What To Expect at Costco’s Third Interview


Looking for a good company that values and respects you may be challenging.

When you find a good match for your skills and values, you may do all it takes to pass the interviews and get a job offer.

For this article, let’s talk about Costco.

This membership warehouse shopping club is a go-to for many people. Moreover, the company offers many employee benefits, making many want to work there.

If you’re reading this article, you may be considering applying or have already applied to Costco.

If you’ve gone through the first few stages already, what can you expect at the third interview at Costco?


The third interview is a group interview involving a panel of more or less five people. This interview is more challenging and formal.

In this article, we discuss Costco’s interview process and how to prepare for your interview questions. Keep reading!

Costco’s Interview Process

Costco’s interview process starts with a phone call to set up your initial meeting. The following interviews are the initial interview, the second interview, and the group interview.

Phone Call

Phone Ca

Typically, you will receive a phone call scheduling you for the initial face-to-face interview. At this stage, you can research Costco, its operations, and the like.

Initial Interview


The first interview is a face-to-face interview with one of the people from Costco’s management.

You may be asked questions about your previous work experience, how you handle feedback, and the like.

To set yourself apart, reinforce how you can contribute to the team.

2nd Interview


After the initial interview, you will be asked to have a second interview in a more formal setting. Usually, this interview takes place in Costco’s home office.

In this interview, questions may be more specific and slightly more challenging.

Group Interview


After passing the initial round and the second round of interviews, you may come across the group interview. This is a panel interview with more or less five members in a more formal setting.

Be prepared to answer more challenging questions.

This round is more complex than the previous rounds because the panel will assess how you handle pressure.

Aside from being interviewed, you can also take this time to ask questions.

You can ask about operational procedures that you may need to learn for the job or what they are looking for in their ideal candidate.

Preparing for the Interviews


Knowing your whys will be beneficial as you go through the interviews.

You may be asked why you chose to apply at Costco and your goals. It is important to link back to your mission statements to answer with authenticity and confidence.

Eventually, the panel or the manager may ask you how you deal with stress and conflict.

For a reliable statement, link back to examples where you experienced similar situations and what you did to manage them successfully.

Lastly, answer truthfully. It is always better to be authentic than to be doubted by the interviewer due to questionable answers.


As you go through the interview stages at Costco, you may come across more challenging and more formal interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Candidates Reach the Final Interview?

Approximately two to four people reach the final interview.

Can You Get Rejected After the Final Interview?

Yes, there is a possibility of being rejected.

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