How Much Does Lowe’s Charge To Install Gutters?

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Gutters are one of the necessities that every house or property must have, as they help keep the water away from the roof, which can result in water leaks and other damages to the structure of the houses or properties.

Different companies offer various kinds of gutters; these products are available in different price ranges, and house owners can choose the one they want or the one the company recommends.

Lowe’s is a home decor improvement store that offers various products and services to its customers, and the installation of gutters is one of them.


Lowe’s offers a wide range of gutters; customers can choose the one that best fits their house or other building.

The cost of installation of the gutters depends on various factors; the estimated cost can vary between five to fifteen dollars per foot, and the average estimated cost might be four hundred to twenty-five hundred dollars or more.

There might be additional costs that customers have to bear when doing the installation of the gutters.

Customers must know the prices of various gutters, their installation costs, and the additional cost they must pay before deciding which one to buy and install.

Also, the prices of the gutters are per linear foot, so customers can know the total cost of the products and their installation cost after measuring the area, the time required for installation, the labor cost, and other additional costs.

Installation Cost of Various Lowe’s Gutters

Lowe’s offers various types of gutters to customers, and they can choose the one that suits them the best in terms of budget and needs.

1. Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl Gutter

Vinyl gutters are the most cost-effective option for customers on a budget. These gutters are rust and corrosion-resistant and come in different colors; customers can choose the one that suits the house or property exterior. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to maintain.

Cost of Installing Vinyl Gutter

The cost of vinyl gutters varies at Lowe’s, and it starts between one to two dollars per linear foot. The estimated installation cost is between four to eight dollars per linear foot.

It is necessary to note that the exact installation cost varies; to know the accurate expenses, experts will have to measure the area where they have to install the gutters, the location of the house, and other additional costs.

2. Aluminum Gutters

Aluminium Gutter

Aluminum gutters are also well-known among customers and house owners as they are cost-effective, durable, lightweight, easy maintenance, and available in various colors. Moreover, they are resistant to rust and corrosion.

Cost of Installing Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters at Lowe’s start around one and a half to two dollars per linear foot. And the installation cost around six to twelve dollars per linear foot.

It is necessary to remember that this is just an estimated price, and the actual cost might vary depending on different factors.

3. Steel Gutters

Steel Gutters

Steel gutters are durable and resistant to harsh weather like heavy rainfall, strong wind, and other conditions. Lowe’s offers different colors of steel gutters, and customers can paint them according to their house or property exteriors.

Cost of Installing Steel Gutters

Steel gutters are more expensive than aluminum or vinyl gutters; they cost three to four dollars per linear foot. In addition, the installation cost is around ten to twenty dollars per linear foot.

4. Copper Gutters

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are more expensive than the other types and give a unique and lavish look to the property’s exterior.

They are aesthetic, durable, long-lasting, and resistant to rust and corrosion, making them the best option for areas with high humidity.

Cost of Installing Copper Gutters

Copper gutters cost around eight to ten dollars per linear foot, and their installation costs start at ten to twenty dollars per linear foot.

It is important to note that the actual cost might differ from the above one depending on different factors.

5. K-Style Gutters

K-Style Gutters

K-Style gutters are available in aluminum, copper, steel, and vinyl materials. These gutters provide a flawless look to the house or property and are popular among many house owners.

K-Style gutters’ prices and installation charges differ for different materials.

6. Half-Round Gutters

Half-Round Gutters

These gutters are available in aluminum, copper, and steel materials; they give a classic and refined look to the property.

The cost and installation charges of these gutters vary for different materials.


It is necessary to note that these costs are the estimated ones, and the actual expenses might differ depending on the requirements of installations, additional products, the location of a house, labor costs, and so on.

Process of Installation of Gutters by Lowe’s

Gutter Installation

Lowe’s offers the installation service of gutters to customers or house owners.

The general steps for installing the gutters are as follows:

1. Consultation and Inspection

Customers contact Lowe’s regarding the installation of gutters, and Lowe’s sends representatives to visit the house or property to examine the area and suggest the best-suited one.

The customers can either agree to use the one they recommend or select the one they want.

2. Preparation and Measurement for Installation

If both parties agree on the type of gutter and cost, the inspection team will prepare the area and take measurements of the place for installing the gutter system so that they fit best.

The customer needs to purchase all the necessary supplies for the gutter installation.

3. Customization of the Gutter

The team will mold the gutter according to the requirements of the properties by using specific machines.

4. Installation of the Gutter

After preparing everything, the Lowe’s team will install the gutter systems using hangers and fasteners; hangers are metal brackets to support the weight of the gutters, whereas fasteners secure them to the hangers.

The Lowe’s team might have to install downspouts to ensure that the water moves away from the property and does not cause any damage to the foundation of the building.

5. Final Inspection by the Team

The Lowe’s team will do a final inspection of the gutter system to ensure everything works well.


The installation process of the gutters will take hours to a few days, depending on the size and work required to complete it.

Choosing Lowe’s for Gutter Installation

Many customers prefer Lowe’s to install the gutters for the following reasons:

  1. Lowe’s has been in business for many years and has special teams dedicated to these tasks. These team members have years of experience and are professional. Also, Lowe’s trains them to provide high-quality services to the customers.
  2. The best thing about Lowe’s is that they provide a wide range of gutters for customers, and these products are available in different colors, materials, qualities, and styles. So customers can choose the one that best suits the area and the property exterior.
  3. These gutters have a warranty, and customers can request repair or replacement.
  4. Lowe’s offers competitive pricing for the installation of gutters to their customers.
  5. Lowe’s’ customer service helps customers to resolve any issue related to the product or installation of the gutter.


Lowe’s offers various types of gutters and installation services for customers and house owners who are looking to install new gutters, replace the old ones, or those who want to upgrade to high-quality gutters that fit with the house exterior.

Some of these gutters and their installation are cost-effective, whereas others are a bit costly and are a good option for those who want something to go well with their house or property.

The installation cost of these gutters varies according to the type, location of the house, the time required for installation, and other factors. Before installing the gutters, Lowe’s provides a quotation, and if the customers agree, they will install it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Customer or House Owner Install the Gutters Purchased From Lowe’s Themselves?

Yes. Although a customer or house owner can install gutters purchased from Lowe’s, it is best to let the experts deal with the installation process, as it requires special equipment and skills. Moreover, if the gutter is not installed correctly, it can cause water damage to the property.

Name Some Other Companies That Offer Gutter Installation Services

Some of the companies that provide gutter installation services are:

  • ABC Supply
  • Gutter Helmet
  • Home Depot
  • LeafGuard
  • Mr. Handyman

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