What Is “No Rush” on DoorDash?


DoorDash is a popular delivery service that easily helps order from thousands of restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores in their neighborhood.

To increase the usage of its app and streamline deliveries, it offers customers many offers and promotions, including the very popular “No Rush” option, wherein customers can schedule a delivery for later.

To benefit from this, let’s discover what “No Rush” is on DoorDash.


Using DoorDash, you can order meals from your favorite restaurants and get them delivered at your convenience.

To avoid delays in delivering food during peak hours, it offers a “No Rush” option that helps customers schedule their deliveries after more than 60 minutes.

The advantages of using the DoorDash, “No Rush” option are:

  • A special discount from DoorDash.
  • Getting your food just in time, when you want it.
  • Restaurants get ample time to prepare your food.
  • No stress waiting for the delivery.
  • Drivers can plan and deliver all their orders for a particular block at the same time.

This article discusses how you can save money and get your delivery on time using the DoorDash “No Rush” option.



DoorDash is one of the most popular platforms for ordering food from restaurants.

However, customers who order online from restaurants usually wait a long for their orders during peak hours. To solve this problem, DoorDash has created an innovative “No Rush” option for its customers.

DoorDash No Rush


Using this option, you can order your food from any restaurant listed on DoorDash and deliver it later. This reduces the time constraints on the restaurant and gives them ample time to prepare and deliver your food.

It is a very good option as it does not pressure the restaurant and driver to rush and deliver your food while ensuring you get it when needed.

It helps you plan your meal times and enjoy your meals fresh and hot when you want to enjoy them.

To use the “No Rush” feature, you must schedule your meal orders at least one hour in advance.


The “No Rush” option helps you get a discount of up to $2 on your orders.

Apart from the monetary gain, some of the other benefits/advantages you can enjoy by using the “No Rush” option are:

  1. Get all your food simultaneously, even if you are ordering it from different restaurants.
  2. Best for bulk orders when you are organizing a party/get-together.
  3. It helps you plan your meals and guest preferences.
  4. No delays in getting your food.
  5. Restaurant chefs can give your meal the attention it deserves and not prepare it in a rush.

How To Use the “No Rush” Option


The “No Rush” option is unavailable in all the restaurants on the DoorDash platform and is subject to availability.
In case a restaurant has the “No Rush” option, you will be presented with two choices, “Normal” and “No Rush,” during your order checkout.

1. Normal Delivery

If you select this option, you will see an estimated delivery time based on the delivery person’s preparation time and availability.

2. No Rush Delivery

On selecting this option, you will be asked to select the time slot you would like the order delivered. The time selected by you has to be at least 60 minutes after placing the order.


Ordering a meal from restaurants has become easier thanks to apps like DoorDash. Not only do they help you get the meal delivered to your place at your convenience, but they also have some great promos and discounts, which can help you save money.

One of such offers presented by DoorDash is the “No Rush” offer, wherein if you are not in a hurry to get your meal, you can select this option and get additional discounts on your order.

The “No Rush” option helps DoorDash manage orders better during peak hours while ensuring customers get their orders just when they want them delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the “No Rush” Option Available for All Restaurants?

No. It is not available for all restaurants.

If the restaurant offers it, you will be asked to select between the “Normal” and “No Rush” options during checkout.

Can You Schedule Deliveries Using the “No Rush” Option?

Yes, you can schedule your deliveries using the “No Rush” option, provided the restaurant you are ordering from offers it and is open during those hours.

Are There Any Restrictions for Using the “No Rush” Option?

No, there are no limits or restrictions in using the “No Rush” option during the checkout of your order on DoorDash.

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