What Does It Mean When FedEx Says “Cannot Locate Recipient”?

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Encountering the delivery status “Cannot Locate Recipient” can be frustrating if you expect your FedEx parcel to be delivered today and may need to know what this exception means.


The phrase “Cannot Locate Recipient” is a FedEx shipment exception update that may pop out when the delivery driver fails to locate your address at the time of final delivery.

Due to this exception, the parcel may arrive to you later than expected or not at all.

To make things more understandable, we have discussed what it means when FedEx says, “Cannot Locate Recipient,” what can be the reasons behind this notification appearing, and how to deal with this exception.

What Does “FedEx Cannot Locate Recipient” Mean?

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FedEx always tries to keep you updated with any progress your parcel makes towards the final destination by sending you E-mails and updating the delivery statuses on their package tracking system.

Likewise, FedEx also notifies you on the day of delivery when your package leaves the FedEx last location and is out for final delivery to your address by sending an update “Out for Delivery.”

But suddenly, receiving “Cannot Locate Recipient” after obtaining the indication that your consignment is on its way to the address you provided may seem confusing and frustrating.

The notification “Cannot Locate Recipient” is a shipment exception that pops out when your parcel is out of delivery, and the driver fails to find your address, resulting in delays.


FedEx exception refers to a status update indicating a delay or issue preventing your package from being delivered as initially scheduled.

If FedEx delivery drivers fail to find the address, they are suggested to return your package to the nearest FedEx facility or shipping partner’s store, such as Walgreens or Safeway.

Why Does FedEx “Cannot Locate Recipient”?

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As discussed above, the primary reason for the shipment exception “Cannot Locate Recipient” to appear is an incomplete or incorrect delivery address.

So, here are some possible scenarios where an inaccurate address may lead to FedEx reporting that they cannot locate your address:

  1. You might have provided an incomplete address, such as a missing apartment number, street name, or ZIP code, making it difficult for FedEx to locate your house.
  2. You might have recently moved and did not update your address with the sender or FedEx, causing the package shipped to the wrong address.
  3. Your location might fall in a rural or remote area with no explicit or well-defined address, resulting in the shipment exception “Cannot Locate Recipient” appearing.

Remember, it’s not always the recipient’s fault. Sometimes, unreliable drivers cause FedEx to report that they cannot locate the recipient, even if the address details are correct or it is a location that has been shipped previously with no problems at all.

How To Deal With “Cannot Locate Recipient” Delivery Exception?

Let’s now discuss a few possible ways you can handle the shipment exception “Cannot Locate Recipient” to save your FedEx parcel from getting lost or receiving it delayed.

1. Call the FedEx Customer Service

Customer Service

If the FedEx delivery driver cannot locate your address and returns the package to the FedEx store, you should call FedEx support and explain your issue.

In case of a mistakenly entered incomplete address earlier, which caused the shipment exception “Cannot Locate Recipient” to appear, excuse them and request to redeliver your parcel to the correct address.

On the other hand, if the address you provided is legit, consider explaining its validity to them and assist them in locating it by pointing out any notable landmarks or nearby locations.

However, requesting delivery to a new location may charge extra depending on how far the FedEx store where the package is held is located from the updated address.


Be patient and do your best to respond to the support agent’s inquiries. Also, ensure to have your parcel tracking number when you call so the representative can check it in the FedEx database.

2. Redirect the Parcel to an Alternative Location Using FedEx Delivery Manager

Fedex Website

If the FedEx delivery driver still cannot find your address, use the FedEx Delivery Manager to redirect the parcel to the correct location.

To do this, log in to FedEx Delivery Manager through their mobile application or the website. Next, request redelivery to an alternative address for your parcel held at the FedEx store.

3. Pick Up the Package in Person

Pickup The Package At Fedex

Suppose the delivery driver returns your package to the closest FedEx facility or a partner store like Walgreens or Safeway. In that case, contact FedEx to obtain your parcel’s current location or use their tracking system to locate it to pick it up in person.

Alternatively, you can collect your package directly from the FedEx delivery van if the driver finds locating your home address difficult.


This article discusses what it means when FedEx says “Cannot Locate Recipient,” potential scenarios that could lead to this exception, and how to resolve this issue.

We hope you understand that the shipment exception “Cannot Locate Recipient” may result from an error made by either the delivery driver or yourself. Therefore, it’s essential to consider both possibilities to tackle this problem effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When FedEx Does Not Update Tracking?

During transit, FedEx packages get scanned at multiple facilities. As a result, the scanning frequency may differ, and it’s common for a consignment to go over 24 hours without a tracking update.

However, if it takes more than 48 hours, contact FedEx support and ask them about the problem.

How Many Delivery Attempts Does FedEx Make?

In cases where no signature is required, FedEx leaves the shipment at the recipient’s doorstep. However, the FedEx driver will usually attempt to deliver the package up to three times before returning it to the sender.

Does “FedEx Pending” Mean Lost?

No, “FedEx Pending” does not necessarily mean a package is lost and can indicate the parcel is in transit and has not yet arrived at its destination due to the following:

  • Weather conditions.
  • Customs clearance delays.
  • Logistical challenges.
  • Package damage or loss.

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