What Is Target Corporation?

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Target Corporation is a renowned American retail company that operates a chain of discount department stores and hypermarkets. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is considered the seventh-largest retailer in the United States.


Target Corporation is a well-known American retail company, established in 1902, that operates a chain of discount department stores and hypermarkets. It is the seventh-largest retailer in the U.S. and offers a range of products including groceries, clothing, electronics, and household essentials. Target is recognized for its high-quality, trendy merchandise at discounted prices, exclusive brands, and commitment to sustainability and community involvement.

A Brief History

Founded in 1902 by George Dayton as Goodfellow Dry Goods, the first Target store opened its doors in 1962, offering a discount version of Dayton’s department stores. The company evolved over the years, eventually adopting the name Target Corporation in 2000. Today, Target Corporation operates 1,958 stores across the U.S., generating a total revenue of $109 billion as of 2022.

Key Figures and Leaders

Target’s growth and development have been shaped by several key figures, including Brian Cornell (CEO), Michael Fiddelke (CFO), Mark Schindele (Chief Stores Officer), Cara Sylvester (Chief Guest Experience Officer), and Gretchen McCarthy (Senior Vice President of Global Inventory Management). These leaders have been instrumental in steering Target towards its current status as a leading American retailer.

Product and Services

Target Corporation offers a wide array of products across various categories. These include groceries and essentials, clothing and accessories, electronics, toys and games, beauty and personal care, health and wellness products, and household essentials. In addition, Target provides services such as pharmacy and medical needs, ATM services, and payment services. The company also offers different shopping options like same-day delivery, drive-up, and order pickup.

Unique Selling Propositions

What sets Target apart from its competitors is its focus on offering high-quality, on-trend merchandise at discounted prices. The company is known for its exclusive brands, superior supply management, strategic partnerships, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Target also stands out for its focus on sustainability and community involvement, donating 5% of its profits to communities in cash, products, and through the Target Foundation.

Business and Revenue Model

Target’s revenue model relies on a combination of retail and online sales. The company offers a curated selection of high-quality and trendy products at affordable prices, generating revenue through various product categories. Target’s business model also focuses on strategic investments in technology and fulfillment networks to grow its e-commerce sales.

Evolution and Market Presence

Over the years, Target has evolved significantly in terms of its business strategies, product offerings, and market presence. The company has embraced digital transformation, expanded its store network, and launched limited-edition collections and ongoing partnerships with designers. Target has also invested in enhancing its shopping experience and improving its operational efficiency.

Future Projections

Looking ahead, Target plans to invest in additional stores and differentiated shopping experiences to position the company for long-term growth. The company aims to remodel around 175 of its existing stores, expand its sortation center network, and enhance its digital, fulfillment, and distribution capabilities.


Target Corporation has come a long way since its inception in 1902. With its focus on offering high-quality products at affordable prices, commitment to community involvement, and emphasis on sustainability and diversity, Target continues to set the bar high in the retail industry. The company’s future appears promising, with plans for expansion, innovation, and adapting to market trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Target Foundation?

The Target Foundation is a philanthropic organization managed by Target Corporation. It provides grants to nonprofits across the U.S., focusing on promoting equity for all, aiding communities in need, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

What are some of the exclusive brands offered by Target?

Target offers several exclusive brands. Some of these include A New Day, Goodfellow & Co, Threshold, and Cat & Jack, among others. These brands cover various categories, such as clothing, accessories, home d├ęcor, and children’s apparel, respectively.

What are some of the strategic partnerships Target has engaged in?

Target has entered into various strategic partnerships over the years. One prominent example is its collaboration with high-end designers to create limited-edition collections, making designer products more accessible to the average consumer.

How does Target contribute to sustainability?

Target is committed to sustainability through various initiatives. These include reducing its carbon footprint, investing in renewable energy, eliminating waste, and promoting sustainable product sourcing and packaging.

What is Target’s policy on diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Target is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within its workforce and operations. The company aims to create an inclusive culture where every team member feels valued and can contribute to their full potential. It also strives to reflect the diversity of its customers in its products, services, and marketing.

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