Where To Park Bike at Walmart? – An Ultimate Guide

People Shopping At A Walmart Store In South San Francisco Bay Area

If you are an active cyclist, you might always have to worry about your bike’s parking. Many areas already have dedicated parking for bikes, but is that the same with Walmart?

Let’s find out where you can park your bike at Walmart.


As a cyclist, you might prefer riding a bike to Walmart to grab some groceries or to work if you are an employee. They might even have a bike rack for customers. If not, you can ask Walmart’s staff to keep an eye on your bike or lock it yourself to some firm object.

If you are an employee, you might get a dedicated parking spot for your bike, or you can also use the back room and park it there.

This article will help you explore options for parking your bike at Walmart and some innovative ideas if you don’t find a bike rack.

Parking a Bike at Walmart

Let’s be honest, as a cyclist, you always want to look for the safest spot to park your bike, and it’s disappointing if you don’t find any.

Walmart is one of the leading grocery stores, and many people prefer to buy groceries there. You might be one of those people who prefer cycling to Walmart to get their stuff.

Unfortunately, it’s not just you on the lookout. Bike thieves might also be looking around the store’s parking lot. Some cases were reported, like when an employee’s bike was stolen from Walmart’s parking.

So in this situation, how and where do you park your bike? It might be different for customers and employees. Let’s explore our options.

As a Customer

Bike Parking Sign With A Blurred Bicycle Background.

If you are a customer visiting the store to shop for a few things, you might struggle to find a safe spot for your bike.

1. Bike Rack

The first thing you should be looking out for is the bike rack. Not all Walmart stores have a bike rack, only a few have created this dedicated parking space.

If you live in a larger city, you might be lucky. Usually, in larger cities with a high demand for bike parking, Walmart has a few bike racks installed away from the entrance.

So if you are lucky enough to find a bike rack, you can park it there, being the most convenient option.

2. Bike-Friendly Staff

Most of the time, Walmart employees understand how difficult it is for customers to find a parking spot, so they can also help you out.

You can ask for safe spots to park your bike, and they might have some ideas for you. In addition, you can also ask the staff to keep an eye on your bike while you shop.

If you are lucky enough, some Walmart stores might also allow shoppers to enter the store with their bikes. This depends on the store’s size and whether there is enough space to pass your bike through the aisles. It all comes down to the permission of the manager.

If Walmart employees are cooperative enough, you can park your bike near the shopping cart stand and might as well lock it to one of the carts.

As an Employee

Closed Bicycle Storage Room Door

Walmart’s management will likely allot you a dedicated parking spot if you are an employee.

1. Employee Parking

Most of the time, the employees have dedicated parking spots to park their vehicles while working, usually allotted to cars and motorcycles.

If you don’t find a bike rack, have a special request to park it. You can ask the management about it, and they will look into it and figure out a solution to assist you with parking your bike. As a response, they may install a bike rack.

2. Back Room

As an employee, you might have access to places that others can’t reach. Parking your bike in the back room might be a safe option because only Walmart associates can enter that area.

It’s better to notify or get permission from the management regarding parking your bike in the back room so that they don’t confuse it with someone else trespassing.

What if Walmart Doesn’t Have Bike Racks

Bike Locked On Post

You might struggle to find a comfortable spot for your bike if there is no bike rack. In this case, you must look for innovative ways to park your bike.

The easiest of all is to buy a good quality lock. You can find a variety of locks on the market, such as cable locks, chain locks, D locks, and U locks. These locks can help you lock your bike onto hard and heavy things, such as a bench that is bolted to the ground.

After getting a lock, you can look for immovable objects such as fences, poles, trees, and light posts to secure your bike.

If you want to go the extra mile for safety, you can remove the bike’s seat or the front wheel and take it inside the store. This is only suitable if you are an employee or spending a lot of hours inside the store.

Ending Note

Walmart might have a bike rack for its customers to park their bikes. If the Walmart in your area does not have a bike rack, you can look for other ways to park it. You can ask Walmart’s staff to look over your bike while you shop. Or, if all else fails, you can use a lock to hook your bike to a firm surface.

It won’t be much trouble if you are an employee because Walmart might allot you a dedicated parking space or allow you to park your bike in the backroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Enter Walmart With My Bike?

Permission to enter Walmart with a bike depends on the store’s size and the staff’s approval. If Walmart’s store has enough space between aisles to allow you to shop with your bike and management is fine, then you can enter with your bike.

But in most cases, you won’t be allowed because Walmart sells bicycles. Allowing customers to carry their bicycles into the store would be confusing to tell if someone carried their bicycle into Walmart or attempted to go outside with a bike without paying for it.

Would Walmart Be Responsible for My Stolen Bike?

Walmart does not take any responsibility for stolen goods or harm caused to a customer’s property.

There are plenty of signs around the store stating that you are responsible for your goods. If it gets stolen, you will be responsible for filing a report at the police station.

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