When Is the Best Time To Buy a Sleep Number Bed?

Sleep Number Bed

We all look forward to that rejuvenating sinking feeling once you meet your mattress at the end of the day. You’ve endured a difficult day, and all you want to do is to lie down and sleep.

No matter how tired you are, there are times when you can’t doze off. Something feels off – uncomfortable. If only there were the perfect bed that adjusts to meet your needs.

Fortunately, there is! And everyone is head over heels about it. The Sleep Number mattress allows you to adjust your mattress through an app. Make it soft or firm, and the choice is up to you!

But when exactly is the best time to purchase this mattress?


Holidays like Black Friday or May are the best times to watch for Sleep Number sales. While there is no guarantee that the store will drop its prices, these dates are typically the days when stores go on sale.

This article discusses Sleep Number Mattresses, what makes them so alluring, and how they work. Moreover, we discuss when you should purchase a mattress to increase your chances of getting it on sale. Read on!

About Sleep Number Mattresses

Sleep Number makes different bed categories: Climate 360, Memory Foam, Innovation, Performance, and Classic Series. In addition, these mattresses are adjustable, allowing you to set how firm and soft they are through a smartphone app.

The smartphone app reports how well and how long you sleep.

What Makes Them Alluring

Adjustable Bed

Sinking into your bed after a long workday is the most satisfying feeling ever. But sometimes, you know you’re tired, but still, you can’t seem to fall asleep.

You try to find the best spot and sleeping position, but nothing seems to work.

Sleep Number mattresses help you find your perfect spot effortlessly. In addition, these adjustable beds are controllable through the Sleep IQ app.

The app allows you to keep track of your sleep score, which measures how long and how well you slept.

How the Mattresses Work


These mattresses work like balloons that inflate and deflate. You can customize how firm you want the bed to be with ease through the Sleep IQ application.

You can adjust the settings up to 100, which is the firmest state of the mattress. To achieve this quality, air chambers within the mattress are inflated, causing the bed to be firmer.

On the other hand, when you adjust the mattress to a lower value, the bed becomes softer. This is because the air chambers are deflated, and pressure is released.

When You Should Purchase

Black Friday

There is no guarantee when Sleep Number will specifically have a sale. But do watch out for holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These dates give you a higher chance of purchasing a mattress on sale.

Moreover, check out the items in May. Typically, stores sell their old stocks to make way for the new ones arriving in June.

However, because the new June models are a hit by September, shops would put old items on sale to clear the older inventory.


You can get a chance to buy a Sleep Number mattress on sale in May. Most stores sell their older products to make way for the new ones that will arrive in June and be a hit in September.

Watch out for holidays like Cyber Monday and Black Friday! These are perfect dates for sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sleep Number Go on Sale?

Yes, Sleep Number does go on sale.

What Is the Lifespan of a Sleep Number Mattress?

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed can last up to 15 years.

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