How To Get W2 Form From Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is one of the classic restaurants that made its mark in the United States.

Its mouthwatering flavors and irresistible beverages make customers come back for their cravings. Moreover, their donuts are a go-to snack for children of all ages.

If you want to work for Dunkin Donuts, there are mandatory processes you must go through and documents you have to fill up.

One of these documents is the W-2 form. But what is a W-2 form, and how do you get it from Dunkin Donuts?


A W-2 form is a document that reports the annual income and taxes withheld by an employee.

Your employer must give you this form as a hard copy, an electronic document, or through a payroll service.

Contact your management to know the Dunkin Donuts branch’s submission method for W-2 forms.

This article discusses Form W-2, its purpose, and its users. Moreover, we talk about how you can get your W-2 from Dunkin Donuts. Read on!

About the Form W-2

W-2 Form

The W-2 form is an important document that reflects a W-2 employee’s annual income and the tax withheld from their pay. This document is required to be submitted by the employer to the employee and the IRS.

1. Purpose of a Form W-2

A W-2 is a form that declares the annual income of W-2 employees and the taxes withheld from their earnings. This document reports how much an individual has earned the previous year.

2. Users of W-2 Forms

The Internal Revenue Service uses the form W-2 to verify information regarding the tax obligations of each individual. Employers present FICA taxes through the W-2.

Employers use the document to report to the government wage of an employee for the year. From this wage, the employer subtracts taxes and submits such information to the Internal Revenue Service.

The employer is required to send the W-2 to the employee and the government.

3. Contents of a W-2 Form

A W-2 form contains both an employer’s identification number and their state identification number. In addition, employees fill up their basic personal details such as their name and address.

Next, your annual income is presented in the form. Besides your wage, bonuses are declared, and the tax withheld from your salary is reported.

This form also reports how much of your pay is contributed to your Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Getting Your W-2 Form From Dunkin Donuts

W-2 Form

Employers must send the W-2 forms to the Internal Revenue Service and the employee. Thus, if you are eligible for the W-2 form, your employer should give you this document.

If you directly work for Dunkin Donuts, the W-2 form should have been provided for you.

If you do not directly work for Dunkin Donuts, you may expect the form to be mailed within ten business days.

If you have any issues, contacting your admin or management is the fastest way to resolve things.

Normally, companies are required to give this form between January to February.

Do note that your employer may send the W-2 form as an electronic company or through your payroll provider.


Your W-2 form must be directly handed to you by your Dunkin Donuts employer. Otherwise, it could be mailed, sent as an electronic document, or through a payroll service.

Because it is a requirement by the government for employers, your management should let you know how they will send the form to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between a W-2 and a W-4?

W-4 informs the employer how much tax should be withheld from the paycheck. Finally, employers use W-2 to declare an employee’s annual income and the taxes withheld.

How Can I View My W-2 Online?

Not all employers send an electronic copy of your W-2. Clarify with your management if they can provide the form online.

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