.

Join the Subway MyWay Rewards program to get different deals on your orders. The number of times you eat at Subway will add to your reward points and get you discounted deals in the future.

You can also subscribe to Subway’s newsletter and marketing emails, which send you coupons and new discounted offers.

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