What POS Does McDonald’s Use?


Mcdonald’s is a widely admired mega fast food chain, serving over 70 million customers daily, with nearly 154.9 billion USD brand worth.

So, to run all the restaurants’ operations seamlessly, McDonald’s leans on the advanced POS system called NP6, specifically tailored to its requirements.


The NewPOS NP6, MediaWorks NewPOS, or MW NewPOS system is more than just a cash register. It includes both hardware and software components to manage:

  • Stock goods.
  • Productivity of employees.
  • Enhanced customer services.

Also, it allows absolute control over the work from the front end to the back line of the store.

This write-up provides a chapter and verse about McDonald’s NP6 system that governs orders, payments, production, and updation competently and swiftly. So, let’s dig into the details.

6 Amazing Features of McDonald’s NP6 System

NP6 system is custom-designed for high-volume businesses such as McDonald’s and even up all the activities by coupling customers, crew, and kitchen in a single place with fewer errors.

Here are a few great aspects of McDonald’s NP6 model:

1. Better Stock Management

Mcdonald's Product

NP6 allows the automatic inventory scanning and monitoring of the sold items in little time than manual tracking.

Therefore, figuring out the popular menu items and managing stock quantity becomes effortless, directing McDonald’s to focus exclusively on the best-selling food dishes.

2. Tempting Interface Design

Mcdonald's Interface

The sleek and smooth design of the NP6 interface creates all the difference. In addition, the interface is entirely built with photos and images, making it more interesting, engaging, and easy to navigate for customers.

Thus, the interactive visual layout of the NP6 system liquidates the language barrier and provides a phenomenal user experience to make the buyers crave the next purchase.

3. Sharp Learning Curve

Sharp Learning Curve

With the rise in technology, the humans urge for instant gratification has become intense. They want on-the-spot solutions to their problems.

They are considering that McDonald’s POS system is created plain and straightforward so customers and employees can learn how to operate through NP6 in no time.

3. Increase Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

McDonald’s NP6 software allows the free will to add specific meal items to the menu list according to the customers’ interests. For example, breakfast, lunch, snacks, discount menus, etc.

Additionally, this software tracks the employees’ productivity, simplifies operations, keeps the data secure, does all the money calculations, and returns the change to buyers efficiently.

4. Quick Transactions

Online Transaction

With McDonald’s POS system, customers can pay via credit, debit card, or cash without much effort. In addition, the software makes the transaction fast and trouble-free for staff and customers.

5. Time-Saving and Error Control

It Saves Time

The NewPOS NP6 system is based on speed and accuracy. It retains a record of the restaurant’s activities in an automated way, saving a lot of time and keeping the chances of errors low while dealing with many orders simultaneously.

6. Advanced Automated Reports

Automated Report

Creating manual reports of restaurant performance is an arduous task. However, McDonald’s NP6 system generates real-time automated reports to better analyze the restaurant’s performance.

This will help make better decisions and implement robust strategies to boost sales and revenue.

The Ideal Use of NP6 System

McDonald’s NP6 system is a great choice for scalability, but only when you have a business of sheer size like Panera, Burger King, etc.

On the flip side, if you don’t own a business similar in size to McDonald’s, you can try out other retail POS systems, including Lightspeed, Vend, Revel, etc.

Wrapping Up

McDonald’s POS system is an excellent way to market and upscale the business with the most unique and bespoke solutions. Thus, the NP6 is an ideal platform to cater to the needs of this largest company across the globe.

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