How To Decline Amazon Job Offer

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Amazon could be anyone’s dream company to work at and grow. But it is also likely that you could also be their dream employee. In this balanced situation, you might want to turn down Amazon’s job opportunity for any professional or personal reason.


Despite the rigorous hiring process, declining a job offer doesn’t equate to burning bridges. Instead, a polite and professional refusal makes moving on to better opportunities easier and helps build long-term connections with the hiring company. An Amazon offer can be turned down tactfully by:

  • Via email.
  • Via a phone call.
  • Following the five core strategies.

Let’s explore the strategic ways to decline the job opportunity and how to utilize each media to turn down an offer gracefully.

5 Core Strategies

Before you choose the medium to convey your decision, you must know the following key pointers.

1. Show Gratitude

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Regardless of the grounds you choose to pass on this opportunity, it would help if you appreciated the hiring team for the time and effort they put into considering you. This way, you can send them a positive vibe from your side.

2. Be Straightforward

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Another essential trick is clearly stating your reason for not joining the Amazon crew without indulging in too many details. Be sure to stay on the point, direct, and respectful in your communication.

3. Stay Open to Networking

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Amazon is a company that opens new exciting positions from time to time. If the present package and job values do not align with yours, you might want to apply for future posts. For this purpose, always express the desire to stay in touch with the manager.

4. Act Promptly

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Once you have decided, you should not delay conveying it to the recruiter until the last hour. Inform the hiring manager timely so the company might want to get other potential applicants on the board. This will work in your favor if your ways cross in the future.

Turn Down the Offer via Call

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If you are a self-assured individual who can express yourself fluently, then you can inform them through a call. It gives you more room to state what you intend to do and can bring this matter to a close then and there. Moreover, you will be more aware of the recruiter’s tone and attitude and thus can control how to go about your declination.

  1. Look for the phone number of the hiring manager or recruiter who extended the job offer. You can find this information in the email or letter you received when you were offered the job.
  2. Schedule a time for the call. You can email or call the hiring team to schedule a time that works for you. Or else you can dial the number right away.
  3. When making the call, introduce yourself and mention politely that you’re calling to decline the job offer.
  4. Follow the above steps we have outlined earlier: express your gratitude, decline the offer, offer a brief explication, and close the conversation by thanking them again for their time and consideration.

Decline via Email

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Email is considered a standard and more professional mode of communication in the corporate world of Amazon. So you can always inform your decision not to join this generous retailer if you’re edgy about how to go about it.

Consider what you want to include in your refusal email and how to keep your tone neutral yet professional while maintaining your position. Then, write an email back to the address which you’ve received it from and section out your email into the following parts:

  1. Expressing your thankfulness.
  2. Your declination with a concise reason.
  3. Express the wish to stay in touch.
  4. A complimentary professional close.

Wrapping Up

Declining a job at Amazon can be tricky and requires careful consideration. However, you can manage it intelligently by being appreciative, respectful, and honest in your communication. Opt for a call or email as a medium to deliver it according to your ease.

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