Four Reasons Safeway is So Expensive


Have you ever noticed when shopping at Safeway that its prices seem considerably higher than at other grocery stores?

Safeway is an American supermarket chain with over 900 stores across 17 states. If you’re probably wondering what makes Safeway so expensive, here’s why.


It may be true that money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure can buy you items of good quality with a luxurious shopping experience.

There are a few reasons behind the high prices of products at Safeway:

  • Better customer service
  • Organic and good quality products
  • Employees’ well being
  • A wide variety of products

Keep reading to find out detailed information about factors contributing to the high prices of products at Safeway. You can have a better understanding of whether these high prices are justified or not.

What Makes Safeway Expensive?

The idea of paying a couple of cents more for the same product elsewhere at a lower price sounds absurd.

The reality is that your few extra cents don’t go waste; they get you some good quality things in a hassle-free shopping environment. Why don’t we find out the benefits of paying extra at Safeway?

Top-Notch Service

Customer Service

Safeway is known for its well-trained staff and perfect customer service. They have many employees who undergo extensive staff training to be ready to provide excellent service to their customers.

In other stores, you might experience crammed lines at the cashier and have to wait for your turn, which could take a few minutes to hours.

The lines are jammed because there are fewer cashiers for more customers. This scenario is unlikely to happen at Safeway because they have more cashiers for seamless billing.

In addition to smooth billing, their staff assists you to your vehicle and helps you unload your groceries.

In other stores, you are supposed to bag the items yourself.

This exceptional customer service and seamless shopping experience come with a price, such as increasing the prices of products.

You see? You’re simply paying a little bit more for the service Safeway provides you.

Flawless Quality

Variety Of Products
Organic Goods

Asides from an incomparable pleasant shopping experience, Safeway aims to provide its customers with high-quality organic products.

They have a zero-tolerance policy for sub-par products. That’s why you will always find their products up to the mark.

Organic products must be kept hygienic and neat, and Safeway ensures that their stores are always tidy and clean.

They have many professional cleaning staff who take up their cleaning responsibilities perfectly round the clock.

Keeping up with exemplary quality standards, they provide fresh bread and daily meat cuts. This requires a larger workforce. Recruiting more employees who are up to the task costs them more.

All these quality factors add to the expensive items at Safeway. You can agree it’s worth it.

Employee Care

Employee Care

For Safeway, the well-being of employees is their top priority.

They make sure everyone is treated equally and gets a fair wage. Safeway employees earn more wages than the workers at other grocery stores.

Safeway also goes by the idea that the more, the merrier. They try to keep an adequate number of staff at their stores to provide a smooth shopping experience to their customers.

This significant number of staff makes management easier and keeps the operations running smoothly.


The perks of working at Safeway include medical coverage and paid days off for vacation, sick leave, and company-recognized holidays.

Another significant point of working at Safeway is that they have unionized employees. You can have a collective understanding with other employees at Safeway and improve the culture in your favor, based on mutual interest.

Wide Range of Products

Variety of Products

Safeway has almost all the grocery items its customers need and hardly runs out of stock.

Indeed, the more, the merrier concept also applies to their product range. While shopping at Safeway, you will always find multiple varieties of the same item on their racks.

The management ensures that everything is readily available to the customers, so they don’t need to hunt for that product elsewhere.

Promotions and Discounts

Discounted Price

Safeway is dedicated to ensuring its customers always have a satisfying shopping experience.

It has introduced a loyalty program for regular customers. They can receive promotions and take advantage of discounted prices.

The idea of generating personalized deals has been developed, which releases promotions according to a customer’s preference.

These promotions and discounts play a considerable role in advancing a business. It can create awareness among people and attract more customers.

At some point, it also contributes to meeting the sales goals, helping to clear out products with low consumer demand.

Safeway for U

A customer at The Counter

The membership program of Safeway is called Safeway for U. Once you are registered into the program, you get a Club Card.

This card keeps a record of every time you shop at Safeway. With this, rewards get added to your account at every checkout.

You can redeem these rewards later to get discounts on your bill. As stated earlier, Safeway keeps track of its members’ shopping history and develops personalized deals tailored to customers.

These deals can allow the customers to buy the items they need at a much better price.


Shopping at Safeway can cost you more, but the prices of these items are somewhat justified.

The shopping experience, variety, and quality of the products at Safeway are always up to the mark. Additionally, Safeway cares for its employees’ well-being, bestowing them higher wages.

All these elements combined increase the operation cost. To keep things running smoothly, Safeway sells its products at a slightly higher rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Register for a Safeway Club Card?

To register for a Safeway Club Card, you need to sign up for Safeway for U.

You can do that In two ways. You can enter your 10-digit mobile phone number in an in-store PIN pad at checkout or sign up online at their website.

Once registered as a member of Safeway for U, you can obtain a Safeway Club Card.

Can I Return Products at Safeway?

Yes, you can return your products at Safeway if you have the receipt.

You need the receipt to get a refund, but you can make an equal exchange. If the item is worth less than $5.00, you may also get a cash refund without a receipt.

Items that are opened or damaged after purchase can not be returned.

How Does Safeway Personalize Promotions for Its Customers?

Once you register as a member of Safeway for U and get access to the Club Card, this card becomes connected to your account.

At each checkout, the shopping history data is collected from your account to analyze your needs and frequent buys.

The system then tailors the items that suit specific customers and creates a personalized promotion package accordingly.

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