How Can I Get My Last Check From Walmart?

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Leaving a job for whatever reason and waiting for the last check can be a little troublesome for an employee, especially those who do not know the company policy.

Companies have different policies and requirements that they need to follow before releasing the last check to the employee.


Walmart, like other companies, follows state laws to carry on all the processes.

In addition, they have their company policies which they follow while making the last check to the employee who leaves the company.

Usually, after an employee leaves, Walmart will calculate the amount they have to pay the employee, any benefit they owe the company, or any deduction the company has to make per the policy and prepare a check for payment to the employee.

After calculating the final payment, Walmart will either prepare a check or transfer it to the employee’s bank account, whatever payment method the employee prefers.

It is necessary to know the state labor law and Walmarts policy about the last payment specifically to understand the process and the timeframe to complete it.

This way, former employees can know more about the process of the last payment and negotiate with the company to get it timely.

Walmart’s Process of Paying the Last Check


Different states have different methods for releasing the last check of the employee who has left for whatever reasons.

Walmart usually takes the following steps when making the final payment:

1. Calculation of the Payment

Calculate Payment

Walmart will first calculate the amount they owe to pay the employee.

The calculation depends on the following:

  • Hours the employee has worked.
  • Pay rate of the employee.
  • Benefits that Walmart has to pay.
  • A deduction that Walmart has to make per the state labor law and company policy.

2. Payment Process

Payment Method

After finalizing the amount Walmart has to pay to the former employee, they will confirm the payment method with the employee who has left and either prepare a check or direct deposit it into the bank account.

The former employee must provide the correct mailing address and bank account number to Walmart; there is no issue when Walmart makes the payment.

3. Making the Payment


Once Walmart has the preferred payment method of the employee, they will use it to make the final payment.

4. Documentation of the Final Payment


Walmart will provide documentation of the payment mentioning all the details, like remaining pay, benefits they own the company, and any deduction the company made as per the state labor law and company policy.

5. Confirmation of Receipt


When the former employee receives the payment and the documentation, they check the documentation to ensure everything is accurate.

After reviewing the document, the former employee provides a confirmation receipt to Walmart for receiving the payment.

When the former employee notices any error or issues with the documents or final payment, they can contact Walmart to resolve it.

Timeframe for Making the Final Payment

Companies must make the final payment within the timeframe the state labor law specifies, but sometimes, companies might require additional time to pay the last check.

Walmart starts processing the final check of the employees after they leave the company, and it usually takes a few days.

However, sometimes, it might take up to a week or more, depending on the company policy and if there are any other good enough reasons for holding back the last payment.

The state labor law varies for different states, and the timeframe for final payment for those terminated and those who left the company is different; the companies must immediately pay the terminated employees.

The time to process the final check of the employees left alone might take longer.

Process To Deal With a Delayed Last Payment

Steps former employees can take when there is a delay in the final check by Walmart are as follow:

1. Contact Walmart


The former employee can request the HR department or the former employee to process the last check. Walmart or any other company process the last payment immediately after the employee leaves.

If the former employee does not receive it in the timeframe, they can contact the HR department or the former employee.

2. Take Help From State Labor Department

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If Walmart is not responding and the last payment is not received, going to the state labor department for assistance is a good option as they can guide how to deal with the situation.

Legal Action

If Walmart refuses to pay, the last option is to take legal action. The former employee can either

  • File a complaint with the state labor department.
  • Hire an attorney to deal with the case in court.

It is necessary to share the current mailing address and correct bank account information with Walmart so that the last check or payment is received timely.


When employees leave Walmart, they are entitled to receive the last check. Companies have different processes and timeframes to release the final payment, but they must follow state labor laws and make the payment within the timeframe.

State labor laws vary for different states, but they ensure that the companies make the last payment to the terminated employees immediately.

However, the payment processes for employees who resigned take longer time.

Usually, Walmart processes the last payment after the employee leaves the company. The process for releasing the final check takes some time, mostly a few days, and in some cases, it takes longer.

If former employees do not receive the last payment in the timeframe set by the state labor law, they can take assistance from the state labor department or go to court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the State Labor Law Instruct the Companies To Pay the Last Payment of the Terminated Employees Immediately?

Yes, the state labor law wants the companies to pay the last check of the terminated employees immediately.

Can the Former Employee Meet the HR Department or Former Employer To Discuss the Last Check?

Yes. The former employee can call or meet them for details about the last check with the HR department or formal employer.

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