Who Does Autozone Price Match?


Are you looking for automotive parts but want to avoid high prices? If so, you may have heard about AutoZone and its price-matching program.

But with whom does AutoZone match prices, and how do you benefit from it? We’ll go over the details here so you can get the best deal on car parts and be happy with your purchases.


AutoZone, the nation’s leading auto parts and accessories provider, is known for its competitive in-store pricing. But, unfortunately, that competitive pricing does not extend to online retailers like Amazon.

Though customers may find lower prices on certain items on other websites, AutoZone does not offer price matching to every other store.

Here are some of the in-store retailers that AutoZone accepts price matches:

  • O’Reilly’s
  • NAPA
  • Walmart

The only exception to this rule are prices found on a famous online retailer, RockAuto.

Read more about AutoZone’s price match policies with different retailers.

Getting a Price Match at AutoZone

Autozone is an ideal place for those who are all about getting the most bang for their buck. As a result, their price-matching policy gets the most traction.

The policy offers an affordable solution by comparing the prices between two auto part retailers. All you need to have is a concrete reason to defend your statement.

If you can spot a better deal for the same product at any other retailer, Autozone confidently and courteously adjusts its price to suit your purchase needs.

Whether you have a cheaper quote from O’Reilly’s, Walmart, or Napa, Autozone has your back. Show them the evidence, and they’ll happily match your lowest price.

Price Match Limitation

AutoZone will not match prices with stores outside of their area.

When asking AutoZone for a price match, ensure that you come prepared with proof of the lower price and that it’s from a local retailer.

Without breaking a sweat, you can browse Autozone knowing that if a better offer pops up somewhere else, they’ll take care of you immediately.

Price Matching With Competitors

Let’s look at the relationship of major auto part retailers with AutoZone.

1. O’Reilly


They offer price matching with local competition on car parts and auto accessories. This means if you find O’Reilly with a relatively lower price listed for the same item, AutoZone will match it.

It’s as simple as bringing proof of the lower price to your local AutoZone store and asking them to honor it; no tedious online bargaining is required.

Another great thing about O’Reilly is that they respect military servants. You can show your military ID, and they’ll give you a 10% off appreciation discount in no time.

2. Walmart


Have you ever wished you could save money by using Walmart’s unbeatable prices but couldn’t since AutoZone doesn’t price match? The good news is that AutoZone has answered the calls of bargain hunters and now offers a price match.

If you find a product cheaper at Walmart, show an AutoZone associate to begin getting that same deal without wasting time hopping from one store to another.

3. Amazon


One thing to remember is that Autozone does not price-match online third-party sellers such as Amazon or other e-commerce platforms.

So, unfortunately, if you find a great online offer for a car part, Autozone will not match it, and you are not eligible for the lower online price.

4. Target


If you’re looking to score a great deal from Autozone, it’s worth considering the possibility of price matching with Target.

While Autozone does not officially offer a price-matching policy, some stores may agree to match prices if you talk with the manager on duty.

Before heading out to make your purchase, you should call your local store and ask them about any price-matching policies they have in place.

Does AutoZone Have the Same Prices as RockAuto


Now, this is an interesting question to answer. Of course, you already know that Autozone doesn’t deal with online retailers, but RockAuto has been an exception.

However, AutoZone does offer price matching with RockAuto on a case-by-case basis.

While AutoZone has retail locations where customers can shop in person, purchasing from RockAuto is more convenient as their online store contains over 300 manufacturers worldwide.

Suppose you’re especially keen to hunt for a great bargain. In that case, it might be worth speaking directly to an AutoZone manager about the possibility of price matching with RockAuto for a specific product. Who knows, they might surprise you.

Live nearby? You’ve got an even better chance of finding the best prices with them, thanks to their collaboration with RockAuto.

Price Matching With Online Retailers

Online Retailer

AutoZone does not offer price matching with online retailers such as Amazon and eBay because it can’t guarantee that the products from those stores are genuine or compatible with the customers’ vehicles. Instead, it only considers the prices of local retail competitors like Walmart, Target, and O’Reilly.

Online Matching Policy

Customers should also note that there are exceptions to the policy when matching online prices.

For instance, AutoZone cannot match prices for internet-only deals, printable coupons, or parts sold by third-party sellers on, among other specifics listed on their website.

How To Price Match at AutoZone

Before you do anything related to price matches, you should familiarize yourself with their conditions.

Here are some of the price-matching policies that AutoZone follows strictly:

  1. AutoZone designates specific competitors that they will compare prices with.
  2. AutoZone doesn’t aim to compete with online shopping giants, excluding RockAuto.
  3. The policy does not apply to orders made through the online store of any competitor.
  4. The product you want to price match must be in stock at both locations.

If these policies seem a no-brainer, you move one step closer to getting a price-matching offer.

Using a Coupon Along With a Price Match


At AutoZone, you can get a better deal on the item you’re looking for if you find it at a lower price at another retailer. But unfortunately, your coupon won’t be eligible for use if you request a price match at AutoZone.

That said, AutoZone is already offering you a discount, so the ineligibility of these additional coupons is justified.

To maximize your savings and ensure you’re getting the best deal possible, always shop around to compare prices between retailers and grab any additional specials or discounts along the way.

Price Match After Purchase

You look for hours to find the perfect part, purchase it, and make your way home, only to find out you could have gotten it elsewhere cheaper.

AutoZone understands upsetting scenarios happen often and wants to improve it by not offering any price adjustment on prior purchases.

Even if you were offered a lower amount after purchasing from AutoZone, their policy does not allow them to give you money back in the form of price matching.


AutoZone is a great place to find car parts and accessories at competitive prices. In addition, they offer price matching with local competition, which means if you find a cheaper price listed for the same item elsewhere, such as at O’Reilly or Walmart, AutoZone may be able to match it.

However, they do not price-match third-party sellers such as Amazon or other online e-commerce platforms.

Additionally, coupon codes will not be eligible for use if you request a price match at AutoZone, and they do not offer any form of price adjustment on prior purchases.

Ultimately, it pays off to shop around and compare prices between retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AutoZone Test Cars?

No, AutoZone does not test cars. Instead, they are a retailer of auto parts and accessories. However, they offer free diagnostic checks with the purchase of certain products that can help you identify potential car problems.

What Does AutoZone’s Price Match Offer?

AutoZone offers price matching with local competition, which means if you find a cheaper price listed for the same item elsewhere, such as at O’Reilly or Walmart, AutoZone may be able to match it.

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