Where Do UPS Drivers Go to the Bathroom?

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Are you a UPS driver in dire need of peeing and clueless about where to go?

Enter a fast food restaurant, public restroom, gas station bathroom, or mall nearby. You may also try the bathroom finder apps to locate the best place to attend nature’s call.

What if there are no restrooms available nearby? Peeing in the bottles can be unhygienic and nasty.

Let’s see what problems UPS drivers face and how it affects their work efficiency.


UPS drivers go to nearby malls, restaurants, or public restrooms to use bathrooms. They often use bottles when the UPS management harasses the drivers for taking off routes in search of a bathroom.

Such problems faced by the driver lead to:

  • Lesser profits
  • Declining efficiency
  • Poor customer experience

How technology helps UPS drivers to find a solution to this problem? Public automated toilets and GPS are some of the answers to it.

Never hold your urge to go to the bathroom because it is unhealthy. So, where do the UPS drivers go when they need to pee? How does their work gets hampered in such situations? Let’s also check out different ways to control your urge to go to the bathroom now and then.

Urgent Nature’s Call

An Ups Van In A Rush Fro Deliveries

You are out for delivery to a faraway city and have no bathrooms around. How long can you hold yourself?

It’s like the trending social media challenges and contests. Holding your urge to pee contest for the UPS drivers while on the roads.

Jokes apart, it is a real challenge for UPS drivers to find a safe, clean, and sanitary bathroom. In Asia, Europe, and most other places, you can find, pay for, and use toilets, but the US is an exception.

Do you know that there were approximately 50000 pay toilets in 1974 in the US, which were banned within 6 years? Presently, the US is barred from pay toilets, leaving you in Got to Go……….NOW situations.

Where can you rush in such a situation? Let’s go ahead and know more:

  • Restaurants
  • Motels & Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Portable mobile potties outside sports and festival stadiums
  • Other public restrooms

There are several places to think of when it’s that urgent for you to relieve yourself.

Keep your conscience environmentally sound and clear by avoiding using customers’ washrooms.

It is better to keep your interactions and professional duties separate. So, never enter your customer’s home to use the washroom. It is extremely unprofessional.

Search With the Technology

Man Technology Future Lifestyleand Digital Marketing

The bathroom facilities are available at various intervals on your way, but you need to know where exactly it is to avoid wasting time. Here comes technology to your rescue.

There are several apps with a catalog of public restrooms. You may add restrooms to let your friends and colleagues know, report the missing ones, and also leave reviews and feedback.

Some of the apps to ease your bathroom worries are:

  • GetFlushd
  • Poop Map
  • Bathroom Buddy
  • Sit or Squat
  • Bathroom Scout
  • The Great British Public Toilet Map

You can come across several such bathroom finder apps in Play Store. With your smartphone on the go and internet connections readily available, finding a bathroom is no longer a big deal for UPS drivers.

Tips To Avoid Frequent Bathroom Visits

Public Toilet Entrance For Males And Females

If you feel there are no bathrooms around and you have the urge to rush to the toilet frequently, try these tips below:

  • Wherever you find a toilet, rush in because you may not find one in the next 1 hour, or you might end up standing in a queue for a long time, delaying your scheduled deliveries.
  • Turn on the music, talk to your loved ones for some time, or listen to a podcast to distract yourself.
  • Avoid pressure on your bladder by moving slightly forward and shifting your position.
  • Get treated if you have a urinary tract infection to avoid frequent bathroom visits.
  • Don’t drink and keep any form of liquids away from your sight.

The Downside of Drivers Not Using Bathrooms

The management often harasses the UPS drivers for moving off route in search of bathrooms. It can lead to various disadvantages when you cease them from using toilets.

Apart from their health issues leading to added expenses, the company leads to:

1. Lesser Profits

Angry Foreman Claiming And Shouting To An Truck Driver

The delivery driver’s problems give rise to fuel expenses, operational costs, and other expenditures, enough to decline company profits.

Your online delivery business cannot grow or reach greater heights due to missing out on various opportunities. With inefficient deliveries, your business will slowly fade out.

2. Lesser Work Output

Driver Sitting In His Cabinet Feeling Worried And Sad

Harassing the drivers and not letting them use bathrooms until a successful delivery can lead to an unproductive work environment. When the UPS drivers feel uneasy, their work output is low. They lack the motivation to move forward and deliver.

The inefficiency in delivery leads to unproductive results.

3. Poor Customer Experience

Courier Delivering Packages With Truck To A Customer

When the drivers are not working in a comfortable environment, it reflects in their work. Failed or late deliveries to the customers result in poor customer experience.

In such situations, people will lose faith in your brand, and your competitors will surpass your performance.

The online delivery business is result-oriented. When drivers face problems in their work environment, it shows in their output. It leads to negative word of mouth and a crumbling or declining customer base.

You must solve bathroom issues that concern your drivers and take measures to help them work in a comfortable environment.

Dedicated route planners can be a great help to drivers.


If you want better output from your drivers, create a smooth working experience for them. Bathrooms are available. You can find them with the help of apps and route planners.

From real-time visibility to expected time of arrival, weather conditions, and traffic situations.

They must enjoy their work without suffering from any health or hygiene problems.

Can you create a positive, stress-free work environment? Salute to the drivers; great going!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UPS Have a GPS?

UPSNav helps drivers with every detail of their daily deliveries and the most cost-effective route between stops.

It uses the UPS data infrastructure and proprietary ORION maps, which include 250 million locations.

Do You Think Being a UPS Driver Is Hard?

Working for UPS is not at all easy. Drivers have to work very quickly to get their deliveries done on time and usually don’t take breaks throughout the day.

They must also lift and carry heavy objects daily without dropping or damaging them.

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