How Early Can You Clock Out at Walmart?


A new employee or someone willing to start a career at Walmart often doesn’t know the company’s policies regarding early clocking-out procedures, which can result in pay cuts.


You can clock out nine minutes before your shift is supposed to end at Walmart; however, if you arrive late at work and leave before completing the scheduled hours, you will get ½ point. Having five of them in a consecutive six-month duration may cause job termination.

Below, we explored how early you can clock out at Walmart with some examples, its dependency on your arrival time, and how the points system works at Walmart.

How Early Can I Clock Out at Walmart?

Walmart Clock Out

Walmart has one of the biggest chains of superstores in the United States and is known for its discounted and market-competitive prices.

Along with facilitating customers, Walmart also values employees by giving them a relaxing work environment and benefits. However, they do not tolerate intentional negligence, lack of commitment, or inaccuracies in clocking.

Walmart permits you to clock out nine minutes before your shift ends. So, for example, if your shift ends at 9:00 p.m., you can clock out at 8:51 p.m. without getting any points and facing inquiries from Walmart’s higher management.

If you clock out more than nine minutes before your shift ends, you will get ½ points added to your NCNS account.

Suppose your Walmart shift’s starting time is 8:00 a.m. and ending time is 4:00 p.m. If you clock in at 8:08 a.m. and leave at 3:51 p.m., you will get ½ point.


You have no right to leave the Walmart store even nine minutes before completing your scheduled hours if you clock in late at the start time of your shift.

What Are the Implications of Clocking Out Earlier at Walmart?

Walmart gives you a relaxation of nine minutes on clocking in and out of the store, but it doesn’t allow you to make this compensation a part of your work life.

The store management may take strict actions if you constantly arrive late or leave early because they won’t allow tardy workers to play with the strict company policies.


Employees at Walmart use the Me@Walmart app or swap their badges on the attendance machines to clock in and out of the store; this way, the company can calculate the worked hours and payroll quickly.

Let’s see what can happen if you clock out earlier at Walmart:

1. Increase in Your Points Table Resulting in Termination

Points Table Walmart

Walmart calculates employees’ working hours using attendance machines and mobile apps to pay them fairly and accurately.

As discussed above, every time you clock out earlier than the nine-minute relaxation period offered by Walmart, the system will add ½ points to your NCNS account, and if you leave two hours before your shift’s end, another ½ points will be added.

But, If you constantly clock out earlier at Walmart without considering the nine-minute rule until your points table reaches level five within a six-month tenure, you may find yourself unemployed and in need of a new job.


Clocking out at Walmart within the nine minutes relaxation period, the attendance system will automatically adjust the time with your scheduled reporting and leaving time.

2. Wage Inaccuracies and Time Wastage

Wage Inaccuracy

Along with adding points to your NCNS account, Walmart will also not pay you for the time you clocked out earlier than your scheduled shift hours.

For example, if you clock out 45 minutes before your shift ends, you will not be paid for that time and will also get ½ points.

Moreover, mistakenly clocking out at Walmart will cause time wastage because the management may have to watch the security footage to fulfill your claim if you report in time.


In case you clock out at Walmart before the time by mistake, you should inform your manager or shift supervisor about it and ask them to reset the clocking time; otherwise, you may get fined.


This article discusses how early you can clock out at Walmart without getting into complications such as fines, wage deductions, and even job termination.

We hope you understand how you can safely utilize the relaxation period offered by Walmart during clocking in and out of the store and how their points system works.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Early Can You Clock In at Walmart?

Clocking in five minutes before your shift starts at Walmart is acceptable; however, the company wants employees to arrive and leave at their scheduled time to maintain a work-life balance.

What Is NCNS at Walmart?

NCNS (No Call/NO Show) is a Walmart policy that deals with inaccuracies in the employee’s clocking time and absences.

What Can Happen if You Forget To Clock Out at Walmart?

The time will keep ticking and will be considered overtime if you forget to clock out at Walmart. However, if this happens, you should immediately inform your manager; otherwise, you may face complications.

Does Walmart PTO Cover Clocking Issues?

Yes, regular Walmart Paid Time Off (PTO) can cover issues that may occur due to clocking out earlier for personal reasons.

How Many Points Will I Get for Missing a Shift a Walmart?

You will get 3 points added to your NCNS account if you miss a whole shift at Walmart without prior notice.

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