Why Choose CVS?

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Choosing a pharmacy can be a daunting task, considering the numerous factors you need to take into account. From the range of products and services to employee benefits and technological prowess, the ideal pharmacy should meet all your health and wellness needs. CVS Pharmacy, the largest drug retailer in the U.S., checks all these boxes, and here’s why you should choose CVS as your go-to pharmacy.


Choosing CVS as your go-to pharmacy offers numerous benefits. It is the largest drug retailer in the U.S., ensuring easy accessibility and a vast range of products and services. CVS provides unique health and wellness services, a responsive mobile app, and a focus on preventive care. For employees, CVS offers comprehensive benefits and a supportive work environment. The company’s strong supplier network and successful history of mergers and acquisitions further strengthen its position in the market.

Large Scale and Accessibility

CVS is the largest drug retailer in the U.S., with a vast network of over 9,600 stores. This scale ensures that you can easily access a CVS store no matter where you are in the country. The strong brand reputation of CVS speaks volumes about its reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Diverse Offerings

CVS provides a wide range of products and services. This includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, health and beauty products, and various healthcare services such as flu shots and health screenings. CVS also offers unique health and wellness services such as primary care, condition management, and mental health services through its HealthHUB locations and MinuteClinics.

Employee Benefits

CVS offers competitive and comprehensive benefits for its employees, including health care, financial benefits, and time off. The company’s “Total Rewards” program aims to provide a fulfilling career experience for its employees, focusing on four key areas: compensation, health benefits, work-life balance, and career development.

Technological Prowess

In this digital age, CVS has stepped up its game by offering a responsive website and investing in technology to improve the customer experience and streamline its operations. The CVS mobile app allows customers to manage their prescriptions, access health information, shop online, and even access the ExtraCare Rewards program.

Focus on Wellness and Preventive Care

CVS is committed to helping people lead healthier lifestyles. The company has expanded its focus on wellness and preventive care services, offering resources such as smoking cessation counseling, diabetes resources, and mental health services.

Strong Supplier Network

CVS has a reliable supplier network, ensuring a consistent supply of quality products. The company works closely with suppliers who follow good manufacturing practices and manufacture products in FDA-registered facilities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

CVS has a history of successful mergers and acquisitions, which have helped the company grow and strengthen its position in the market. The merger with Aetna in 2018 allowed CVS to expand its healthcare services, providing an integrated healthcare model that is easier to use and less expensive for consumers.

Early Prenatal Testing

For expectant parents considering chorionic villus sampling (CVS) testing, one of the main advantages is that it can be performed earlier in pregnancy (10 to 13 weeks) compared to amniocentesis (16 to 22 weeks). This allows for more decision-making time and an earlier start to any treatment if needed.


Choosing CVS offers customers convenience, a wide range of products and services, and a focus on wellness and preventive care. For employees, CVS provides competitive benefits and a supportive work environment. Whether you’re a customer, patient, or employee, CVS provides a well-rounded experience that caters to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours of CVS Pharmacy?

The operating hours of CVS Pharmacy vary from store to store. Most stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To find the operating hours of a specific location, visit the store locator on the CVS website.

Does CVS Pharmacy offer home delivery for prescriptions?

Yes, CVS Pharmacy offers home delivery for prescriptions. You can manage this service through your online account or the CVS mobile app.

What is the ExtraCare Rewards program mentioned in the text?

The ExtraCare Rewards program is a loyalty program offered by CVS. Members earn rewards on eligible purchases, which can be used on future purchases. You can join the program online, in-store, or through the CVS mobile app.

Can I get vaccinated at CVS Pharmacy?

Yes, you can get various vaccinations at CVS Pharmacy, including flu shots. You can schedule an appointment online through the CVS website.

Can I manage my family’s prescriptions using the CVS mobile app?

Yes, the CVS mobile app allows you to manage prescriptions for yourself and family members. You can refill and manage prescriptions, check the status of your orders, and even set up medication reminders.

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