What Time Does Walmart Self-Checkout Close?

Walmart Self Checkout

Walmart stores are known for their discounted products and customer convenience, and if you frequently shop there, you need to be aware of the time they close self-checkout.


Walmart stores that are open 24 hours have self-checkout kiosks available for customers at all times.

For stores with limited hours, the self-checkout counters are typically open during the same hours as the store, usually from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

For your knowledge, we have discussed what time Walmart self Checkout close and explored the reasons for its unexpected closure during operational hours.

When Does Walmart Close Self-Checkout?

Walmart Self Checkout

Walmart’s customer service center states that self-checkouts are never closed unless there are unexpected situations or the system faces technical difficulties.

The hours for Walmart’s self-checkout are the same as those for the store. In other words, Walmart’s self-checkout section has no specific operating time.

But what if you drive to Walmart and find the self-checkout unavailable even when the store is open? Let’s explore the possible reasons behind this unexpected closure.  


Walmart has implemented self-checkout counters in almost every store after the U.S. Government fixed the minimum worker wage to $15.

1. Regular Machine Maintenance

Regular machine maintenance can cause temporary unavailability of self-checkout. However, this doesn’t occur very often, but there is always a possibility.

  • The IT teams might be updating the POS of software.
  • The cashier might be collecting cash from the self-checkout machine.
  • The cleaner might be disinfecting the self-checkout area or machine.

2. System Malfunction

Self-checkout machines can malfunction, which can cause them to be temporarily unavailable for use. If it happens, customers may need to use the cashier checkout lane or wait until the machine is repaired.

  • There can be a bug in the POS software.
  • A hardware part such as the barcode scanner or credit card reader might malfunction.
  • There might be an issue with the power supply.
  • The machine might run out of cash.

To deal with this problem, ask the store staff if you have any doubts about the malfunctioning of the self-checkout machine.

3. Security Issue in the Store Location

Security issues in the store location can cause disruptions to the normal operations of the store, which may include the closure of self-checkout machines.

For example, if there is a security concern, such as theft or other criminal activity, the store may close the self-checkout kiosks as a precautionary measure.

Additionally, the store may need to temporarily close the self-checkout machines if there is a natural disaster threat or emergency in the state.

Why Has Walmart Shifted to Self-Checkout Mechanism?

Self Check Out

Walmart has implemented self-checkout counters for several reasons.

  1. To improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  2. Self-checkout machines are typically faster than cashier checkout lanes and can take multiple customers simultaneously.
  3. To give customers more control over their shopping experience.
  4. Provide a more convenient option for shoppers who are in a rush or only have a few items to purchase.


In this short guide, we’ve explored what time Walmart self-checkout closes and a few major possibilities of unexpected closure.

We hope you are now well aware and know what to do when you find the self-checkout counters closed at a Walmart store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walmart’s Self-Checkout Better Than the Cashier’s?

From the customer’s point of view, self-checkout is better, faster, and more efficient than the traditional one. However, this system has taken over many Walmart employees’ jobs.

Has Theft Increased With Walmart’s Self-Checkout?

Yes, shoplifting has increased with implementing the self-checkout, but Walmart has tackled it by putting scanners and magnetic detectors on the exit gate.

What if You Accidentally Steal From Walmart’s Self-Checkout?

If you accidentally take an item without scanning it at Walmart’s self-checkout counter, get back to the store and pay for it because you might get blacklisted if caught on cameras.

How Many Items Are Too Many for Walmart’s Self-Checkout?

Since most self-checkout areas are limited, it’s advisable to utilize the standard line if your cart is loaded or carrying more than 15 items.

Does Walmart Self-Checkout Take $100 Bills?

Yes, Walmart self-checkouts do accept $50 and $100 bills. However, it is best to pay with Apple Pay or Credit Cards.

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