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What Is Receipt Day at Dairy Queen?

What Is Receipt Day At Dairy Queen

Are you unfamiliar with Receipt Day at Dairy Queen? Well, it’s pretty much like Christmas morning for DQ aficionados. So treat yourself to ice cream twice with Receipt Day.

Receipt Day is when you purchase something from Dairy Queen on a specified date and save the receipt. The receipt can then be brought in another day (within a specified time frame) for a discount for the amount on the receipt.

So, if you purchase something for $10, you can return it later with your receipt and enjoy $10 off your next purchase.


Receipt day is a promotion run by Dairy Queen that allows you to save your purchase receipt from a specified day. You can return the receipt during another period and enjoy a discount for the amount on the receipt.

We will dive into Receipt Day specifics, then look at other unique promos that Dairy Queen runs that can save you money and even get you free ice cream.

Receipt Day is beautiful, but it’s not the only way to save some money at DQ. We’ll examine various ways to keep you cool all summer while saving you money at your local Dairy Queen.

All About Receipt Day

All About Receipt Day

As mentioned, Receipt Day is one day a year that you can go to DQ, purchase something, then return another date with that receipt for credit in the amount shown on the receipt. It’s like a free purchase at Dairy Queen.

The exact date of Receipt Day varies from different Dairy Queen Shops.

Prices and Participation May Vary

Some DQs don’t participate at all in Receipt Day, so it’s best to check with your local DQ to see when and if Receipt Day is happening this year.

It’s also wise to check if there is a redemption limit on your DQs Receipt Day.

The typical redemption length is four weeks. So if the receipt day is June 1, you’ll have until the end of June to return your receipt for discounted items.

Frozen items, like ice cream cakes and take-home treats (a dilly bar is a popular option), are usually included in the Receipt Day promotion. Receipts can only be used once for this promotion – the DQ employee will dispose of your receipt once you redeem it.

Receipts from Receipt Day can be redeemed for the same item purchased before, or a new frozen treat can be picked. You will be credited the amount shown on the receipt.

Seven Other Ways To Save at Dairy Queen

Receipt Day is great, but there are other ways to save some cash at Dairy Queen. Let’s take a look at some other promotions and savings that are waiting for you.

1. Free Cone Day

Free Cone Day

Did you know about free cone day at Dairy Queen? Every year at the beginning of Spring, usually March 21, Dairy Queen runs a free cone promotion (donation to charity encouraged).

Check to see if your local Dairy Queen participates in free cone day, and head down on March 20 for a freebie.

2. Dairy Queen App

Dairy Queen App

Free ice cream? Yeah, there’s an app for that. Download the Dairy Queen app for some huge savings.

You’ll earn points (10 points for every dollar spent), which can be redeemed for free ice cream. You heard that right – free ice cream. The more points you earn, the better item you can redeem the points for.

Head to Dairy Queen’s website (or get the app) to see current redemption levels and start saving.

More good news – the Dairy Queen app offers exclusive coupons. How does BOGO (buy one get one free) sound?

These promotions and more are available on the Dairy Queen app. Download it today and receive exclusive discounts.

3. Savings on National Ice Cream Day

Savings On National Ice Cream Day

Who knew there was a national ice cream day? It’s true. The third Sunday in July is national ice cream day. Celebrate by heading down to Dairy Queen.

If you do, you’ll enjoy $1 savings on dipped cones.

4. Blizzard

Tasty Blizzard

Want to enjoy your next Blizzard free of charge? When DQ employees hand you your tasty Blizzard, they’re supposed to flip them upside down. This Dairy Queen tradition shows off how thick and rich the Blizzards are.

If the employee doesn’t flip the Blizzard upside down, speak up. You’ll be rewarded with a coupon, granting you a free Blizzard on your next trip to DQ.

5. Happy Hour Specials

Happy Hour Specials

It’s not just your local watering hole that runs happy hours these days. For example, did you know Dairy Queen runs happy hour specials?

It’s true. From 2-5 pm Monday through Friday, Dairy Queen offers fruit smoothies for just two bucks, and misty slushies are only a dollar. Contact your local Dairy Queen to ensure they’re running this special, as prices and participation vary by franchise.

6. Survey


Take a look at the bottom of your Dairy Queen receipt. Often, there will be a QR code or website you can go to and complete a survey. The survey should take around ten minutes to complete and earn some points.

What is your reward for filling out the survey? How does a free dilly bar sound? A perfect treat for a hot summer day.

7. Get a Discount With ID

Get A Discount With Id

Are you a senior citizen, a college student, or in the military? Then, DQ wants you to save some money—10% of your bill, to be exact.

Just present your appropriate ID to a DQ employee when you’re checking out, and enjoy 10% savings off your order. Again, prices and participation vary, so check with your Dairy Queen to see if they will apply a discount to your order.


There are so many ways to save some money at Dairy Queen. Receipt Day might be the most popular – saving your receipt gets you however much you just spent off your next order.

Free cone day, the Dairy Queen app, and national ice cream day are other options worth exploring. Enjoy savings on those frosty confections.

You can get a free Blizzard if the employee doesn’t tip it upside down before handing you a Blizzard, so keep your eyes peeled.

You can also head down to DQ for happy hour to enjoy some savings. Using a military, senior citizen, or college ID is another great way to enjoy reduced prices.

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