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What Is Brown Dot at Dollar General?

Dollar General

If you regularly visit Dollar General to shop and have noticed some items characterized as “brown dot,” you might be curious about what it means.


The brown dot at Dollar General means that the item is being discontinued and will not likely be restocked, so it’s being sold at a discounted price.

To help you understand better, we have written below a complete guide explaining what the brown dot at Dollar General means.

What Is Brown Dot at Dollar General?

Dollar General

Dollar General is one of the most popular discount stores in the US, with over 18,000 outlets across 46 states. They have a wide range of products available at meager prices with good quality.

This is why the Dollar General store is the go-to destination for customers who want to save money on their essentials.

However, if you’ve been to the store occasionally, you might have noticed that they have products listed in different categories, one of which is called “Brown dot.”

You might find yourself asking the question: what does this color represent?

The brown dot is a category of Dollar General’s pricing strategy. They label their items with colored dots to indicate and identify the things that are discounted, discontinued, or on clearance.

The brown dot specifically identifies discounted products that are being discontinued and won’t be getting restocked again. This markdown is usually done on the items not selling well to minimize overstock and make space for new and more profitable items in the store.

Many customers believe that this “Brown dot” strategy is a way for Dollar General to manipulate the customers into purchasing products they would typically not be interested in.

By identifying them as discontinued and offering low prices, the store creates a sense of urgency in the customers and encourages impulse buying. But despite these concerns, the brown dot strategy has proven quite successful for Dollar General.


Other companies like Ross and Big Lots have also adopted the dot pricing system due to its effectiveness.

Other Dots at Dollar General

The dot system at dollar general is not limited to brown, and some other colors represent different categories and meanings, which are discussed below:

1. Red Dot

Dollar General Products

The products under the red dot category at Dollar General are the items that are on clearance sale. They are marked at a lower price than usual because the company wants to sell them quickly.

You can find the red dot items in the “Clearance” section of the store.

2. Blue Dot

Blue Dot Dollar General

A blue dot at Dollar General represents the products with temporarily reduced prices.

This means there is no guarantee when the discount ends, so buying the item while you can is best. You can find the blue dot sale on seasonal products or ones with a short shelf-life.


Dollar General sales primarily differ by location, so one item at a discounted price in a particular area might not be the same at another.

3. Yellow Dot

Dollar General

The yellow dot category items are the ones that are on a store-wide discount. This means that no matter what Dollar General store you are buying at, the price of the yellow dot items will stay the same.

These sales are mostly during special promotions or seasonal and holiday deals.


In this short guide, we have discussed what brown dot is at Dollar General. We’ve also discussed how the dot-pricing system works and what other colors mean while shopping in the store.

We hope that you have benefited from this article and can now recognize and make better buying choices about the dot sales at Dollar General.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Products at Dollar General So Cheap?

Most of the items at Dollar General are damaged or surplus goods from different companies, which is why they are sold at low prices.

Moreover, the company also has slimmer profit margins than other brands; hence, they can sell goods for less amount.

What Is Grazing at Dollar General?

“Grazing” refers to people only hanging out at the store and not shopping. Grazing is a probable sign of shoplifting.

What Is Special About Dollar General?

Dollar General store is special amongst customers because it provides frequently-used items for every household at very reasonable pricing. The list includes cleaning supplies, apparel, beauty supplies, food, snacks, etc.

Who Is the CEO of Dollar General?

Jeff Owen is the current CEO of Dollar General.

Why Is Dollar General Not $1?

Despite having the word “dollar” in its name, you cannot find all items at Dollar General for $1. However, around 20% of their items cost less, so most prefer them over other Dollar stores.

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