What POS System Does Walmart Use?

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Being the biggest retail company in the world, different Walmart stores in the US and Canada cater to an average of 37 million customers daily.

With this huge demand, one might wonder what POS system they use to manage all their transactions.


Walmart uses its customized POS (Point of Sale) based on SLEPOS or SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service.

This system is designed to work on a larger scale and is highly reliable in tracking, listing, and continuously updating data.

To help you understand better, we have written an extensive guide on what POS system Walmart uses to give you an insight into the company’s operation.

What Is a POS System?

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A point of sale, or POS, is a tool used to handle customers’ financial transactions. Cash registers are a type of POS largely replaced by computerized POS software as the world moves towards digitalization.

These electronic POS terminals can process cash, credit, and debit cards and have become much more sophisticated now than in the past.

They enable companies to keep track of pricing accuracy, analyze inventory and purchasing trends, and gather marketing data.

What POS System Does Walmart Use?

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Walmart sells thousands of products to customers every minute at more than 10,500 stores globally.

No conventional POS system is enough to handle these substantial incoming sales streams and update the inventory each second.

That’s why the POS system at Walmart is custom-built on the foundation of Linux’s SLEPOS software.

SLEPOS or SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service is an open-source heavy-duty terminal tracking sales at stores like Walmart.


Walmart’s POS system has helped them achieve a 98.9% inventory accuracy rate.

This system is exceptionally reliable and adaptable and can be freely customized by software developers to perform activities like tracking, listing, and continuously updating sales data.

Furthermore, SLEPOS compiles client information and keeps track of goods or products inventory, simultaneously synchronizing payment data across numerous locations.

Features of Walmart’s POS System

Walmart has customized the highly complex SLEPOS to cater to its data collection and processing needs. Currently, their POS system has the following features.

1. Check Out With Me

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The Check Out With Me feature is Walmart’s mobile POS system made specifically for its Garden center.

This system works through Bluetooth, and the data can be accessed virtually through any employee-owned smartphone.

This way, customers don’t have to carry heavy products to the counter and wait in queues for their turn.

Every employee in the Garden center carries a mobile with a POS terminal and portable printer to make the checkout easy for customers on the spot.


Walmart has over 4 million POS terminals installed globally.

They scan the products, collect the payment, and give the buyer a physical or digital receipt based on their preference.

2. Unified Admin Tools

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With the SLEPOS POS system, all administrators are provided with the same set of tools for efficiency and to ensure the company has all the required expertise to cater to customer needs.

At Walmart, every scanned product is recorded and reported in real-time on the POS  in every administrator’s handheld terminal.

This helps keep the data stored in several places and is used to predict buying trends.

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Walmart’s retail link is an innovative software made to simplify suppliers’ lives. The software works in collaboration with the vendor’s customized POS, allowing them access to the valuable data collected by the company’s POS. 

With this software, the suppliers can check the inventory and work on stocking up and preparing shipments whenever needed.


In this guide, we have discussed what POS system Walmart uses. We have also briefly talked about the various features of the POS system.

We hope you’ve found this article beneficial and now understand how Walmart records all its customers’ checkout data to improve customer service and predict shopping patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Walmart Checkout Work?

The checkout process at Walmart is straightforward.

When you’re done shopping, go to a self-checkout counter, scan your QR code to complete the transaction, get an exit pass and an electronic receipt, and leave.

An employee may scan your exit pass as you depart.

What Is the Walmart Smart System?

Walmart’s SMART is an inventory tracking system that accounts for all the inventory, counts the quantity of stock on hand, and can automatically reorder low or out-of-stock items.

Does Walmart Have Any Cashiers?

Along with the self-checkout system, Walmart has cashiers to help you checkout.

What Company Does Walmart Use?

Walmart has its fleet of delivery trucks, and they have partnered with FedEx and USPS to help deliver customers’ orders to their doorstep.

Additionally, the company hires independent contractors like DoorDash, Roadie, Spark, etc., for order deliveries.

What Is the Walmart Banana Trick?

The banana trick is more like passing steaks as if they were potatoes.

Shoplifters at the checkout scan an expensive item on the self-pay terminals at Walmart, which often sells for more than $20 or $30 at the price of an inexpensive item to try to save money.

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