How Many Hours Do Target Seasonal Employees Work?


If you are a student looking for Seasonal jobs and are interested in applying to Target, you might want to know their working hours first.


Seasonal employees at Target work for a total of 20 hours per week. These timings are flexible and can also change depending on the workload and availability of the employee.

To explain things better, we have written an extensive guide on how many hours Target seasonal employees work.

How Many Hours Do Target Seasonal Employees Work?

Target Employees

Target hires seasonal employees for work from late October to early January, which is their busiest season. In addition, they offer in-store and warehouse positions across their 1900+ retail stores in the US.

If you want to become a seasonal employee at Target, you might be curious about how many hours you will have to work during the week.

Target mostly schedules their seasonal workers for about 20 hours a week at a minimum wage of $15 per hour. However, this time can increase or decrease depending on the workload and your availability.

What Positions Does Target Have for Seasonal Employees?

Target Employees

Target has thousands of seasonal openings during its peak seasons. You can apply for any of these available positions if you have the relevant skills, education, and experience.


The seasonal hiring process at Target is pretty quick, and if you perform well, you can be hired and start working within 24-48 hours.

1. Guest Advocate

A guest advocate works behind the counter and interacts directly with the customers as a cashier or customer service staff.

2. General Merchandise Expert

A general merchandise expert has to work the main floors and assist the customers with their needs. They also need to keep the displays tidy and all set, keeping an eye on inventory to ensure everything is on track.

3. Fulfilment Expert

A fulfillment expert work on picking up customer orders, sorting them, and prepping and packing them securely before they send them off.

4. Front of Store Attendant

The front store attendant stands at the front to direct customers to their desired aisle and collect their carts. Their job is to warmly welcome the customer and ensure their shopping experience is pleasant.

5. Food and Beverage Expert

Target also hires food and beverage experts to cater to their grocery area’s needs and ensure the shelves are fully stocked with fresh goods.

6. Beauty Consultant

The beauty consultants work for the cosmetics department, offering assistance to the customers, educating them about the products, and helping them pick the right option for their needs.

7. Style Consultant

A style consultant’s job is in the department section for men, women, and children in the department section. They offer guidance and styling advice to the customer and ensure the inventory is stocked with all product colors and sizes.

They should also know how to use Target’s database to check if other locations have the required item in stock.

8. Food Service Expert

Foos service seasonal employees work in-house with restaurant staff to take customers’ orders, prepare meals, and deliver them accordingly.

9. Starbucks Barista

To help manage the crowd at Starbucks cafe, Target also hires Starbucks baristas trained in making coffee and serving customers.

10. Warehouse Workers

A seasonal warehouse worker at Target is responsible for receiving and processing freight and managing inventory. They must also load and ship the products to their destined stores on time.

11. Packer

The packer checks the merchandise for any defect, registers it with a handgun, and completes the required paperwork.


You can search for seasonal jobs at Target on the “Careers” page. Simply search for the position you’re interested in, check their available location, and apply online with your CV.

Tips for Applying for Seasonal Jobs at Target?

Seasonal Jobs Application

If you want to be hired by Target for their seasonal jobs, here are some helpful tips.

1. Apply Early

Like many employers, Target lists their job just before the busy season arrives. So your chances of employment will probably rise if you apply then.


Consider starting your application process as a seasonal employee at Target early in the fall if you want to apply for a Christmas position.

2. Interview Preparation

The first and foremost thing you need to prepare for when applying for any available seasonal positions at Target is to prepare for the interview.

Prepare the answers for some of the most common questions the interviewer asks, and be confident about your answers.


Feel free to ask any questions related to the job, as it would make you look interested.

3. Dress Professionally

No matter the seasonal position you are applying for at Target, dress appropriately and professionally. Being overly formal is not required, so wear a business casual look.

4. Research About Target

The most important thing you must do before leaving for an interview at any company is to research them. Studying Target’s values and goals and remembering a little bit about its history will give you an edge over the other employees.


In this guide, we’ve discussed how many hours Target seasonal employees work. Additionally, we’ve talked about the open positions for seasonal employees and some important tips for getting hired at the company.

Hopefully, you know everything to start a carrier at Target as a seasonal employee and earn better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Target Keep Seasonal Hires?

Most seasonal employees at Target are let go at the end of the season unless the need arises. If you wish to keep working, your best bet is to let your manager know you are available for work and consider you if an opening is available.

How Long Is Target Seasonal Orientation?

The orientation for seasonal employees at Target lasts about 4 hours, during which they are given their schedule and briefed about their job duties.

There will also be a lot of paperwork to do, touring the office, and eating candies, and you can get a chance to meet your coworkers.

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