What Does the “P” on McDonald’s Lids Mean?

Mcdonald's Soft Drink

Pairing your favorite meal with a refreshing soda drink is almost a no-brainer. Burgers, fries, and carbonated drinks make up their irresistible combo meals that leave you wanting more.

Mcdonald’s offers plenty of beverage options, so you can indulge in sweet, cool, fizz-filled quenchers that fit your taste. From large menu screens to tabs on your cup lids, you know you’ve got choices. But does it ever make you wonder what the “P” on the McDonald’s lids stands for?


The “P” on the McDonald’s lids stand for the beverage options they offer. What the “P” stands for varies per location, depending on what the branch can serve.

This symbol signifies Dr. Pepper or, in other locations, Pibb Xtra.

In this article, we discuss the purpose of the buttons on McDonald’s lids and what they mean. Furthermore, we let you know what drinks McDonald’s offers. Read on!

About McDonald’s Lid Buttons

Mcdonald's Beverages

The buttons on the drink lids inform the customers what beverage or drink type the cups hold.

Bear in mind that different branches and staff use these buttons differently. The staff at your local branch may clarify how they use these tabs for you.

What the Labels on the Lids Signify

Mcdonald's Lids

The button labels which drink is in the cup. Most of these labels are self-explanatory, but if you’re also confused about what some of them are for, don’t worry! We totally get you, and after much research, we’ve finally got the answers to our confusion!

The Diet button on the McDonald’s lid informs you about any drink with a diet sort. The Tea option labels tea drinks, and the Others refer to further beverage choices McDonald’s offers.

What the “P” Stands For

Dr. Pepper

The P label on the lid stands for Dr. Pepper or Pibb Xtra. The usage of this button depends on the location or what drink the branch offers.

To reiterate, each branch employees use these buttons in their own ways, especially to deliver orders quicker and more efficiently. It is helpful to clarify with your local McDonald’s staff what they use these buttons for.

Staple McDonald’s Drinks


McDonald’s has soft drink brands like Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Fanta Orange, and Hi-C. They also serve Iced Tea and juices like Minute Maid and Honest Kids.

Enjoy refreshing milk drinks, smoothies, and chocolate drinks. McCafe offers staple coffee drinks like a caramel macchiato, cappuccino, mocha latte, americano, and many more coffee variations.


The McDonald’s lids have buttons to label the drink a cup holds.

The “P” on the lid labels a Dr. Pepper drink. Other branches use this button for a Pibb Xtra.

However, each employee uses these buttons differently, so asking your local branch what they use them for is always a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Buttons on the Lids For?

The buttons are labels that inform which drink is in the cup.

How Do I Know if My McDonald’s Drink Is a Diet Coke?

If the diet button on the lid is pressed, it is a diet coke.

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