All You Need To Know About Wendy’s Premium Sandwiches

Wendy's Premium Sandwiches

Do you feel hungry and have a craving for good quality sandwiches? Then, of course, you would want to go for the best spot in town to cover your hunger.

If you want something that tastes better than the other selections on the menu or if you’re seeking a fresh and healthy alternative, Wendy’s has you covered with the best premium sandwiches.

The term “premium sandwiches” seems to be some marketing jargon that may refer to nearly anything. For example, this chain refers to the sandwiches and burgers on its Made to Crave menu.

Options like the Bourbon Bacon Sandwich and Big Bacon Classic Cheeseburger have been included.

Its pretzel bun burgers and various classical sandwiches are also mouth-watering that are included in the menu.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Wendy’s Premium Sandwiches

Great sandwich options are available at any branch of Wendy’s. They taste good, and they are also health friendly! Here are some of them for you to try.

  • Bacon Egg & Cheese: On toasted bread, this sandwich combines an egg patty with two slices of bacon, lettuce, melted American cheese, and tomato. It’s used for lunch or breakfast.
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich: It is the ideal balance of spicy delight in which you get chicken breast, chipolata mayo, and pepper jack cheese on a toasted bun combined.
  • Grilled cheese: This timeless classic is created with two slices of bread packed with American cheese and served on a heated bun.
  • Baja Club: This sandwich is made with bacon, chipolata ranch dressing, lettuce, and pico de gallo on toasted bread. The chicken breast is crispy.

So if you want to know what more Wendy’s has to offer to you, then this guide will help you get your answers.

The best of both worlds can be found in Wendy’s Premium Sandwiches, which combine the flavor of their premium salads with the pleasure of their iconic burgers.

Wendy’s Premium Sandwiches

If you are a sandwich lover, Wendy’s has got your back. You will find some of the most deliciously tasted sandwiches here.

1. Baconator Sandwich

Sandwich Fried Bacon Tomato Pickles

One of Wendy’s most famous sandwiches, the Baconator, has been around since 2005. This sandwich comprises mayonnaise, two slices of cheese, and six strips of bacon on sesame seed bread.

The BOGO deal also includes Wendy’s premium chicken sandwiches if you prefer chicken.

2. Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Closeup Egg Bacon Cheese Sandwich

Another option is Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich served without any extra additions. The taste of this sandwich is delicious for cheese lovers as it is not very spicy.

Those who don’t like eating spicy food can have the best experience eating this one.

But if you love spices, then Wendy’s has something for you.

3. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Hands Holding Two Fried Chicken

Spicy Chicken Sandwich, as the name implies, is very spicy. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich is another popular option.

The brioche bun features grilled chicken breast, hot buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and blue cheese dressing. It is recommended for people who love spicy food at any time of the day.

4. Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

If you still can’t get enough of the taste from other sandwiches at Wendy’s, consider going for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. New customers can try this Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich if they want something healthier.

You get everything packed up in a bun where chicken breast gives you the ultimate taste in combination with pepper jack cheese.

Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and honey mustard sauce are all included in the sandwich on whole wheat bread.

5. Baja Club Sandwich

Sandwich Delicious Girl Summer

Besides all these, the Baja Club Sandwich is uniquely offered at Wendy’s. Each sandwich is made with patties made entirely of white meat, chicken or black bean, crispy or grilled bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise on a whole wheat bun.

Still, if you prefer both chicken and burgers, combine the sandwiches to get the best of both worlds. The Grilled Black Bean Burger, The Crispy Chicken BLT, and the Home-style Ranch Chicken Club are among the other common sandwiches that can be eaten here.

Wendy’s June Offer

Charlotte Nc Usa

Throughout June, Wendy’s will once more be providing their Premium Sandwich buy one, get one for a dollar promotion. The fact that Wendy’s Premium Sandwiches are made entirely from fresh beef sets them apart from standard sandwiches.

Wendy’s believes that employing only premium ingredients will improve the flavor of their cuisine. Customers probably agree that their Premium Sandwiches are the best tasting in town.

The offer specifies that it is valid on Premium Sandwiches and is accessible through Wendy’s app. It may sound complex, but it really means that you can choose an item from the Made to Crave menu.

That includes items like the Big Bacon Classic Cheeseburger, Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, and the Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger.

The freshness of Wendy’s Premium Sandwiches is another factor that sets them apart.

Additionally, Wendy’s offers complimentary drink refills when you purchase a meal there. You can enjoy their Premium Sandwiches for lunch or dinner because they are prepared with the best ingredients and are always delivered hot and fresh.

It’s also important to remember that if you’re new to the Wendy’s Rewards program, you’ll receive 150 points following your first purchase.

With those points, you can obtain a free small Frosty. Therefore, purchasing a hamburger for $1 can serve as the impetus for receiving a free Frosty.

Premium Combo Meal at Wendy’s

Combo Meal At Wendy's

You can save money on some of the tastiest burgers, fries, and chicken sandwiches in town by ordering a premium combo meal at Wendy’s.

A premium combo costs $6.99 and comes with two premium sandwiches of your choice, two drinks, and one side dish. In addition, the medium-sized beverages that come with premium combos can be upgraded to a large drink for an additional $0.49.

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Baconator, and the Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 1/4 lb. Single is the three sandwiches you can select from. Select the Crispy Chicken Wrap or the Garden Side Salad if you want a vegetarian option.

In addition, a slice of apple pie or an ice cream cone can be added to your meal for just $0.89 each.

Why Choose Wendy’s?

If you crave sandwiches and need the best ones in town, you need to get to Wendy’s at least once. It’s crucial to remember that Wendy’s uses fresh ingredients in all of its sandwiches. This indicates that they never utilize frozen meat; all of their meat is fresh.

The new line of sandwiches has that familiar, juicy burger flavor while giving a healthier alternative to traditional fast food. This means that when you order a sandwich at Wendy’s, you can count on receiving a high-quality dish that is flavorful and freshly prepared.

The mouth-watering combination of fresh ingredients used to make the sandwiches includes premium beef and delicious sauces baked directly into the bun.

The end product is a sandwich that is beautiful to look at, wonderful to smell, and delicious beyond belief.

Depending on the sandwich you order and where you reside, two sandwiches can be had for about $5. This makes Wendy’s Premium Sandwiches reasonably priced.

As a result, you’ll be able to eat delicious food without breaking the bank.


The premium sandwiches offered by Wendy’s are some of their best-selling offerings. So it’s not surprising that their sandwiches and burgers are made from fresh meat, as the brand ensures quality and takes care of customer interest.

You can get on premium sandwiches like the ChickenSpicy and the Asiago Ranch Club. You can try any of them for once and see how tasteful it feels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Qualifies As the Best Premium Sandwich at Wendy’s?

The Baconator and the Son of Baconator are often considered Wendy’s premium sandwiches. These sandwiches feature bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauce on top of fresh, never-frozen beef.

Are the Prices at Wendy’s Reasonable?

A bundle of a 10-inch Premium Sandwich costs about $5.09, which makes it quite a reasonable offer at Wendy’s. In addition, customers can order the Nuggets sandwich and receive a Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger for just $7.29.

The Asiago Ranch Club sandwiches range in price from $6.19 to $9.59 for a sandwich and a combination of chicken nuggets.

What Are the Flavors of Wendy’s Premium Sandwiches?

The normal burgers at Wendy’s taste similar to the premium hamburgers; however, the premium sandwiches have a little more spice and flavor. Additionally, they come with two or three slices of real bacon on a toasted bun.

Are Premium Sandwiches at Wendy’s Healthy?

The answer mostly depends on the sandwich variety you choose. For instance, if you buy the Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich without any other items, this would be considered a healthy choice because it has less fat than items like burgers or fries on the menu.

What Are Wendy’s Premium Burgers?

The Baconator, Son of Baconator, and Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger are Wendy’s premium burgers. These burgers are topped with cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce and cooked with fresh, never-frozen beef.

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