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What Is the Hottest Sauce at Taco Bell?

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Is there any other fast food restaurant with a better sauce game than Taco Bell? From mouth-watering flavors to sizzling hot spices in their sauces, it may be challenging to find the hottest one there to satisfy your taste buds.


Diablo is the hottest sauce at Taco Bell, and the ingredients include spicy peppers such as chipotle pepper, jalapenos, aji panca, and chili, along with 30mg of sodium per serving.

While the debate remains open for the hottest sauce offered by Taco Bell, people look for spice and taste. Therefore, we have written this article to help you explore the spiciest yet most flavorful sauce which would please your spice cravings.

Hottest Sauce at Taco Bell

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Taco Bell is a Mexican-inspired food chain based in the United States and is tremendously popular because of its tacos and sauces worldwide.

Many people are fans of Taco Bell’s sauces and even buy them separately from stores to add to their favorite food items. But the choice of the hottest one often becomes challenging because of so many options to choose from.

Only after tasting all of these sauces might you be able to get one answer, but the truth be told, every sauce from Taco Bell has its unique taste and a different kick.

Spanish word for devil, the “Diablo” sauce has bagged the title of the hottest sauce at Taco Bell since its first launch in 2015. It was a limited item, but the people loved it so much that Taco Bell had to permanently keep it on their menu.

This sauce is ideal for anyone who claims to be a spice champion and can handle the heat and sweat very well. If you desire spicy food all the time, Diablo sauce can add that same kick to your meals.

Ingredients of Diablo sauce include a burst of spicy peppers such as chipotle pepper, jalapenos, aji panca, and chili.

Nutritional value: Taco Bell’s Diablo sauce contains 30 milligrams of sodium per serving.


Taco Bell sauces do not add any healthy nutritional value to your meal; they enhance the taste of your food.

Other Hot Sauces at Taco Bell

A few other hot sauces available at Taco Bell are worth considering. Let’s look at them and see how much they differentiate from Diablo.

1. Fire Sauce

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Having a rating of 500 SHU, the Fire sauce is the second hottest sauce at Taco Bell. This sauce is also one of the most popular sauces with tomato paste as a base ingredient. In contrast, other sauces contain peppers or vinegar as a base ingredient.

Fire sauce was first introduced in the early 2000s and was ranked as the hottest sauce at Taco Bell for 15 consecutive years, but then Diablo sauce dethroned it from the #1 spot. Being a fan favorite for so long, Fire sauce is also available in various supermarkets for purchase.

Fire sauce contains pure tomato paste, water, jalapenos, vinegar, and salt.

Nutritional Value: Taco Bell’s Fire sauce contains 55 milligrams of sodium per serving which is higher than in Diablo sauce.

2. Hot Sauce

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Taco Bell’s Hot sauce ranks third on the list of hottest sauces. Although it doesn’t contain an overwhelming spice kick compared to Diablo and Fire, it can deliver savory seasoning to your taste buds.

Like the Fire sauce, Hot sauce also has tomato paste as a base ingredient that gives a tangy and hot taste, tolerable for people who love mild-spicy food. In addition, it has a smooth texture and consistency, which is enjoyable with all kinds of tacos and burritos.

Besides tomato sauce as a base ingredient, this sauce contains vinegar, chili peppers, jalapeno peppers, and dried onions.

Nutritional Value: Hot sauce at Taco Bell contains 45 milligrams of sodium.

3. Mild Sauce

A Closeup View Of A Caucasian Lady's Hand, Holding A Small, Orange Packet Of Taco Bell Mild Sauce, Outdoors, During The Spring, In South Louisiana.

As the name indicates, the Mild sauce at Taco Bell is the mildest option in terms of hotness. Nevertheless, people prefer this sauce mainly because of its flavor and subtle spiciness, making it perfect for everyone who craves a good taste with a hint of spice.

It is one of the most demanded sauces at Taco Bell that goes well with any food item, like nacho fries, quesadillas, and Power Menu Bowls, giving them a unique Mexican taste.

The Mild sauce tastes like a mixture of ketchup and hot sauce with tomato paste, jalapeno peppers, dried garlic, dried onions, and paprika.

Nutritional Value: A packet of Mild sauce contains 30 milligrams of sodium.


The recommended sodium intake for an average adult is 2,300 mg per day, and consumption in larger quantities negatively affects health, such as a rise in blood pressure and kidney damage.


This article reveals the hottest sauce at Taco Bell and some other savory sauce options to satisfy your spicy cravings.

We hope you can now settle the debate with anyone about the hottest sauce at Taco bell after going through this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taco Bell has many exciting food options, but the following are the top 5 most popular items on their menu:

  • Crunch Wrap Supreme
  • Quesarito
  • Soft Taco
  • Chicken Quesadilla
  • Bean Burrito

What Kind of Restaurant Is Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is an American restaurant with various Mexican-inspired food items such as tacos, burritos, and their popular combo meals. Their original sauces are also game changers when adding unique flavors to your food.

Is Taco Bell Healthy or Not?

Taco Bell might not be your best option if you are on a limited sodium diet or avoiding fast food. However, they offer keto meals and low-calorie and high-protein vegetarian items that you can have in moderation if you are looking for more healthy options.

What Are the Cheapest Items at Taco Bell?

The cheapest items at Taco Bell do not cost more than $2.00. Some of the affordable edibles you can get there are:

  • Spicy Potato Soft Taco for $1.00 (contains 240 Cal)
  • Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito for $1.00 (contains 420 Cal)
  • Cinnamon Twists for $1.00 (contains 170 Cal)
  • Beefy Melt Burrito for $2.00 (contains 620 Cal)
  • Fiesta Veggie Burrito for $2.00 (contains 570 Cal)

What Sauces Does Taco Bell Sell?

Taco Bell has recently stepped up its sauce game by having 10 different sauces in all of its restaurants, including Diablo, Hot, Fire, Mild, Chipotle sauce, Spicy Ranch, Avocado Ranch, Creamy Jalapeno, Red Enchilada sauce, and Nacho Cheese.

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