How To Call In Sick at Target Before Store Opens

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“Bad times come uniformed,” goes a south Asian proverb. And you may agree that sickness is one of them that can take over us at any time, affecting our professional life as well.

If not illness, we often have to push our work to the back seat for other emergencies that sneak up on us out of nowhere.


If you’re a Target employee and need to call out for your shift, you can contact your leader on duty via phone and report your absence beforehand.

A few practical approaches can make it a lot easier to earn a day off:

  • Inform as early as possible.
  • Make your communication brief, honest and direct.
  • Present your doctor’s note.

Read on to discover all the steps to call in sick at Target. Tips that can facilitate the process and give a fail-proof roadmap to report your absence while maintaining a good reputation.

5 Steps To Call In Sick at Target Store

Let’s walk you through the following steps to make everything go in your favor while reporting your absence:

  • Find your Target store’s number from the official website or the one provided to you during your onboarding process. (You also have an email option, but it’s most likely that your mail gets lost among many).
  • If you’re calling before business hours, hold on till the end of the automated message. The call will be sent to the store if you are a vendor or team member calling out from your shift.
  • When your call gets answered, request to speak to the LOD.
  • Be forthright, polite, and honest about your reason for calling in. Answers the questions that your manager will ask.
  • Be aware that your call will be recorded, documented, and referenced later in case of any need.

Factors That Assist in Calling-In Sick at Target Store

As we’ve explained below, certain tips can help you receive an off quickly without getting into trouble:

1. Your Work Ethics

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Our workplace behavior and habits speak volumes about us when we need to call in sick. If you have been an honest, motivated, and active team member, you’ll be more likely to get off from work quickly.

2. Be Upfront

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Avoid beating around the bush while calling out at work. Honest and straight communication will save you and the manager time, besides building a great rapport.

3. Inform Timely

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Try to inform your team about your off as early as possible. If you feel you’re coming down with a fever or another ailment and know you won’t be able to make it to work, inform the Target manager a day prior.

If you have waited enough for your recovery before work, you should notify at least two hours beforehand. This will help your manager to find coverage for you.

4. Your Credibility

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If you have visited a doctor, showing up with your doctor’s note the next day will add reliability to your character among your team.

In this way, you can sustain a strong position in the long run, especially if you have just started at Target.

Word of Caution

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The employees who just started at Target should refrain from calling out more than three times during their three months probation period. As the general role suggests, it is advisable to stick to one leave per month.

All Target stores allow one unpaid call-out per week; however, if you call in sick 3-4 times during one month, it’ll result in a write-up, more so if you don’t have a good enough reason for absence.

The leave policy can vary from store to store. The employee must go through the rules of the leave and absence policy of the store before signing up.

Final Verdict

When calling in sick at Target, be direct and brief to your opening manager. Tell them two hours before your shift so they can find a substitute.

Study your store’s leave policy to avoid any future agitation and inconveniences.

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