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What Is the Healthiest Bread at Trader Joe’s?

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When it comes to buying groceries, Trader Joe’s is one of the stores that come to our mind because of the wide variety of groceries and bread it offers.

The ease of shopping and excellent customer experience, whether online or in-store, is also the reason for its popularity and why many grocery shoppers prefer it.

Trader Joe’s is also a popular destination for buying different types of bread and loaves. When it comes to sliced bread, it offers some very delicious and healthy options for its customers.

However, given the growing health consciousness, bread lovers are bound to ask one key question when they buy their bread.

Which is the healthiest bread at Trader Joe’s?


Trader Joe’s has quite a few healthy items on its shelves for people who love eating healthy and are very conscious of their diets.

The most popular items among all the healthy things available in the store or online are the different types of bread it offers.

It bakes varieties of bread that people can select from based on their dietary and taste preferences.

Some of the healthiest bread options available at Trader Joe’s are:

  • Gluten-free white sandwich bread
  • Vegan brioche loaf
  • Whole wheat sliced bread
  • Sprouted wheat sourdough bread

That’s quite a wide variation for people who are very particular about the type of bread they eat.

No matter your choice, there’s one thing that you are assured of when you buy your bread at Trader Joe’s, and that is the fantastic taste of the bread it bakes.

Read on to know which is the healthiest bread at Trader Joe’s.

The Healthiest Bread at Trader Joe’s


While Trader Joe’s has quite a few healthy breads, the healthiest among them is the sprouted wheat sourdough bread.

This bread has quite a fan following among the regular customers at Trader Joe’s due to its taste, texture, and complexity.

Moreover, the bread is very healthy and full of nutrition but also quite delicious and filling, making it the best choice for all your sandwiches; and as an accompaniment during your meals.

Sprouted Wheat Sourdough Bread

Wheat Bread

While traditional white bread is made from refined flour, this bread is made using whole wheat that has started sprouting.

That is why it is known as “Sprouted Wheat Sourdough Bread.”

Due to the presence of whole wheat, it is quite rich in nutrients and fiber, making it the perfect choice for people who are looking at adding healthy bread to their regular diet. It is also considered a good source of protein.

Each slice of the bread is 34g and has 90 calories.

A 24Oz pack of Trader Joe’s sprouted wheat sourdough bread is priced at $3.99 in its online stores.



Trader Joe’s follows a very traditional recipe to make its sprouted wheat sourdough bread.

It makes the bread using organic sprouted wheat, which blends with a sourdough starter sourced from North California.

The sourdough starter gives the bread the unique tangy flavor that differentiates it from other loaves of bread.

Trader Joe’s takes great pride in the entire baking process and ensures that it uses the choicest ingredients to bake it.

Wheat berries are sprouted at the bakery to maintain their freshness and quality.

Trader Joe’s also uses wheat and rye flour in the preparation of this bread to give it a delicious, complex flavor which fans of this bread love.



Trader Joe’s sprouted wheat sourdough bread is an organic bread made using fresh ingredients.

Some of the ingredients that go into making this delicious bread are organic sprouted wheat berries, vital wheat gluten, fermented wheat flour, water, yeast, honey

You’ll need 2% or less of cultured wheat starch, sea salt, organic fermented rye flour, salt, sunflower oil, and distilled vinegar.

Delicious Ways To Enjoy the Bread


You can use it just the way you use regular white bread.

We recommend using it for breakfast as toast, along with some good old butter. You can also make some of your favorite sandwiches at lunch or dinner.

Some of the other recipes that you can use for this nutrient-dense, delicious sprouted wheat sourdough bread are:

  • Avocado toast
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Egg sandwiches
  • Cheese sandwiches
  • French toast
  • Any other delicious variants of your favorite sandwiches or toasts.


When it comes to healthy eating, Trader Joe’s offers quite a few options.

One of the most popular healthy products you can buy from their stores is Trader Joe’s sprouted wheat sourdough bread, which is very popular among health-conscious people.

Baked using a traditional recipe with the finest ingredients and sprouted wheat grains, it is full of nutrition and fiber, and protein.

You can enjoy the richness and texture of this bread along with your favorite recipes as a healthy alternative to regular white bread, which is made from refined flour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes It More Healthy Than Other Breads?

The sprouted wheat grains, a key ingredient in Trader Joe’s sprouted wheat sourdough bread, are considered very healthy compared to refined flour.

Trader Joe’s has other healthy bread options, such as whole wheat sliced bread and gluten-free white sandwich bread.

However, the process and technique (it uses organic sprouted wheat berries that are grown at the bakery) involved in baking the sprouted wheat sourdough bread makes it healthier than the other bread options available at Trader Joe’s.

How Is It Different From Other Forms of Bread?

Regular white bread is made from refined flour, while Trader Joe’s sprouted wheat sourdough bread is made from organic wheat grown at the bakery.

It has more fiber and nutrition when compared to regular white bread.

The sugar content in this bread is also much lower than white bread, making it ideal for those who like to watch their sugar intake.

Is the Bread Gluten-Free?

No, the bread is not gluten-free since it was prepared using wheat.

What Is Its Price?

A 24Oz pack of bread costs $3.99 in its online store.

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