Where Can I Sell My Lowe’s Gift Card?

Lowe's Gift Card

Selling gift cards you don’t plan to use is a bright idea to free space in your wallet. Interesting, you can get some cash to shop or dine at your favorite place. But the challenge is where can you sell it?

Where you’re concerned about receiving a fair deal, finding a trustworthy buyer can also be daunting when frauds are prevalent in the market.


When selling your Lowe’s gift card, you can opt for three ways at your convenience. You can register on a website providing gift card exchange services, list it on an online marketplace, or visit Kiosk in local grocery retail.

But you must be mindful of the following things:

  • Value of your gift cards.
  • Fees and commissions.
  • Payment methods.
  • Security.

This guide will help you to uncover different ways to sell or exchange your Lowe’s gift card, its pros and cons, and key factors to consider to close a fair deal online. So, let’s plunge into it deeply.

3 Ways To Sell Your Lowe’s Gift Cards Online

Let’s explore a few amazing ways to sell your gift cards at incredible prices.

1. Websites Offering Gift Card Exchange Services

Offering Gift Card

You can discover various websites on the internet that give you an edge in selling undesired gift cards in exchange for cash or some interesting gift cards from other stores.

However, there’s a catch to using this service, as you can’t receive the full worth of your card. Instead, you will only get some percentage depending on the platform’s demand for Lowe’s gift cards.

For example, if more people want to buy it, the website will offer you a high percentage of its total worth, and vice versa. Zealcards, GiftCardPlace, Raise, QuickcashMI, and Checkout Saver are sorted here for your redemption.

2. Online Marketplace


Listing your Lowe’s gift card on an online marketplace like eBay or Craigslist can give you more control over its selling process. Here, you can set your desired price and get better worth for the cards than the exchange websites.

However, it’s a time-consuming and effort-demanding task as you have to handle everything by yourself, including transactions and shipping of the cards.

Additionally, every platform has certain rules and regulations that you must follow. For instance, eBay’s gift card selling policy includes the following points:

  • The card seller must be authorized on the marketplace.
  • The card should be valid and must not have its expiry date passed. Also, mention the expiry date on the listing.
  • The compulsory face value for all gift cards is $500 or less.
  • You can’t sell electronically-delivered cards due to their high risk.
  • The platform also doesn’t allow selling prepaid credit cards like those from American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.

3. Local Kiosks

Giftcard Self Cash Out

If you don’t want to sell online, a better alternative is to visit a nearby retailer or grocery store with Kiosks. Their Kiosk offers a quick and convenient way to exchange your Lowe’s gift card in return for cash.

You only have to bring the card to the Kiosk and follow the instructions on the screen. After scanning your gift card, it will provide you with a cash offer. Accepting it if you think it’s justifiable according to the card’s worth is up to you.

Moreover, the cash is instantly delivered to you, but the exchange rate is quite low at Kiosks. Since a few local stores have this service, so you may need help finding it near your residence.

Things To Look For Before Selling Your Lowe’s Gift Card

Lowe's Card

Selling gift cards online has multiple drawbacks and high risks of scams. Therefore, you must consider the below feature before finalizing the deal.

1. Know Your Gift Card Worth

Knowing your gift card’s value and the remaining balance is part and parcel of determining a fair price and avoiding getting underpaid. All this information is printed on the card’s backside; otherwise, you can investigate it from the card’s issuer.

2. Fees and Commission

Almost all the websites offering gift card exchange services charge some fee on every card you sell. Thus, reviewing their fee structure and policies is crucial for transparent dealing.

3. Payment Methods

Every platform proposes different payment methods to process the money into your account while trading for gift cards. You can assess whether the available payment options are suitable for you or not.

For example, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you should look for a platform processing payment via direct deposit or any other way.

4. Security

Lastly, it would be best if you inquired about the reputation of the online gift card exchanging platforms. They must have security certifications, encryption technologies, and good customer reviews. Only then should you trust them with your personal and financial information.

Final Takeaway

In short, selling your Lowe’s gift card is relatively easy. Exploring different options and considering key factors outlined here can help you safely sell gift cards and maximize their value. Follow the tips mentioned earlier to level up your selling game of Lowe’s gift cards.

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