How Much Discount Do Contractors Get at Lowe’s?


Lowe’s, the home improvement hub, is safely a contractor’s mecca. And Lowe’s appreciates them putting them central to their offers and values.

This is evident through the Pro desks, special Pro lanes, and Pro parking at Lowe’s store’s set-up for contractors.


A well-admired Lowe’s Contractor Discount Program offering contractors pricing was discontinued a year back and no longer activated.

This program’s exciting benefits include up to 10% off everyday purchases, a 20% flat delivery fee, and a considerable discount on bulk purchases.

However, Lowe’s has compensated the contractors with several more options to earn a discount. A few of the major alternatives are:

  • Volume Saving Program.
  • Contarctors’ Pack.
  • MVPs Pro Reward Program.

In this write, we will lead you through what each program offers, how much margins contractors can get, and some additional ways you can save through Lowe’s.

1. Volume Saving Program

Volume Saving Program

Also known as QSP (Quote Support Program) offers a substantial discount when you make a qualifying purchase of $1500 or more.

Whether doing rental property upgrades or remodeling, you should group as many items as you’re likely to need in the future. Thus, you can avail of more quotes.

For this purpose, you can type up the whole list and print it. Then, hand it over at Lowe’s Pro Desk, and the manager will get you a quote instantly.

If you can’t be bothered with creating a list, you can walk up to the desk before checking out and get the quote.

2. Lowe’s Contractors Pack


Contractors have been catered to by Lowe’s with their special Contractors Packs, which are prepackaged bulk quantities of essential materials such as nails, screws, faucets, tiles, and more.

These packs also offer discounts if bought a minimum amount of the same product.

These bundles are not only budget-friendly but also quick and convenient. In addition, Lowe’s has assigned special packaging for these bags in black and yellow so they can be spotted easily at the store.

You can also find more information about it from knowledgeable Pro specialists at your local Lowe’s store.

3. MVPs Pro Reward Program

Loyalty Pogram

MVPs is a newly designed program that replaces Lowe’s Pro Loyalty Program. In addition to the concession, as mentioned earlier, the members of this program are eligible for the following:

  1. Earning back rewards on qualifying spend.
  2. Rental tools.
  3. Pro paint rewards.
  4. Prizes.

You can have details of these rewards and more here on Lowe’s official website.

Additional Ways To Save

Here are a few other ways to help contractors get more discounts and savings:

1. Military Discount

Military Discount

Lowe’s offers 10% off on most full-priced items if you have any army background, are retired, or currently serving.

This discount has no annual limit, and you can enjoy instant savings on purchasing office supplies, kitchen renovations, or flooring. Moreover, this is extendable to military spouses.

2. Business Card

Business Card

Another oh-so-good opportunity to avail of a Lowe’s owes is utilizing Lowe’s Business card. The holders of this card earn up to 5-10% off on daily shopping.

Anyone owing a rental property or a business can sign up for this card, and the manager at the pro services desk will assist you in securing cash back.

Final Takeaway

Lowe’s might have halted their signature Contractor Program, but they have introduced other programs and alternatives to aid its contractors and customers earn bucks from their purchase.

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