Where Is the Biggest Tesco in Europe?

Tesco Company

Tesco is a popular general grocery company based in England. It’s the third biggest retailer in gross revenue and has stores in Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and the United Kingdom.

There are 5,935 stores in Europe, but only a few Tesco Extra stores (the biggest outlets of Tesco). So, do you want to know the biggest Tesco in Europe?


Tesco stores are the one-stop-shop for everyone as they offer everything, including groceries, food, homeware, clothing, money exchange, fuel, and pharmacies.

However, you must visit Tesco Extra to access these products and services, as small convenience stores have limited options.

Walkden Tesco Extra is the biggest store in Europe. This store is connected to the Ellesmere Shopping Center, in a highly accessible building promising an excellent shopping experience for the shoppers.

So, are you ready to see where the biggest Tesco is in Europe and what you can find there?

Biggest Tesco in Europe

Tesco In Uk

There are 2819 Tesco stores in the UK alone, which makes up 27.5% of the market share. In addition, however, there are some large stores known as Tesco Extra. These stores have everything Tesco offers, including meat and dairy products.

In addition, you can get a haircut, fulfill your appetite with some pizza, and browse through a never-ending range of fresh food, toys, homeware, beers, spirits, wines, and F&F clothing.

The biggest Tesco in Europe is Walkden Tesco Extra. This store has exceptional architecture and spans over 185,500 square feet.

This store is located at Ellesmere Shopping Center, M28 3BT, Bolton Road, Walkden. Its location promises easier access to everything.

Store Timings

The store is open from 06:00 to 00:00 and operates from 11:00 through 17:00 on Sundays.


Tesco Facilities

This Tesco store has a mobile shop, café for fresh meals and barista-made coffee, Travel Money and MoneyGram with great exchange rates, F&F clothing, Vision Express, and a grocery option.

The store has its petrol station, offering diesel and unleaded fuel.

Walkden Tesco Extra also has a pharmacy where you can pick up private and NHS prescriptions. Also, when you purchase groceries and other Tesco products, you can scan them as you shop for quick billing.

Food Options

Tesco Food

Tesco Walkden offers a diverse dining experience with a café serving fresh meals and expertly crafted coffee.

In addition to fast food staples, patrons can enjoy a variety of international cuisines such as Asian, Caribbean, and African.

There are also kosher food options, a cold deli counter, and a hot deli. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in a freshly made Krispy Kreme doughnut.


Tesco Building

Walkden Tesco Extra spans over 185,500 square feet and has cutting-edge architecture. The building has a carbon-efficient design with centralized cooling and heating systems.

In addition, there are sustainable lighting and waste recycling options available.


Accessisble Space Tesco

The store is accessible to everyone, including parents with toddlers and people in wheelchairs.

There are automatic doors, blue badge parking areas, lifts, and baby changing rooms. Moreover, there are step-free toilets (some have grab rails, too), a defibrillator, and quiet space for every customer.

Ending Note

Walkden Tesco Extra is the biggest Tesco store in Europe, located in the Ellesmere Shopping Center in Walkden, UK. This 185,500-square-foot store offers various products and services, including groceries, fresh food, clothing, fuel, and pharmacies.

With its exceptional architecture, carbon-efficient design, and accessible facilities, it promises an excellent shopping experience for all customers.

Whether you’re looking for a café for fresh meals, a place to pick up your prescription, or a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs, Walkden Tesco Extra has covered you.

So, visit this store and experience the biggest Tesco in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Was the First Tesco in Europe?

In 1929, Jack Cohen founded the inaugural Tesco store in Burnt Oak, north London, in Edgware.

The store offered high-quality dry goods at affordable prices, and the first-ever branded product offered was the signature Tesco Tea.

How Many Are Tesco Stores Available in the UK?

As of January 2023, the United Kingdom has 2,819 Tesco retail stores. England has the most stores, with 2,419 outlets covering up to 86% of Tesco retail in the UK.

On city wise scale, London leads with the most number of Tesco stores having 309 branches.

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