What Does “No Secure Location” Mean USPS?

What Does No Secure Location Mean?

Shopping online and mailing packages get more lucrative as digital platforms allow us to ship and receive parcels in front of our doorsteps. However, there are certainly times when you could experience some shipping obstacles. Getting notifications for these unfortunate circumstances can leave you stressed, worried, and troubled.

What does “No Secure Location” mean? It must be inconvenient to wait on a package only to get a notice that you won’t be receiving it on the expected date.


You get a no secure location notice when your parcel cannot be delivered because the delivery person could not find a safe space to leave the item. The delivery person may have deduced that the drop location could be risky.

There may be obstacles along the rider’s path that prevents your package from being delivered to your place. To solve this issue, you can install a surveillance camera to observe if the delivery person has dropped your parcel at your home or directly reach out to customer service.

In this article, we discuss probable reasons for getting a no secure location notice. If you have encountered this problem, read for possible solutions and tips!

Reason #1: Access to the Location Is Blocked or Dangerous

Some of the reasons why mail carriers send a “No Secure Location” notice are road obstructions. Because the path to your location is inaccessible, the item cannot be delivered.

Environmental and Weather Conditions

When a typhoon or other natural disasters occur, it may be difficult for packages to arrive at the expected location. Sometimes, fallen trees or damaged infrastructure block paths or make a delivery person’s way dangerous and inaccessible.

Thus, carriers would notify you that there is no secure location to drop your item because there is no means to get there in the first place.

Road and Infrastructure Obstructions

Besides weather conditions, there may be infrastructure blockages along the way. Road or building construction, accidents, and other obstacles could prevent the delivery person from reaching their destination.

Reason #2: The Mailing Address Is Unidentifiable

In other cases, your location may be unidentifiable from the very beginning. The mailing carrier cannot determine your location.

While our addresses seem very clear and fixed from our perspective, it may not be the case for others. Addresses, streets, and infrastructure are being added, edited, and changed daily. Thus, these new addresses should be revised and input into a database to update delivery locations.

By updating the USPS address management system, you can prevent shipment delays and hassles from happening.

Solving a No Secure Location Notice

Install A Cctv Camera To Avoid No Secure Location Notice

You can try to install a surveillance camera to observe if the delivery person has dropped your parcel at your place. A CCTV camera will record anyone who attempts to steal your packages or if there were no parcels delivered.

By scratching out potential reasons for an undelivered parcel in the first place, you can approach customer service with a more specific query.

But not everyone has these devices installed in their house. In this case, reaching out to customer service directly so somebody can assist you may help. Should you reach out for assistance, it would be helpful to report the notice to them, ask how this occurred, and know which steps to take.


It is disappointing not to receive a parcel on the expected delivery date. But being aware of circumstances that led to such is crucial. Natural disasters and road obstructions that make destinations inaccessible or unidentifiable addresses are some causes of a no secure location notification.

Updating addresses and increasing your home’s security measures are actions within your control that can lead to a better delivery experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If There Is No One Home When USPS Arrives?

The carrier will bring your mail back to the post office. The delivery person will leave a notice to notify you of the situation.

How Long Can USPS Hold My Mail?

USPS can hold your package for 30 days.

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